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Looking for someone to share ppd stories with

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Ive been having a lot of post part depression issues and thought it might be helpful for me and for someone else to have a buddy to share stories with privately and perhaps give each other some helpful advice, maybe on a weekly basis for a while until feeling better.  My current issues are mainly to do with relationship stuff and feeling depressed about the past.  Would anyone be interested?

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Hi, I've been through ppd and have warred with non-baby-realated depression too.  I'd be interested in chatting if you'd like

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I will happily share stories with you! I have an 18 month old and had PPD for a few months after having him. It was so hard, and I still find myself suffering from it sometimes and just wish I could talk to someone who understands. So I would really like to talk about it with you!

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I'd love to talk too. I have had PPD, anxiety and clinical depression forever it seems. :(

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I have struggled with PPD and a variety of labels for a variety of conditions over the past twenty five years.  My main strategies to stay sane after the birth of DS2 have been making some friends, getting out of the house with my baby most days, and trying to get exercise (our stroller is out and about a lot).  I try to eat well, remember how fortunate I am, and take good care of myself.  My main symptom now is just persistent anxiety.  I miss taking my med for that, but I can't take it while BFing. 

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I would like to chat with you.  I'm having similar issues.  I just had my 4th baby on 1-17-11 and she's absolutely beautiful.  I don't have any ill/depressed feelings towards her, it's my husband.  I kinda hate him right now.  Everything he does just annoys me!  I feel like i don't even want him around.  He works crazy hours and so we barely get to see each other and when we do see each other, all we do is argue.  I feel like i do everything for the kids and to ask him to due small tasks he can't even do that.  I feel like were not the same people anymore, he doesn't make me happy and i don't make him happy.  Am I crazy?  

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I'm here.  I have three babies: 5 yo, 3 yo, and 11 months old.  After each one, I have suffered PPD with an emphasis on anxiety.  Each time, I have been treated with Zoloft.  I'd be more than happy to chat.  If you want, you can pm me and I will be happy to give you my direct contact info so we can chat live.  hug2.gif  It is a rough road to walk in a time when you really are expecting to only feel happy.  And, sadly, so many people misunderstand and have a negative attitude towards it.

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Hi Lulu123,


I would be more than happy to chat, too!  As Thandiwe put it, "It is a rough road to walk...... when your only expecting to feel happy" ..... so true, so true!  I have definitely had my share of PPD and have also been treated by Zoloft.  Thankfully, it took 3 babies to wake me up.  It has been 18 months now.  But it feels like just yesterday that I struggled with anxiety, depression, constant irritation, and impatience.  Once you are in the trenches, it is very hard to see the sky, let alone any silver linings.


Warm hugs to you! 

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tigerflower, can dh make some more time for you, for his family? talking just you two?

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