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Originally Posted by claybear View Post

It's been a challenging week for me also! Last night I wanted to break down and eat ice cream but I did a work out instead and had an apple and I was ok. Crisis averted. :)


I got on the scale today, even though I really will do the weigh-in tomorrow, and was a little bummed to see I had lost no weight at all. I feel like my body is shifting, though, and my planst feel more lose, so perhaps the number on the scale should not be my primary focus. Hard to remember that! When I am working so hard, I really want to see the numbers!!

I hear you on the numbers!  I also hear you on things shifting....my shoes fit a little better earlier, and I feel less blobby.


I have done reasonably well this week, although I was ravenous yesterday for no apparent reason. I wonder if it is the norm to have a ravenous day once in awhile? I will admit I gave in, but most of what I gave into was healthy-ish.  


Hugs to those of you who have had a hard week!  Hard times exist - I guess the key is to to figure out how to deal with them without turning to food.





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I am still sick.  I'm going to have to break down and go to the doctor.  I've been avoiding it because I don't have any insurance but the glands and/or lymph nodes in my neck are swollen pretty bad, and the lymph nodes in my underarms are as well.  I had a strep test done at the county health center and it was negative.  So, I haven't done any exercise in over a week.  I'm hoping for another maintenance week and not a gain. 

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good morning, everyone!!   i weighed in today, and i'm at -4 for the week... woohoo! 


that's down 9 lbs in two weeks, and i'm definitely thrilled... i've been working so hard and eating great.. i'm just a bit worried that it's a bit too fast?  i want this weight loss to be *permanent*.   


i wonder if it's just because i've cut out all junk (and boy, did i ever eat alot of it!), and my body is still adjusting to that?  i mean,  even if i didn't do a minute of exercise, i must be losing weight just from not eating all that crap.  so when i add in my exercise, i'm getting good results.  ?!?  i do not count calories, but i think i might do it for the next week, just to make sure that i'm getting enough.  i want to make sure that this is sustainable. 


i've decided to make 15 lbs lost my mini-goal... that's only 6 lbs away, and seems doable.  then i'll go for 30, 40, 50, etc.  until i get down to a good weight for my body.  50+ lbs seems sooo hard, so i'm hoping to keep myself motivated by doing smaller goals.  and i plan to reward myself every time i reach one! (with non-food items, lol).

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joy.gif 3 more pounds joy.gif

That's 15 pounds in 5 weeks. I set out to lose 3 pounds a week and I'm doing it! Today I did week 5; day 2 Couch to 5K and 45 min (16.25 miles) of hills on the stationary bike.

My husband is extremely supportive. His weight never fluctuates and he eats whatever I put in front of him. I do the shopping, so no big deal there. He does drink Pepsi, but I don't like soda, so it works.

My cravings are beer or a mixed drink and popcorn in the evening. And pizza. And wings. LOL. I am such a perfect football fan at heart. smile.gif

Start Date: Jan 2nd
Start Weight: 220
Today's Date: Jan 31st
Today's Weight: 205
I'm 1/6 on the way to my goal weight of 130 pounds.


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I am not sure what to think.  I weighed myself 2 days ago and was down 2 pounds, but today it looks like I am up 2 pounds and thus maintained?  My scale is completely old and wonky and it isn't helping


It is a little depressing.  


I am going to commit this week to exercising for 1/2 an hour every day.  I can do it!



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Welcome, Triana!! I definately had the thought this week, "How did I let myself get this big?" moment. Everything aches in my body. I feel terrible and uncomfortable. I literally gained 50lbs in five months. I am ashamed to admit it, but I was going to McDonald's (eeeww, right?!) at like 4:00 in the morning and getting a double cheeseburger meal with a coke...like 5 days a week. Also, I would binge on anything that was in the house at night...carrots and peanut butter were my weakness, with the emphasis on the peanut butter. I would eat a pound of mixed nuts in two days. You get the idea. Part of the reason why I was eating so much was a couple of meds my shrink put me on, she warned me, but my self control was not there. I didn't work out last week like I said I was going to because I was still hallucinating even with the new meds. I had problems with hallucinations on Saturday all day (interesting time at my kids' play, Alice in Wonderland! HA!) and night. On Sunday nothing and so far today nothing. I am so out of shape I am going to stick with water aerobics and yoga for right now - low impact exercise. I went to the gym two weeks ago and "started" the couch to 5K and my shins and knees were hating me. I think it's too much weight for them to bear. Good news : I am down 2lbs this month which is good for me right now because I have been so out of wack this month. So I guess I'm starting fresh.


Current weight: 232

Goal weight: 135

Height: 5'3" Petite build


I am also going to work on the real food cooking. I definately have slacked in that department since September when I started school. I have no excuse now since I am not working or going to school this semester. Best wishes, mamas!

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I'm back on track.  I had a pretty good day yesterday.  I got some groceries.  It looks like we're supposed to be getting a pretty bad winter storm.  The school district has already used it's two built in snow days.  Now, they'll have to make them up. 


I'm up two pounds for the week.  Not too bad.  I think it's mostly water weight since my fingers and feet are a little swollen. 

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My scale battery ran out! arg no weigh in today.


DD is going through some major separation anxiety and nursing like a newborn and I have AF so I have been STARVING. Completely ravenous, like I can't even get full over here. On top of that all the stress from the constant whining and crying and I need to be on top of you every second even when you are on the potty mama! OMG I could scream.

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My weigh in:

Starting Weight: 286
Last Monday:172.6

down 1.8 lbs for the week
down 115.2 lbs total smile.gif
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eclipse - total inspiration. bow2.gif

I just ate chicken nuggets, homemade fries, and a light beer for lunch. I had a rough morning since my 2 children's preschool teacher called R a "liability" and said she couldn't play there, which she has done since the beginning of the school year. I'm really contemplating finishing out the year and then homeschooling. My total calories are 1071 and I still have 716 remaining for the day thanks to exercise this morning, so hopefully I don't blow the whole day!
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I am down a little over a pound for the week, for a total loss of 11.5lbs in 4 weeks.  Most of that was at the beginning, but as I was out of town for a week, and then had both a kidney infection and a cold this last week, I am pretty pleased so far.  I am having to roll up the pants of my jeans because they are sitting further down on my hips.


Shelley - I think it is pretty normal to have a bigger loss the first couple of weeks.  You are right - it is probably because you have cut out all of the junk and that makes a huge difference.  Could be some water weight too.  As long as you aren`t starving yourself and keep doing what you are doing, it should be permanent loss.  Food tracking for a week could be a good idea just to be sure where you are at. 


abby - you are so strong!  Focus on taking care of your health, and the weight will come off. 


eclipse - you *are* such an inspiration!  How long did it take you to lose all of that.  It is so nice to have people further along on the journey so that those of us just starting out know that it really is possible. 

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Starting weight - 280

todays weight - 270

total weight loss for January - 10 lbs!

now i just have to keep this up for another dozen or so months.....duh.gif

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SW: 223

CW: 188

GW: 123 


I've got a food allergy test done today (ELISA) results in 2 weeks! 

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New thread.  January's thread was great.  Let's keep it up!!



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