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Are all eye issues genetic?

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Mods, I have no idea which forum to post this, so I'm trying it in here.  Please move if necessary.


I had a lazy eye which required me getting glasses at age two.  It was mostly corrected, during my childhood, although it's still noticeable sometimes when I'm overly tired or when I have eye strain.  It's very mild, my left eye.  I'm 9 months pregnant.  The baby's biological father has a completely turned in eye, as in pointing towards his nose, until he had corrective surgery at around 10 or 11.  His right eye, extremely severe.  Would anyone know the odds of my baby being born with, or developing later, a lazy eye or crossed eyes?

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The odds of it? No clue. I do know that Amblyopia is genetic and Esotropia is vary likely genetic. That being said, not all eye issues are genetic, and both of the above can be caused by environmental factors.

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Same thing here, I had glasses at 2 as well.  My sister had it, she had the surgery.  My parents did not, but my uncle (mother's brother) did.  It seems to skip around.


Long story short, my son is fine.  My mom drove me nuts during the time an infant's eyes are still figuring out how to work together, but they straightened out at the developmentally appropriate time and he's fine.  He even has my eye color. ;)


I don't know the odds either, but it very well may skip your baby.  Or it may not.  If it doesn't, I think they've made leaps and bounds with all different ways to not only correct the alignment, but train the brain to work properly as well to aid depth perception.  He'll be OK.  :)  Good luck to you!

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