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I have not lost or gained a pound, but then again I only started late last week.  I am Ok with it though - I feel lighter.  I do hope I loose weight by next weigh in, or I will have to tweek my plan, and I like my plan!  


congrats to the the losers (now there is a sentence, lol!)


I swam yesterday, which was fun.  They are calling for a cold snap - which is not good.  I am very much an outdoor exercising kind of gal.  I can adjust, though, and will get off this computer and roughly schedule in some indoor exercise time.


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183.1 today! 5lbs gone. I don't think that is all that healthy, but I really haven't been "crash" dieting. my calories are 1800 and fat 70 per day. DD has been nursing a lot though and I think that has been helping. Also cutting out dairy always helps me drop right in the beginning.


last time I cut out dairy I lost 75lbs in about 8 months.


I haven't brought myself to workout yet. I did go "sledding" with DD out front though lol if that counts.


congrats everyone on the losses and maintaining! blowkiss.gif We can do this!


are we going to do like a stats thing?

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According to the Wii last night I am down 2.6kg, or about 5.75 pounds.  My Wii measures in metric and I can't figure out how to change it.  But in some ways it is kind of nice - if I actually weighed in pounds what I weigh in kilos I would be doing all right!


In the last week I worked out with Wii Fit four times.  I hope to start going to aquasize at least once a week, but probably won't be able to start that until next week.  It is frigid here right now (-27C with windchill) so there haven't been any jaunts to the dog park!!


For diet, I am not counting calories but I am being very calorie mindful.  So if I decide I want to have a snack of crackers and peanut butter I don't just sit down with the box and a jar, I carefully count out a serving of crackers, and measure out a TBSP of PB.  When I get closer to goal I may start tracking more, but for now it just seems like too much work.  I am also meal planning which helps a great deal.


I am really psyched about my success so far and it is very motivating.  But I also know that this rate of loss is not sustainable.  It is easier to lose pounds when you weigh more.  Easier to spill from a full cup, as my friend always says.  But instead of saying I need to lose 100 pounds, I just keep telling myself I need to lose 5 pounds, 20 times.  That makes it more manageable for some reason.

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awesome job! you are so right to think of it as 5lbs at a time that's a good tool!

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congrats to the the losers

Originally Posted by just_lily View Post

if I actually weighed in pounds what I weigh in kilos I would be doing all right!





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According to the Wii I've lost 2lbs this week, for a total of 3 since I started on 1/2/11.  I'm a bit disappointed, I thought it would be more.  I know slow and steady is best so I will keep pressing onward!

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Yes, congrats to the losers and congrats to everyone for mindfulness, measuring, planning, and checking in!

I am 235 down from 242 so 7 pounds in about 10 days. I too have been going lower carb, and less sugar. I have been having chocolate daily though. And I did make peanut butter cookies for my kids one day, but without butter, and I enjoyed those as well. I found a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies with oats, peanut butter, and hardly any butter. I am going to try those this week.

I am not counting right now either. I am just focusing on eating 3 healthy meals a day, having a small snack only when I am getting hungry, cooking, and not grazing all evening after dinner. As my numbers slow, I will start to count, or cut portions, or reduce sweets further. The one thing that I will not do is completely deprive myself of any food that I really like to eat.

I worked out 4 times and that felt good. I desperately need to strength train, and I really could just even start with modified push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, and some yoga moves at home in the evenings while watching TV. Or even for 5 minutes at a time in between activities.

I feel a strength training challenge coming on...any suggestions?

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OK - oatmeal for breakfast, banana for a snack, black beans for lunch, and mix of cabbage, potato, carrot & turkey kielbasa for dinner - we're back on track!


Also, braved the cold, bundled up the daughter, and walked for an hour outside today. Tomorrow - mall walking (yay - warmth! - now i just have to not buy anything!)

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Hey Losers!   (snicker)  Congratulations on the weight loss this week!  I pretty much maintained this week.  The scale showed a .2 gain, but at my weight that could just be a blip in the scale, so I'm not gonna worry about it.  I had a great start to the week, but then things got stressful and emotional, and I not only went off my diet, but went off big time with a couple trips to fast food places that I know I should avoid.  I've got a birthday tomorrow (My youngest is turning 4, sniff, sniff, my baby's growing up), so I'm not sure how well I'll do staying low carb, but I'm going to at least try to keep my calories in check.


