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Oh Keria, I'm so, so sorry. And to have seen the line and told your parents. I'm sending you hugs and love. Please take care of yourself.

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Keria - I am SO sorry! hug2.gif  


rcr - Of course you can stick around!  We'd love to have you.





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Thanks for the good thoughts, beta came back at 9 I;m stopping progesterone now we have ot pick a new donor.

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Keira: hug2.gif





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Keira, so sorry hug2.gif


rcr, Sending lots and lots of good vibes for your natural cycle!!!!!!


Lyndi and missme , can't wait to hear how your embies are doing!  Good luck with the transfers!


I can't remember who asked about how long you have to take progesterone, but if it's a fresh cycle I think I did till about 6 weeks (2 weeks after beta), but with a FET you have to take it the whole first trimester because your body doesn't produce it since you don't release an egg.


AFM, I have no idea what's going on with my cycle.  The 4 times I took Clomid in the past I O'd day 16 or 17.  Without Clomid, my cycles are crazy long, lucky to O by day 30.  Well today is Day 12 and I have been spotting since yesterday (heavily spotting, if that makes sense).  I took an OPK this afternoon and it came back positive...so weird, I thought I had another 5 days.  It's the first one I took, so I don't know if I already missed the fertile window (DD has been sick and in our bed the last couple of nights), or if I even had one at all...so confused and so sad.  Trying to stay focused on April FET, but just bummed all around mecry.gif


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Keria - So sorry to hear your news!hug2.gif  Well, I'm sorry to hear that your hpt's keep getting fainter, but the only good thing is you actually did get pregnant.  I'm trying to remember if you have gotten a BFP before or not, I don't have the best memory?  The good news is you know you can get pregnant and the fact that you did get pregnant (they consider anything above 5 hcg as pregnant) with an IUI is GREAT news!!!!!  I know the fact that it didn't stick is heart breaking, but you have to try to think of it as a step in the right direction.  No?? Sorry, I try to always see the glass half full as much as possible.  Do you have to have another beta done anytime? What did the RE say about the whole thing and when can you try again?  Thinking of you and sending up some prayers for you and your DH.


rcr - Girl...... you aren't aloud to leave us!! You have been grandfathered in, so stay put.  I mean... you are aloud to leave if you really want to, but I'd love to have you stay even if you are doing an IUI.  You've been through IVF and i'm sure can still be a help here to other that are in that boat as well.  Yes, I get ovary pain w/ my ovulation and then it goes away and that is usually my sign that I'm ovulating.  Good luck!!!


Belly - Hummmmm?  I'm not sure about the positive OPK.  I'd take another one tomorrow maybe and see.  I think they say to do them like mid morning and not with FMU and then again at like 3pm if I remember right.  It has been so long.  Kinda weird that you are spotting though w/ a + OPK now isn't it?


AFM - I have to go sit in a continuing education class all day tomorrow.  Sitting that long is going to kill me.  I sure hope it isn't boring!  Maybe if it is I'll have to break out my phone and see if I can get on MDC.  No sign of AF yet, but my face is a little broken out so I'm guessing she is right around the corner.  Grrrrrr!  It is awful that I just expect her to come so that way I don't get my hopes up and then am disappointed.  Seems to help a bit - I guess that breaks my "glass half full" doesn't it!  Oh well!!!

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Keria - I think Blue is right. As hard as it is, it is good news that you CAN get pregnant with an IUI. I hope you're doing ok this weekend. Thinking of you.


Bellybean - how's it going? Any clarity about your cycle?


AFM - I officially have mild OHSS. I called the on-call physician last night because I was having shortness of breath. She saw me this morning - I had bloodwork and an ultrasound, and I have a bit of fluid in my abdomen and my blood is a bit concentrated, so I am to seriously drink a lot of fluid and rest. Oh, and I have a little potty to measure how much I pee. Fun! Tomorrow is supposed to be my transfer, but they're going to re-assess me first. I sure hope I can do the transfer. I really don't want to wait (or pay) for a FET. And I don't know how many embies I have left, so thats stressing me a bit. But I'm staying positive because everything else has gone so well.

