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Hey all - thanks for asking after me, sorry I've been so quiet!!


Blueeyezz- I will be hoping you don't have to take any more of that medicine, and that your body does the healing it needs to do. Hugs hugs hugs.


Tear - I am so very sorry about the loss of Baby B. It must be very painful. Baby A - stay growing strong!


Bellybean - that is a tough choice - we went with 2, for better or worse. But it was our 1st/Last chance. Our FET was $3,000 - and that was discounted because our monitoring/bloodwork was done at my own OBGYN. Meds were extra.


AFM: We went in for the beta and progesterone draw this morning, the beta will hopefully be back this afternoon. But... I couldn't resist and I had them do a urine test there, and it is was a BFP!!!! I am still so very shocked, I started sobbing right away. I really felt like it couldn't have worked. But it did. At this moment I am pregnant. I don't know what the future is going to hold, but fear has gotten me nowhere so far, so I am going to enjoy every second of this. pos.gif sticky.gif sticky.gif pos.gif


I am looking forward to hearing what the beta is this afternoon, and at some point soon finding out if one or two of my embabies are growing in there! 


Okay, so grateful to each of you for your very excellent babydust - and huge buckets of babydust in return. I am not going anywhere for a while, as I am quite comfy here.





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Yay Sarah joy.gif:joy:joy

Stick little baby(s) sarah joy.gif:joy

AFM - I have my SIS today. This kind of stuff doesn't bother me any more.
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Sarahcecile - Oh My God!!!!!!  That is totally Awesome!!!!   You are the 1st (I believe) in our group to get a BFP!!!!  2011 is already starting off with a bang. : )


My new Motto is: 2011 will bring us all a gift from Heaven.

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(Part 1)  Miscarriage and Spontaneous abortion = Vitamin C & E Helps hold a pregnancy!!!!


Several friends, who are Catholic missionary sisters, asked me if vitamin C supplementation would help the people they work with in the South American rainforests.  Since I think supplemental C is valuable for all humans, I said “yes.” They took it from there, and for several years now have been giving multi-thousand-milligram doses of ascorbic acid powder to the natives daily. The result is that miscarriage and infant mortality rates have plummeted. (To save naysayers some time, you may complain about me directly to the Pope at http://www.vatican.va)




One Reader asks:  

"I've read on your other pregnancy page (http://www.doctoryourself.com/pregnancy_lactation.html) that Dr. Frederick R. Klenner gave pregnant women 3,000 mg of vitamin C in first trimester. I have taken 6,000 to 12,000 mg of vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) for 6 days during weeks 4 and 5, and am concerned about birth defects. Some women-websites talk about vitamin C being used as an abortifacient. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am concerned of the health of my embryo/fetus."


It is simply incredible what people have been told about vitamins, isn't it?


One area of theoretical concern might over acidity. Vitamin C is most frequently supplemented as ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a weak acid, having about the same pH as an orange. Ascorbic acid is weaker than vinegar or even “Coca-Cola.” I do not see any great amount of published panic over ladies that consume these items. Lemons are more acidic than ascorbic acid. Some commercial lemons are properly known to science as Citrus medica. Since medieval times, "lymons" have been known and prized for their ability to ensure healthy pregnancies and easier deliveries.


This brings us to the second consideration, that of ascorbic acid's biological effects on the developing baby. Far from being an abortifacient, vitamin C in fact helps hold a healthy pregnancy right from the start. From the passage the  reader referred to:


F. R. Klenner, M.D. gave large doses to over 300 pregnant women and reported virtually no complications in any of the pregnancies or deliveries (Irwin Stone, The Healing Factor, Chapter 28). Indeed, the hospital nurses around Reidsville, N.C. noted that the infants who were healthiest and happiest were the "Vitamin C babies."


Specifically, Klenner gave:

(1) 3,000 mg each day during the first trimester (first three months of pregnancy)

(2) 5,000 mg each day during the second trimester

(3) 10,000 mg each day during the third trimester


Some women got 15,000 mg daily during the third trimester. Results? There were NO miscarriages in this entire group of 300 women."


That would make ascorbic acid one singularly lousy abortifacient, don't you think?


Lendon Smith, M.D., said, “Vitamin C is our best defense and everyone should be on this one even before birth. Three thousand mgs daily for the pregnant woman is a start. The baby should get 100 mg per day per month of age. (The six month old would get 600 mg, the year-old gets a thousand mgs daily, the two year-old would get 2,000 mgs., etc.) A daily dose of 2,000 to 5,000 mg would be prudent for a lifetime.”

