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prenatal vitamins?

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Are you taking any prenatal vitamins? do you wait for the dr. to perscribe or do you get a natural over the counter version? just curious.

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I say start the prenatals as soon as possible wink1.gif   Esp. for the folic acid - 400 minimum, 800 preferred.  I just take the prenatal from Trader Joe's, and normally bring the bottle to any appt with a new care giver so they can check the levels of different things if they want to.

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I'm still taking the huge bottle that I bought for my last pregnancy and during this lactation period.  I'm way too lax about remembering to take them, though.  Anyway, OTC for me.

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I took Solaray Baby Me Now capsules for the last 3 years, as I have been either pregnant, nursing, or both. I liked them, overall. But, I finally had had enough of taking FOUR (4) large capsules a day, plus my fish oil and calcium supplements. I am now taking Rainbow Light Just Once.

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I also take the Rainbow Light once daily prenatals.

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Hey! I was just watching a really interesting discussion about prenatals and Folate VS. Folic Acid. It turns out that Folic Acid is a man made version of Folate and only around 50% of people can utilitize it in that form. I just bought a bottle of Rainbow Light (it was EXPENSIVE!) and during that conversation I learned that RL is inferior to New Chapter's prenatals. Apparently NC has Folate, NOT folic acid and has higher quality sources of vitamins. Here's a link to the blog post that began the discussion: http://guggiedaly.blogspot.com/2010/06/is-folic-acid-only-and-best-choice.html.


Good luck! I have sooo much to learn about this stuff! I was mainly just a bystander, watching the discussion but when I asked where I can learn more information about these people knew (the different vitamins and how our body uses them), no one had answers for me! Maybe someone on here will have more info.

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I'm taking Rainbow Light One Day, but I'm taking it every other day.  I talked to the herbalist at the co-op today and she said that was fine considering all the leafy greens I eat.  I had to stop eating carrots because my palms and the bottoms of my feet were orange.  She said that I'm just more sensitive than others and that one every other day would probably be fine.  I was only eating one maybe two carrots a day, not juicing or anything.  I would take the New Chapter Prenatal's, but they have corn or soy, can't remember and I can't eat either of those.  I'm diabetic and just eat protein, fat and veggies.  I might need to add some beans and find other whole carbs to add to meals so that I don't get really hungry and then not gain weight like last time, though I'm taking insulin this time so I should be fine on the gaining weight part.

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Originally Posted by LindsC View Post

I also take the Rainbow Light once daily prenatals.

Me too. smile.gif

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I would start a prenatal asap. I am simply taking a multi though. The brand name is MegaFood. Awesome vitamins!!! 100 percent vegetarian, made from whole foods and can be taken on an empty stomach. I highly recommend.

BTW.....someone mentioned Trader Joes; I love TJ's! smile.gif
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I'm taking SuperNutrition one-a-day prenatals. They're food-based and hypo-allergenic. The folic acid vs. folate issue concerns me, too, so I switched from Rainbow Light to SuperNutrition because these ones have folate. 

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hmmm...I've taken Rainbow light through both of my previous pregnancies....hadn't really heard about the folate vs. folic acid debate but it makes sense.  I'll have to check out superNutrition as I think I only have a month left in my current bottle of Rainbow Light

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im currently ttc and my Dr. told my to start taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid a month before we even started trying.  So i would start something as soon as u can. :)

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I've been takin a Trader's Joe's multivitamin that has folic acid, but I'm looking for a good whole food prenatal vitamin (hopefully one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg).

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Food based vitamins are the easiest to digest.  i take the Rainbow Light Petite ones.  They aren't as big as their other prental food based vitamins, and you only take 3 instead of 6.

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I found folate at the co-op and take that every other day now when I don't take my prenatal.thumb.gif

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Since it is best to start prenatals before getting pregnant, I have been taking mine for around one year or so. I wanted to find one that I tolerated well before having to deal with an icky sick tummy-- so I use Rainbow Light Just Once Vitamin-- I hate having to take multiple ones like some require.


amazon.com link


I found mine at a local natural store, but I noticed our big chain store had them in the natural aisle too.



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I'm taking the rainbow light mulit+daily prenatals - they were on sale  :)

I started taking Thorne Labs prenatals when TTC, but wanted to switch to one with more calcium.

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I've been taking Rainbow Light prenatals for a few years--started before my DD was born, and then just continued because we were thinking of trying for baby #2.

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I'm taking Rainbow Light Just Once and 5000 IU's of Vitamin D every other day. The Vitamin D is because I'm clinically deficient. Fun stuff.

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Just had an appt with my ND and she switched me back to the Thorne Lab prenatals, plus Cal Apatite calcium supplements.  Her reasons are that capsules are easier for your body to break down than tablets, the vitamin B levels are higher in the Thorne Labs one, and this particular formulation of calcium (MCHC) is the most easily absorbed.  So there you have it.  It comes out to the same number of pills as I was taking with the Rainbow Light anyway.

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