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Missme - Oh no!!!  I was hoping you were going to be clear of the OHSS, but at least it is mild.  Gatorade and eat protein is what I have heard.  It seems so funny to me that you have increased fluids in your body that is causing the problem and then they are telling you to drink more fluids!!  They know best though...and I'm no doctor!!  Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to do your transfer tomorrow!!  It's kinda a double edged sword b/c they say that if you get pregnant and already have OHSS it can make it worse, but having a cycle canceled always sucks too. Why haven't they told you how many embies are left?  What was the last number you heard?  Try to relax, i know it is hard, but stressing won't make any of it better and probably will only make it worse.  Good luck and keep us posted.

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Missme, sorry you are in the OHSS world!  I had a mild case when I did my fresh cycle.  Only transferring one is also nice with OHSS.  I was more scared that both the embies we transferred implanting because of the OHSS than I was taking care of twins (and I am really scared of that too!)  I really hope your cycle does not get cancelled, it would suck to have to wait and pay for a FET, and it just adds more complications with the freezing/unfreezing.  Are you planning to freeze any of the extras for a second child later on??


Blue, hope AF stays away!!!!


Keira, still thinking about you.  I am so sorry.


AFM, the spotting has slowed down it seems.  I got another +OPK this afternoon and it was even darker, so I am praying yesterday was the first one and we got in the fertile window DTD last night.  Just kicking myself for not starting the OPKs earlier (why is this cycle so wonky?!?)  Also praying that I am going to ovulate this month.  I called my RE and left the longest voicemail ever, he called back and said he didn't think my cycle was over and to check back in on Monday.

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Keria- Thinking of you hoping that you are doing okay!!


Bellybean- Hope that you do ovulate this month and great news that your RE doesn't think the cycle is over!!  :) 


Missme- I hope no FET for you!!  Sorry to hear about the OHSS I am really afraid of getting it myself!!  Hope your little embries are doing well and growing!! biggrinbounce.gif


AFM- Had another u/s today..  It went great!!  Most of my  90+ follices are staying small!  The nurse said my ovaries are behaving for the cycle.  I have about 20 Follices that are growing with the largest being 16.5 and the smallest at 11.5.  She said they think that least 13 follices will be mature at ET which is good.  She did say Doctor will only drain follices size 10 and over.  which I was fine with.  Later today I got my E2 back at 1093 which she said was great!  So I have one more u/s on Monday and it looks like ER will be Wed. or Thurs.  and ET on friday or saturday!  It is getting close!! dust.gif

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Lyndi - Yeah for good news!!!  That sounds like a perfect amount of follies!!  I still can't believe that you have so many in there!!  Are you feeling okay?  Do you feel really bloated or any pains in your ovary area right now?  Keep us posted!


Belly - Glad to hear that your cycle isn't over.  I almost hate to say it, but there isn't any way you could actually have a BFP right now is there??  I know that will also show up on a OPK as a positive.  I don't want to get your hopes up too high, but thought I'd mention it.




AFM - Gosh darn my body!!!!!  I just don't understand how someone can have such a precise system where AF shows up right on time every month w/ no questions asked, but still can't get pregnant. My cycles are like clock-work and there's no "ifs ands or buts about it" every month it seems.  Yep, you guessed I just started spotting a bit so she will probably be on her way officially tomorrow just like FF predicted.  I really don't know how FF can always be right.  Well, I guess the timing works okay b/c then I can have my baseline U/S on Thurs which will end up being CD5 and then the next U/S on CD10 which will be the 22nd Tues and we will go from there.  Both of those days work good for me to drive downtown in the early am to get it done.  Yeah.  It was going to stress me out if it would fall on one of my crazy busy days so that is good and makes me feel a little less stressed about the whole thing.  Sure wish I was getting a BFP, but I wasn't holding my breath.

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Blue - Glad your cycle is starting but I was hoping for a early BFP and no cycle for you!!  Im hoping this is the one for you!

As for me I am feeling fine the nurse asked me the same thing.  and she said my E2 levels show that I am not close to OHSS so that is good.  Iam just still worried about it because like missme, I don't want to pay for a FET!!