You all are doing so great!  I better get a move on or you'll all leave me in the dust.  Have a great week, everyone!


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grouphug.gif Dash I think we may all be emotional eaters here, try and stay strong mama, we are here to support you. vent away if you ever need to.

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I sent DH to the grocery store today with a list of the essentials and free-choice for whatever else. What was I thinking? eyesroll.gif I'm kind of un-motivated today. I don't feel like planning/cooking meals. I'm overwhelmed, I guess. Tuesdays are usually like this for me. DH works Friday 4-12, I work Sat and Sun 10-10, then DH works Mon-Tue 8-7, so I don't really get a break until Wed morning, and then he goes into work for 4-12. Two kids in pre-K, my youngest just turned 2, oodles of appointments, bills, laundry, clutter. Sorry for the rant - I just need to do something not food-related.

I'm drinking some coffee now. I've been cleaning all morning and just finally sat down. I ate a small bowl of Life cereal for breakfast, standing up. Yesterday, I started week 2 of the C25K (total of 32 min), 30 min on the bike, and ~20 min of weights at the gym (7:30-9pm). I didn't think I had enough energy to go, but felt so good after I did.

DD2 is loving on me now while I type. I wish I was still nursing greensad.gif She was sick and never an efficient nurser and went on high cal formula just before her heart surgery over a year ago)


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I forgot to weigh in yesterday, so I weighed this morning.  I'm down 2 lbs. 


I need to eat more vegetables.  It's been so cold out that I haven't felt like eating them.  I need a big stir fry or pot of vegetables soup. 


I kind of broke my "no french fry" rule today.  They were called potato wedges, but were pretty close to fries.  We ate an early dinner tonight, but I'm going to try to make it through the evening without eating more.  I'm really trying to break my nighttime eating habit.  If I eat something, it'll be fruit or a carrot.

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French fries are my biggest weakness too.  And chips.  Really, I have never met a potato I didn't like.  So I went ahead and put them on my meal plan.  This Thursday we are having homemade oven fries and homemade fish sticks for dinner.  Can't wait!!!

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I am so tired, waiting for DH to get home so I can go to the gym. I'm sure that will wake me up, but right now I feel like I could just go to bed. I wonder if the calorie deficit is catching up to me. I've met my calories today until I work out. And I ate 2 homemade stuffed peppers. I like homemade fries too. I especially like the fried sweet potato fries I made a couple of weeks ago and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. They were so good, and somewhat nutritious, right? Sheepish.gif
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I was only down 0.6 lb this week. *sigh* Oh well, at least it was a loss.


Does anyone else find their appetite fluctuates a lot based on where they are in their cycle? When I have PMS, I'm starving all the time. It's not even just emotional eating - I really am a lot hungrier. Anyone else?

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hug2.gifmotivated mama.


eurobin I starve with PMS too. I can't seem to eat enough!


Did bad today...

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I do find that I eat more when I'm PMSing, and I really want sweet alcoholic beverages bag.gif But I also am more motivated to exercise around af.gif I seem to start each new exercise endeavor while on my period. Mine is right around the corner, this weekend, and I enjoyed a couple of beverages last night after my workout eyesroll.gif
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Looks like 5 of the my 10 pounds was water weight. To be expected, I guess. I'm still busting butt at the gym and staying true to my calories thumb.gif Here's hoping to 3 pounds a week!
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I did the Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss dvd tonight - holy crap! My arms and legs are still shaking! I'm curious if I'm going to be able to move tomorrow. That was harder than I anticipated!

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I tried a pilates DVD tonight, and woah can I not manage many pilates moves any more.  I used to do it a fair bit, but that was pre-pregnancy, pre-Csection and pre-sitaroundonmybuttfortwoyears.  There are definitely positions that my body just won't get into any more.  I am so glad I discovered this on my own in my basement rather than in a class somewhere!!


I have been really pleased with my eating and I have been keeping up with Wii Fit most nights.  According to that, I have lost 4.9 kilos so far, or a bit over 10 pounds.  How is that even possible?  I am feeling great, but I am afraid it is just all a load of you-know-what. 


When I went shopping this week I loaded up on healthy snacks and treats so that I don't feel deprived.  I picked up Jello Mousse Temptations in chocolate mousse, and oh my goodness I am in love.  Chocolate mousse!  For 60 calories!  I just ate one and I seriously feel like I just cheated on my diet they are that good. 

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