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January Chat..

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I know an inventive title huh? I seriously think this kid is eating my brain! I didn't see a new thread started so I figured I would start one. How is everyone doing?? We are almost there.

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I did lose part of my plug yesterday, so I am definitely getting excited...I know I have 5 weeks to go (35+1 today) but its getting so near!!


working out is going well...did take the weekend off after that bit of plug loss (even though I know it means nothing, maybe I just needed the excuse to be lazy!)


I have lots scheduled for the me/ baby in the coming weeks...maternity photo shoot at target on the 9th and my midwife home visit on the 14th...and my last day of work on the 12th!



something that isn't going well is Hypnobabies. I don't listen to my tracks every night as I should be. Somehow I am envisioning myself not needing them really. I have been visualizing my birth and I am more excited about Dh and my best friend coming and being with me and helping me through rather than how I did it last time-- listening to tracks over and over.


But then I am also worried that I am screwing myself over and I should be listening...

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Carrie I am so impressed that you are still working out!  sometimes I dream about working out but simply cannot find the energy during the day.  The minute this baby is out I am putting on my jogging shoes!


Okimom, the baby is eating my brain too.  I was so excited about making popcorn tonite after my husband went to the store.  I made him a long shopping list with fruits, vegetables and popcorn ingredients, just not any popcorn.  sigh


I think I have been losing bits of plug for the last couple of weeks, nothing bloody, just snotty, so I am not worried.  My baby shower is Saturday and I am SO excited, but so not done cleaning house.  Thank goodness I have the whole week to get it done!

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I have absolutely no memory anymore.  I've had to tell the people I volunteer with flat out that if they don't see me write things down then I don't remember it.


In good news we hired a doula tonight.  She's taking us at much reduced fees, which I truly appreciate and I'm so glad she'll be with us in the hospital.

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We were planning to move back to the mainland this month, but now we decided to wait til after the baby is born since we know we won't run into insurance issues as long as I'm here. I'm relieved not to be moving a month before baby, but at the same time I was hoping to be a bit more settled with an actual house instead of living in this tiny apartment.

My coworker who was due 5 days after me (I'm due Feb 27th, and she was due March 4th) had her baby on December 26th, holy cow! Makes it seem a lot more real.

My hubby is on a diet... what the heck? Just when I want to eat everything in sight he decides it's time to get serious about losing weight! lol. Actually I'm glad he's doing it, it'll help his back a ton.

And we are going camping at the beach this weekend. Wonder if I can find a crane to haul me up off the ground in the mornings!!

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Hey! Yawn...I am consistently up at night now after 2-3 hours of sleep. But that's okay! smile.gif And yeah, whatever hormone cocktail is going on right now makes me stop midsentence, look around slightly dazed, and then try to figure out what the rest the sentence was going to be. For instance, "Dh could you...uh...what was I going to say?" Sometimes he is able to read my mind other times not so much. About 2 weeks ago I had to tell him to stop teasing me about it because I find it distressing. lol.gif

Carrie- Awesome on the working out! As for the hypnobabies, what about having DH and BFF read the scripts to you? That is what we are praciticing and plannign for. I don't like the hypnobabies' lady's voice. orngbiggrin.gif

nintendork- Have a wonderful baby shower! Sorry you have to clean your house for it though. lol.gif

(Speaking of which, anyone else nesting???)

twinklefae- That's great that you have found a doula!

baggybears- I don't blame you for not moving this month...I cannot imagine!

Okay, I've got to go eat something...anyone else waking in the night to eat??? Very strange...
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Jenne - I didn't wake up to eat, but I thought I was done for the night.  Turns out, nope, hunger hit and really craved my cereal and milk, so had a tiny bowl of it and am now all happy!  I usually wake up after 2-3 hours because of heartburn, and then when I sit up, I realize I also have to pee.  Ha! 


We built our crib over the weekend, and it looks so cute in our room!  We have a stroller, the car seat just arrived, and best of all, my dad solved our car dilemma.  I own a pickup truck (that is from my dad, who collects cars, basically), and he called to ask if I wanted to trade his Toyota Highlander for the pickup, which he'll gladly take back.  We are SO excited!!  So that's happening, possibly just after baby is born, so that when my dad drives out (to CA from TX), he can meet his grandson.  Yay! 


Carrie - very impressed with your working out.  I feel like the biggest slacker ever for STILL not being able to be consistent with it.  I really thought I'd have a better grip on my diet AND exercise by now.  I am not quite sure how to train myself to get on top of these things sometimes.


nintendork - I feel you, I have to clean the house for my doula meeting!


twinklefae - that is awesome, we have a doula now, too, and I'm so happy with her!!


baggybears - omg I would hate to be moving this late in the game.  We moved when I was about 9 weeks pregnant and I was not pleased with the process, hehe!


As for nesting...  I think I might be?  I'm not like compelled to do it or anything, but I just keep wanting to sort things and make it nice for the baby.  Today I watched a YouTube video on a nice way to store your cloth diapers for ease of use, and then tried to implement it, and then remembered they all needed washing, so took them all out of the cupboard and now they're waiting to be washed.  Tomorrow I want to organize the closet and my clothes so that there is a nice spot for baby's clothes!  I guess this could be nesting...