(From the doctor’s former website, smithsez.com/AlivearticleonCancer.html)


Not only that, but vitamin C also helps with conception. As I have written at my website (http://www.doctoryourself.com/fertility.html) :


Try having the man take megadoses of vitamin C for a few weeks prior. At least 6,000 milligrams a day, and as much as 20,000 mg/day guarantees very high sperm production.  Divide the dose throughout the day for maximum effect. And that effect is what, exactly?  More sperm, stronger sperm, and better swimming sperm all occurred, at even lower

dailyC doses, in a University of Texas study. Gentlemen, take more C and you'll make vast quantities of superlative spermatozoa. You think this won't work?  Have I shown you my baby pictures?


It was Dr. Klenner's experience, with the hundreds of babies that he delivered, that vitamin C was not only safe but especially beneficial in early pregnancy. Klenner gave "booster" injections of vitamin C to 80% of the women upon admission to the hospital for childbirth. The results? Wonderful, indeed:


First, labor was shorter and less painful.  My children's mother, with her 2 1/2 and 1 3/4 hour labor times, can confirm this. Second, stretch marks were seldom to be seen. (I can vouch for this; after all, I was there.) Third, there were no toxic manifestations and no cardiac distress And, there were NO postpartum hemorrhages at all. (Stone, The Healing Factor, p. 191. Free download of this book at http://www.enterhisrest.org/articles/the_healing_factor.pdf).


This is exceptionally significant. For centuries, postpartum hemorrhage was a leading cause of death in childbed. (Postpartum infection was another, usually caused by doctors that did not wash their hands. This rejection of the teachings of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis and other "quacks" is discussed at http://www.doctoryourself.com/quackquack.html.)


Hemorrhage very often occurs in scorbutic (vitamin C deficient) patients. (http://www.doctoryourself.com/mccormick.html) Klenner-sized doses of vitamin C prevent hemorrhage and saves women's lives. One way it may do this is by strengthening the body’s large and small blood vessels. Believe it or not, the press tried to make that out to be a problem, claiming that vitamin C's "thickening" of artery walls would reduce blood flow. It does not. (http://www.doctoryourself.com/hoffer_factoids.html)


And finally, here what I consider to be a definitive statement from the Journal of the American Medical Association:


"Harmful effects have been mistakenly attributed to vitamin C, including hypoglycemia, rebound scurvy, infertility, mutagenesis, and destruction of vitamin B(12). Health professionals should recognize that vitamin C does not produce these effects."[M. Levine, et al, JAMA, April 21, 1999. Vol 281, No 15, p 1419]


Vitamin C does not cause birth defects, or infertility, or miscarriage. (It does not cause kidney stones, either.


What vitamin C does do is deliver healthier babies

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(Part 2) Vitamin E (Wheat germ oil)




1922 was the year the USSR was formed and "Little Orphan Annie" began.Trumpeter Al Hirt and future heart transplant pioneer Christiaan Barnard were born. Alexander Graham Bell died. And vitamin E was discovered by H. M. Evans and K. S. Bishop. (8)


In 1936, Evans' team had isolated alpha tocopherol from wheat germ oil and vitamin E was beginning to be widely appreciated, and the consequences of deficiency better known. Health Culture Magazine for January, 1936 said, "The fertility food factor (is) now called vitamin E. Excepting for the abundance of that vitamin in whole grains, there could not have been any perpetuation of the human race. Its absence from the diet makes for irreparable sterility occasioned by a complete degeneration of the germinal cells of the male generative glands. (T)he expectant mother requires vitamin E to insure the carriage of her charge to a complete and natural term. If her diet is deficient in vitamin E . . . the woman is very apt to abort. . . It is more difficult to insure a liberal vitamin E supply in the daily average diet than to insure an adequate supply of any other known vitamin." (9)


Since the word "tocopherol" is taken from the Greek words for "to carry offspring" or "to bring forth childbirth," it is easy enough to see how Evan Shute and other obstetricians were drawn into the work. As early as 1931, Vogt-Moller of Denmark successfully treated habitual abortion in human females with wheat germ oil vitamin E. By 1939 he had treated several hundred women with a success rate of about 80%. In 1937, both Young in England and the Shutes in Canada reported success in combating threatened abortion and pregnancy toxemias as well. A. L. Bacharach's 1940 statistical analysis of published clinical results "show quite definitely that vitamin E is of value in recurrent abortions."