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Dr. Blue, I wish you were right, but I don't think there is any possible way it is a BFP.   My other trusted doctor (google) has many stories of women having 1-4 positive OPK's in a cycle.  I haven't used one since 2008 (haha) and I never did one after I got my first positive.  Glad other people did and posted online :)  I am just hoping that I ovulated today and that DTD last night was perfect timing!  I would love not to do another FET, but of course those odds are probably slim to zelch.


Missme, already thinking about my next cart (not horse!).  I hope that was you that was talking about that earlier...I am always so lazy to go check :)  I have already starting using due date calculators to try to optimize when during April (our RE only does transfers during the last 2 weeks) a transfer would be optimal for us!!!   I am DYING to know how your embies are doing!  So excited for your transfer, I am really hoping you break the BFN streak!!!!


Lyndi - sounds like everything is perfect!!!  Can't wait to hear how it goes this week!

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I started a spring thread http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1302846/spring-ivf-come-and-join-the-journey#post_16319474


I copied most of what Dr Blue had on the first page of this thread, so if anything needs to be changed, please let me know and I'll edit it.  I will try to keep up with everyone and adjust dates and things as needed.   Here's to a successful Spring with LOTS of BFPs! dust.gif

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Thanls blue and everyone yes this was my first bfp ever so i guess that is good, I just was not prepared for it to go away. I have an appoinment with my RE tomorrow so we'll see what she says.



Mismee sorry about the ohss but  I'm gald everythign it's looking good hopefully you can do yoru transfer tomorrow.

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Hi everyone!!!


I got to transfer 1 lovely stage 4 blast this morning. At least, I think it was stage 4, I had to pee so bad it was hard to focus. But all went very well; I had less fluid in my abdomen than yesterday, and no shortness of breath, and my blood was a little better, too, so the transfer went ahead. There are 7 other embryos above stage 3 to freeze, but I'll get the final number tomorrow. Thanks so very, very much for all your support and good wishes. It's pretty amazing.

P.S. My beta is March 25.


blueyezz - I'm glad to hear your schedule is working out ok for appointments next week. Welcome AF...at least it means you can move to the next step, right? P.S. You'll always be Dr. Blue to me!


bellybean - It WAS me talking about the cart and the horse, lol! I hear ya on the due date calculator. I've been guilty of that one many times. It's so silly, too, cause babies are born whenever they feel like it, anyway, but looking at those dates is so addictive!!! I'm planning to deliver on my sister's birthday, myself...but maybe I should wait for a BFP before I rent the birthing tub!!??!! I'm sorry you're still in cycle confusion-land, but I really hope it somehow contributes to a miracle month for you. Man, are my fingers crossed!


lyndiramos - sounds like your ovaries are doing super great!!! Good job on all the follicles!!! Just to comfort you: my E2 was almost at 15 000 when I triggered, and today it was still at 13 000-something. So your estrogen is waaaay lower than mine, so hopefully you won't develop OHSS. My advice is drink, drink, drink, like you've never drunk before. I didn't really understand how important it was until I started to feel poorly. I'm getting excited for you!


Keria - Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Still thinking of you and sending hugs.


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Missme- How r you feeling? Is you ohss calming down?  If not I hope that it does soon!goodvibes.gif


AFM-  I feel kind of crappy today.  Just feel pretty bloated!!  I had another u/s today.. I had a couple follicies at 20, then about 20 follicies between 15-18 and then some smaller ones. My E2 was at 1708 today and the RE upped my Gonal-F from 112.5 to 150ui for tonight then another u/s in the morning.  They say that should be my last and I should trigger on wed for thurs.  We will see tomorrow.... Im off to bed for this evening!!  Good night all and lots of dust.gif

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Keria, Missme & Lyndi -   Just wanted to make sure you guys know that we are all over on the new Spring IVF thread.  I just didn't want you guys to miss out.  It's the same thread just started as the Spring since we are all trying to leave Winter behind.  You could always copy and paste your post over there if you wanted.

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