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Dr. in Greensboro, NC area

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I am looking for a no or delayed Vax friendly pediatrician or family practice dr.  in the Greensboro area.

Dr. Boette was our dd's Dr when we lived here before.  I liked him a lot at the time but after moving and having more experience with kid's doctors I'm not sure he's the best fit for us. My dd is vaxed my son who just turned a year is not.

Any suggestions. I'm willing to drive a bit for a really good dr.

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no one?

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What about Dr. Vines in Hillsborough?  It would be a bit of a drive, but at least it's a straight shot down 85.

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I wonder if you called (or sent a Facebook message to) Dr Dorn in Highpoint if he'd have any suggestions for you.  He's an OB with a great rep as being more of a midwife than a lot of midwives.  

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Dr, Vines is my sisters dr and her family loves him. I think I may go with him. It is a bit of a drive but my kids rarely get sick enough to need a dr's visit.



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What about Dr. Vines in Hillsborough?  It would be a bit of a drive, but at least it's a straight shot down 85.

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Hi just recently relocated to the Greensboro and Winston-Salem area as well.  Neither of my boys are vaccinated.  I am looking for a vaccine free friendly Dr. as well.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Please take this as advise from a woman whose baby is not here yet.


My husband and I don't have medical insurance, and also don't have a "family" doctor.  When I had MRSA in 2008, my husband took me to the Pamona Urgent care on Pamona/Market.  It was the best experience...you know, considering.  

Then a year later, I was back there for stitches...and this past fall...for an unsightly rash that wouldn't let me sleep.


When I went in for my stitches, I didn't want to get a Tetnas shot, but my HUSBAND was insistent.  Point of my story, that Doctor was fantastic.  Granted, I'm an adult.  But she actually listened to my concerns about the vaccine.  Took the time to answer my questions, and I felt she was genuine when she stated she wanted me to make the best decision for ME.


Even though they are an "Urgent Care"...they are "labeled" as a Family Practice for insurance purposes.  And you can even make appointments.  Every Dr and PA we have dealt with there have just been fabulous!  


Mrs B

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There is an older thread



that discusses this same issue.


Review it for information. 



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My 13-month-old has seen Dr. Cooper at Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad in Greensboro since she was born. She's not vaccinated at this point, and while he's not entirely supportive about it, I haven't felt especially pressured to vaccinate either. (I get that more from my in-laws!) Cooper was very open to my concerns and seemed comfortable delaying and even skipping some shots in conversations we had before she was born. Now, more than a year in, he's definitely got a couple shots he'd like to give her due to community concerns, but I haven't had any issues with the care I've received in the practice.


Hope that helps!

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I just moved to Greensboro at the end of November 2011 and have been looking for a vaccine friendly Dr for our family.  I have joined the Holistic Moms group which meets in Raleigh once per month.  They have suggested a couple of Dr's in the Raleigh area but I was hoping to find someone a little closer.  I can get the names of the Dr's in Raleigh for you, if interested.  Also, let me know if you are interested in the Holistic Moms Group, they are a great like minded group and have several resources.  



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Laura 3,

I am interested in joining the holistic mom's group. Just moved here from NYC - and also in search of non vaccine friendly doctor.

Thank you!

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