Yet when the MDR's (Minimum Daily Requirements) first came out in 1941, there was no mention of vitamin E. It was not until 1959 that vitamin E was recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as necessary for human existence, and not until 1968 that any government recommendation for vitamin E would be issued.

(From Vitamin E: A cure in search of recognition, by Andrew W. Saul. Reprinted with permission from the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2003; Vol. 18, Numbers 3 and 4, p. 205-212.)

All references and the rest of the above quoted paper are at http://www.doctoryourself.com/evitamin.htm)


Taking vitamin E (at least 200 and perhaps 400 IU daily) greatly reduces the chance of miscarriage. This is no myth: by the end of WW II, there were already dozens of medical studies confirming this. They are reviewed in a 1953 medical textbook, The Vitamins in Medicine, by Bicknell and Prescott. (William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd.; Third Edition. ASIN: B000LCKALQ)

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Ladies!!!! I hope I have not offended anyone by posting information about Vitamins and Minerals.

I am only posting this information because I think it maybe beneficial to us.

I just want to share with you valuable information that may help us all reach our goals to become parents.

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Originally Posted by Prettyasanangel View Post

Ladies!!!! I hope I have not offended anyone by posting information about Vitamins and Minerals.

I am only posting this information because I think it maybe beneficial to us.

I just want to share with you valuable information that may help us all reach our goals to become parents.

I find it useful. Would you mind posting what you are taking and the amount? I would love to compare. Of course, I am always looking for most pills to take eyesroll.gif
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SARAHCHCECILE - YEAH!!!!!joy.gif What a way to start off the new year!!!!  So so excited that you got your BFP!!!!!!!!!broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif  Sending you very sticky positive vibes!!!  Let us know when you hear back from the Dr about your numbers!!!  I have a good feeling about this!! You are just starting us off for more BFP's this winter!!!  Nice work!!!!!  I updated the first page and left lots of room on there for lots more BFP's to come!!!  Keep us posted!!!


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Unfortunately now I am feeling nervous.  Beta is back at 20. Not a great number.

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Sarahcecile - You must remain positive and dont stress yourself out. Stress can cause more problems than its worth.



I am saying a cheer for you "Go embryo Go (clap, clap) Go embryo Go!!!

I hope that cheered you up. : )


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Originally Posted by sarahcecile View Post

Unfortunately now I am feeling nervous.  Beta is back at 20. Not a great number.

Oh Sarah!!!!!!  Try to keep the faith girl!!  hug2.gif You never know, your little bean might just be a late implanter or something.  I know it is so much easier said than done b/c I totally understand, but just try to keep thinking positive and willing that baby to grow strong and healthy!!  Sending you TONS of vibes goodvibes.gif Do you have to have another one done in a couple of days??

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sarahcecile - keep thinking positive. that little one wants to stick! sticky, sticky vibes to you. do have another beta soon to check the number?


AFM - I had my info session today. I will start the BCP at the end of January, and should be ready for ER the first week in March. So it looks like March Break will indeed be during my 2ww, which seems like the best news I've had! I'll be able to relax! I've been really worried about my stress levels during this process, cause, well, teaching middle school french is really stressful!

Also, I was really pleased to see other not-partnered women there. One woman was with her mom. I didn't chat with anyone, but it somehow comforted me to know that I'm not the only one doing it alone.

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Sarah - Thinking about you today. Try to keep the faith and strop worrying. Enjoy being pregnant. I know, that is easier to say that do. When is your next beta?

AFM - I still have not received my schedule in the mail, and I should have gotten it by now. I am annoyed because I have a bunch of appointments to reply to, and I have been ignoring the emails all week, waiting for the schedule, but I don't have it yet. ugh. I just called the woman who makes the schedules. I don't even know when I will be stopping BCP. I know it is not written in stone, but I would like to have some idea of when things will be happening.

The SIS was not so bad, a lot better than the HSG.
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RCR -  Here is the list of vitamins and supplements that I am taking. Let me know if you have any questions.


Disclaimer: Please note that the information found below is solely based upon my own research and judgement. I am not advocating anything. This information is solely for the purpose of education and information. No one is required to follow any of the instructions listed below. You may do so at your own free will. Please research any of the information found below before you procede. I am not a Dr. I am a woman who has dealt with infertility for many of years and per my research this is my best course of action. Thank you!!! 