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Baggybears, we moved when DS was about 3 weeks old and it worked fine for us.  Coming home to the tiny apt. wasn't ideal, but it meant we got a lot of nice pics of the place before we left and had to really prioritize what baby furniture we wanted.


Jenne, not nesting yet.  Can't WAIT til that kicks in, I'm so tired of being tired!


Meg007, congrats on your doula too!  I was worried that we wouldn't get one, booking so late in the game.  Because we've already done a lot of childbirth education (we had a doula last time too) she's waiving a huge chunk of her fee.  I think she also liked that we knew what we wanted - we aren't typical doula clients, we really just need her help negotiating the hospital.

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I can't remember what I've read anymore, someone say baby brain?

But I'm nesting, someone mentioned that, I've been nesting since november.

And the funny part is that I can't even do all of it, because I have to take it easy, not allowed to do much. But my SO gets to do it instead, lucky him. :lol

But, really, everything is ready.

And we might be talking just over 3 weeks left, so, that's good.


Someone mentioned HypnoBabies, and I'm forgetting that too. I should really get it together and listen to it every night.

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my brain is also gone....we had visitors last night and after a day of cleaning and cooking- i was done, and my german....gone. we had to switch to english a lot, which, as we don't know them very well, was really embarassing for me. but, i just could not keep up. plus, they have a one year old, who i thought that i had arranged the house "ok" for, but...oh my, have i forgotten what a crawler/soon to be walker can get into--everything. and these were very "relaxed" type parents...i caught the baby three times with little things in her mouth and was constantly bringing her out of the kitchen (which is totally not baby-proofed.) but- oh my-my-my was she cute!

and oh my-my was my five year old all over her. i think that it is going to be hard with her and the baby. she really-really wants to be THE helper. we are going to have to do some serious channeling of her maternal instincts.


but, today..horrah! my dh went back to work. i love vacation, but the girls and i need a rythum. and somehow, i have accomplished so much more.this morning- i did some clean up from last night, cooked with the girls, took the christmas decorations down, and reorganised a closet. i think.....that i just needed some space to nest in.


on the down side of things- my back is starting to really hurt. so far, i have had it really easy with aches and pains.


getting excited though....really excited.

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Wow it is January! I'm 35 weeks and one day, and will make a trip to the chiro today. I can't take the pain anymore! I had no such pains with DS - I'm like a grandma now, I can barely walk straight, my back is killing me, my lower uterus is sore like crazy, I really hope the chiro can help me today! I just want to sleep and rest all day long... I can't imagine being active!


We went to a friend's bday party last night in CO and I took the chance to take one last trip to Gymboree, oh my. I just have 7 more diapers to finish and then pack the bags... I sort of don't like packing....


@ pixie: I haven't listened to Hypnobabies in weeks... I just never found the time... When DS went to bed, so did I! I also have a hard time getting into it, I sort of question it all the time. Her voice annoys me.


As for nesting... Totally doing that. What annoys me terribly currently is not having the house clean. If DH puts a dirty plate in the sink and not dish washer I freak out, it just kills me if something is dirty or not in order....

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Twinklefae - Congrats on the doula!!!  We are getting our midwife at greatly reduced fees since my daughter was her first birth as a student midwife and our craptastic health insurance doesn't cover much in the way of birth care.  She's doing us a solid favor!  I totally know how thrilling it must be to get that settled!!


Jenne - I am waking up at 3am without fail.  Sometimes for the Honey Nut Cheerios, sometimes just to pee.  It always ends up being a 1-1.5 hour ordeal because after I pee, baby gets the hiccups and when I snuggle back in bed, Maiya wants to readjust for maximum cuddles.  It's hard to get upset at the lack of sleep when it's such cute reasons, but enough is enough.  I want to nap!  Also, our midwife appointments are filled with that half-sentence stuff.  I hope she understands because she'll ask me about something, I'll get halfway through and just fog out.


Everyone doing Hypnobabies - I am torqued because I'm doing it about every other night, but I always fall asleep right as they are teaching the finger drop technique.  I wish that whole thing was on its own track so I wouldn't have to struggle to stay awake.  I'm all for the idea of hypnotic amnesia, but it's not doing me any good when all of the following tracks are based on that ONE concept.  Oy.


My aches and pains have been alright, but there is one tiny fist or something that keeps punching my cervix and takes my breath away (and not in a good way).  I didn't have this with the first one - can anyone tell me if this gets better?


PixieKisses - I've been nesting since November too, but I was able to blame it on the holidays.  Now I have nothing to blame it on but myself!


