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Bloody show!!!

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So I've been surging gently all am and now this...today would be a lovely day to be born!
letting dp and dd sleep in so they are well rested and getting things set up around the house and getting a protein filled breakfast into me...
I really feel like today is the day joy.gif
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Thinking of you today NCM! Today is a perfect day to be born :) Come on baby!!!

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YAY!!! I'll be thinking of you and checking for updates!!!

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Sounds like today is the day!! ELVs to you! Good luck!

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Good luck mama. Sending you ELV

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Good luck!  Sending you happy birthing vibes!

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wonderful news and loads of peaceful, gentle labor vibes your way! :) You've got this mama! Today is your day!

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Hoping you have a great birth!
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you can do it


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I hope you have a beautiful baby by the time you read this!

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Thinking of you!!

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checking in and hoping all is well with a babe in your arms!!

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Thank you all so much for all the labour vibes...they worked!!! Baby Cedar was born peacefully at home after a quick 4 hours of active labour. We are all so incredibly in love and everything is going just perfectly!  


More to come...

Just wanted to quickly pass on our news.

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YAY!!!  congrats!!

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Congratulations!  Delighted with your news!  What a pretty name!  Can't wait to hear your story.

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WOOOOHOOOO!!! congrats and welcome baby Cedar!!!

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Congratulations!! Happy babymooning

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Yay and welcome little Cedar!

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Love the name!! Congrats to you, enjoy this ttime!!

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