Prenatal Pill 1 per day

Lugol's iodine 4 drops a day (Iodine is extremely important for women who have a tendency to get ovarian cycst, women who are Hypo & Hyperthyroid and women who have PCOS) Please research the wonders of inorganic an organic iodine not Radioactive iodine.   There is a huge difference between the two.


SSS iron tonic 3 tablespoons per day  (Please read info above in previous post for more info)

Now formula L arginine/Citrulline 3 pills per day

L lysine twice per day

4spectrum Vitamin E 2 pills per day  (Please read info above in previous post for more info)

NAC 1 pill per day

COQ10 1 pill per day

Melatonin 1 pill per day   (right before bed)       (Please read info above in previous post for more info)

Vitamin C 3 pills per day   (Please read info above in previous post about Vitamin C)

B complex 1 pill per day

Folic Acid   (I take Extra folic acid because it's documented that folic acid may raise chance for twins during IVF)

DHEA 75 mg per day


Here is how I am getting my extra protein, fiber & Antioxidants


Natures best Isopure Whey protein isolate. I take 2 scoops with Organic Milk, 1 fresh banana. cup of frozen strawberries, 1 tablespoon of wheat germ. Mix it all in a blender for a smoothie.

Whey Protein is loaded with of course protein, fiber and antioxidants

Eat more hard boiled organic eggs per day

2 tablespoons of Hemp protein in a cup of OJ (hemp is loaded with tons of protein, fiber and antioxidants)

1 1/2 tablespoons of Green Vibrance green food in a cup of OJ (It has every form of green vegetable, spirulina anything that's green its in it)

3 tablespoons of Lewis Lab's Brewers yeast in any kind of juice per day (Brewer's yeast is loaded with tons of protein, fiber and antioxidants)

3 tablespoons of Coconut oil per day (Please research the wonders of coconut oil. It's extremely good for people who are Hypothyroid)


After Egg Retrieval


Start drinking 100% all natural Pineapple juice. ( Please research the wonders of bromelain found in pineapple core)

Consume tons of Coconut Water (Please research the wonders of coconut water) Coconut water is also great for OHSS.

Hint: I will drink coconut and mineral water before the transfer. Most RE's tell you to drink a liter of water before transfer but they do not say what kind. If drinking plain water is good then coconut water has to be 100% better. That is just my train of thought.

Consume natural mineral water with trace minerals and electrolytes. (You can get at Whole foods for a $1.00)

Consume tons of distilled water.

Continue drinking Whey protein shakes, taking the supplements and following the diet outlined below. Whey protein helps women who have a tendency of OHSS. (Research it!!)


Diet (This is what I am doing now and will continue until Beta day and hopefully then after)


I am trying to cut out all bad carbs, sugar and wheat

Try to have a salad per day

Eat a good source of meat per day

Eat more hard boiled eggs per day

Eat walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds per day (Not all of them in the same day. Eat one or the other)

Eat oatmeal with flax seed

Drink organic milk

Eat more organic fruits and Vegetables

Eat a lot of beans ( I actually love beans Mmmmm, Mmmm Good!!!)

Drink 100% Juice

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joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifsarahcellie conratulations! That it's such good new! first bfp on this thread! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


I'm afraid I have no idea about beta's but try and remember your previous comment and enjoy every minuet! 

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man you guys write so much I have to keep and note pad to rmember what to reply to everyone!


missme I've just finished my first week at my new job and have no idea about thier sick policy.  It's quiet difficult becuase my previou job told them all about my applaying sick record.  My old boss took it upon herlsef to tell my new boss about this the week after new legislation meaing employers can't ask.  Which makes me worry the new bos will think she said about becuase she thinks theis something doddgy about it.  The upon starting my new job I've had to take time out for three appoinmnets.  I only work half the week, why do all three appoinmnets have to come in the days I work.  I haven't told my boss the appoinments r for ivf.  I'm a bit worried what she'll think employing someone who'll then take sick then materinty leave.