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everybody sounds so good and so excited! i love the feeling in the air!


i think it's nesting, or maybe it's just my love of organizing and arranging, but the whole new house is unpacked! i just have one box of pictures to set out around in the nooks and cranies, but i think i did pretty good with in-laws, holidays...it took about a week for me to get it all set up. however, nesting has not yet made me want to scrub everything, which i never like to do anyways...so i'm hoping that will kick in...it would be very helpful! but overall it's good. sadly we had redone our old house to have no more carpet...and this one has forest green carpet everywhere! thumb.gif yes forest green! it's not so bad (at least it steamed up pretty well), but i'd forgotten how difficult it is to vacuum carpet...now add in three cats (with one being white long hair!)...by the end of every day there is white hair all over the house, even though they are indoor/outdoor cats! i told my dh i think we'll be redoing carpets fast! out carpet in hardwood floor...as for now, it's really nice because my in-laws have vacuumed every day! yes, so completely nice. i told my dh that when they leave we are going to get annoyed quick, and he assured me that it won't be a big deal for him to do...but i don't see it getting done by him!  smile.gif we'll see. i know i won't be doing it every day because vacuuming on hardwood floors was enough to make me sore, no way i'm going to tackle thick carpet on a daily basis! 



hug2.giffor everyone having so many aches and pains. that's really frustrating i'm sure. i've actually been going full speed (or at least my current full speed) during the day and then just crashing in the evening! is anybody outgrowing their shirts?! i've walking around with about 2 inches of belly showing at the bottom...and it's cold and rainy! smile.gif everyone looks at my face, and then i see their eyes drop to my belly! ha! it's kind of funny. and to see kids stare at it is even funnier, because they are so outright about it! their heads turn as they walk past looking at my belly! so sweet! i do enjoy the big roundness of it when you look at the miracle of it all.


i guess that's all my rambling this morning! so glad we're all still cooking babies! looking forward to another week of in-laws and then a bit of relaxation and settling in with just my husband and i! happy monday mamas!



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I can't wait to start nesting...we're moving into a new little house in a week (in Santa Cruz, right on the beach, woo hoo!!) so I'm itching to be settled.  We're staying with his parents for the time being, which isn't so bad.  I've bought everything we need, just need to unpack it, wash the new cloth diapers, get everything organized. 


ashleybrook--I almost laugh everytime someone looks at my face and then their gaze immediately drops to my belly...it tickles me for some reason biggrinbounce.gif  I love it, though...makes me feel proud of my big belly!


I've been getting leg cramps these days...doing extra stretches is helping.  Not too many braxton hicks, but I'm only 32 weeks, so it's not that surprising.  I need to take another belly picture!


My brain is definitely starting to go...it has been for awhile lol.gif  I'm glad I don't have to work for awhile.

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Santa cruz is so beautiful your a lucky lady =), you should get some calcium magnesium supplement that will help with the leg cramps.

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Rainbow, when I was having trouble with leg cramps my doctor suggested potassium and calcium so I ate a banana and a yogurt everyday and it really helped!  Hope you get some relief.

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i second the bannana trick. worked really well for me last time.


oh-woe-for-me and my heartburn....i woke up after only an hours sleep last night ready to throw up and then could not get back to sleep b/c of my cold- i would cough which would intensify the reflux......i ended up sleeping on the couch propped into a sitting position with pillows. and then the girls woke up from one coughing and somehow bonked their heads together and were crying sooo loud.....i am not feeling very rested.


but, today was the first day of kindergarten! horrah for a few "down" hours! dh even drove the girls b/c i was supposed to have a home-meeting with the midwife who will come after the birth, but she didn't come. i wish i could nap, but it is too hard in the morning.

and i am happy b/c yesterday's back ache resolved itself- maybe she was just pushing a little funny.


the "belly looks" make me laugh and feel proud too. i am wearing mostly dresses-as-shirts right now. the thought of my belly exposed to the wind makes me shiver all over! burr. 

how nice it must be in CA! and a new house on the beach! i am dreaming of warmer days.....but, they are predicting a long winter....

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Yesterday was the first day I noticed that my shirts don't fit anymore.  This didn't happen last time!  My belly is not exposed as the panel on my jeans comes up to my bra line, but still.  Yikes!

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I have been on vacay and so just lurking.  Love to read all the chatter though.  Love it!


My brain is so gone.  Lost my phone and then left wallet at home.  Oy. 


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ashleybrook - Oh, I empathize with the carpets!  Ours are a denim blue and we have 5 indoor cats (and one white medium-hair).  If we won lotto, my first day after quitting would be getting wood or laminate flooring.


Leg cramps!  OW!  I had one really bad one where I woke up screaming when I was pregnant the last time.  I'd rather suffer back labor than that again.  Pineapple seemed to help me, though I can't recall if that was a calcium or a magnesium thing.  Maybe someone else can second that?  The texture of bananas bug me when I am eating in the morning.  What a square I can be!


The shirts not fitting has been frustrating for me.  Like Twinklefae, I've got that belly panel to hide the flesh, but only two layering tank tops and two pairs of pants still fit at this stage, so I am doing a LOT of laundry.  Once I give birth and shrink a little, my full maternity wardrobe will become available again, so I am trying to hold on without spending more cash.

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