Do u guys tell people irl? I feel much happier since I've started telling people it was a strain keeping it secret.  But dh hasn't told any of his freinds or family.


bellybean - well done in getting a feb fet.  I really don't know what I'd do about emro numbers sorry! I don't want to increase the risk of mulptiles but fet has a lower sucess rate dosen't it so that would tempt me.  arrg! I'm no help!


blueeyzze - I think I've confused you with the stats! the live birth rate from ICSI under 35 is 36% near the national average.  My sister got 74% by multipulying the four chances I'll get on the NSH.  So there's a 36% chance I'll get pregant first time and a 74% I'll get pregnant without having to pay for it.  Though with following all prettyasanangle's advise hopefully I can push thoes odds up!  I hope your well and things are working out with your hcg and not haivng to take yet more meds.


prettyasanangle mind if I ask a few q's and make some comments about all the vit stuff? whats NAC? you talk about extra protien, do u have a daily intkae your amining for? It's intreating infor about the iron but people need to be careful as there may already be iron in you  prenatal (you've probaly check but i mean as a genral warning).  I have read that high level of vic c can put you at risk from ansetic awarness (where the anthtic wears off during surgery and you are concious but can't move).  That is worth bearing in mind if you might a anthetic as part of ivf or a ceserian.


afm - so had my scan on thur.  the scan tec thinks my ovary is a bit high and they might have trouble getting to it for egg retirival.  She is reffering me to a speicalist in Feb,  The options would be: the doc thinks it will be no prob and will lower when it has lots and lots of follicels on it, they will do some surgery to rearrange it or they will send me to Liverpool to do ER under genral anesetic.  Nothing goes simply eh? I don't fancy surgery or traveling 200+ miles for ER.  But never mind.  They didn't say "you have another cyst let's take the other ovary out" which is what I was dreading.  I'll do whatever it takes really and although Liverpool is far away I've realives their I could stay with.  What's importan is they still think it can go ahead and they'll sort it out before our names come up on the waiting list.  Anyone else had issues with high ovarys? I have to say the scan tec was great, it wasn't uncomfy at all and she showed me it all on the screen.  Though she did say she was having a hard time seeing my other ovary and I had to remined her I only had one!


Keep well all!

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Silverbird - See if you can find out the sick leave policy. It's hard to judge whether or not to tell your boss when you hardly know her. Can you ask around a bit and see what others think of her to help you decide if she'll be sympathetic or not? My gut says to tell her, but then I have the great priviledge of a very secure job, and not everybody does.

I have told my Vice Principal, as she has to find supply teachers when I'm away. I didn't mean to tell her, but it all came out when I was stressed about other stuff, and I'm glad I did tell her. But I have a generous sick leave policy and a strong union, and so on, so I really don't have to worry one way or the other. As to telling others IRL, my family knows, my friends know, none of my current co-workers know, cause I'm new to the school this year and haven't really made friends yet :(  I didn't tell my family until I had already been trying for a while, because I really didn't want their input - not that I expected it to be negative, but just that it was kind of irrelevant to me. (Like a couple woudn't tell the fam. when they first start trying, right?) After it became clear that it wasn't going to be easy, it became worthwhile to tell them because I wanted their help and support.

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I would love catch up here, but right now all I want to do is sleep :) Valium and me=sleep. I had my transfer today. The 2 embryos thawed perfect the Dr said. They were hatching out and everything. We transfered both, and are now on bed rest for 2 days. I can't wait until the 24th!! Hope everyone is having a great friday, and an even better weekend!! I will try to catch up tomorrow.

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KristinaMarie - Yeah!!!!joy.gif  So glad to hear that it all went well!  I'm sorry that I didn't wish you good luck before. Today has just been a crazy busy day for me and I lost track of your date!!!  Stick little embryos, Stick!!!! goodvibes.gif  Keep us posted.  I think I got you all updated on the first page.


Silverbird - I see... stats are not really my thing.  Thanks!


Prettyasanangel -   Wow!!! You take a lot of vitamins!! I sure hope you get a volume discount... wouldn't that be nice.  Your post motivated me to buys some new vitamins today!!  Exciting huh???


rcr - Glad to hear that your SIS went well!!  Are you still waiting on your schedule from the Drs office????


missme - Glad things are moving ahead for you!!!  Just keep us informed and let me know when you start your meds so I can get you updated!!


sarahcecile - Thinking of you girl and sending you more strong and healthy growing vibes!!!!!!!!  hug2.gifJust wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and your little bean!!!!

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Kristina- yay! Sounds really positive!

Blue- I called about the schedule, and they sent it on Friday. They said I start stims on the 30th and transfer could be the 9th, 10th, or 11th.

Sarah- thinking about you and hoping for a stickey been.
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