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OK. I will try my best to make this short but its kind of a long story. My son, who is 22 months old, is babysat by my mother in-law. Her daughter has a friend whos always over there with staph-infections (which i did not know about until recently) which were cultured and tested positive for MRSA. About a month ago was the last time MY son was there, it was a thrusday, then that following saturday while I was bathing him i noticed two very small red bumps on his butt which did not hurt or bother him, I didnt think anything of it. That next Monday my mother in law called me and was telling me how concerned she is getting because she has an abcess or her leg and behind that isnt going away. I asked how long she had it and she said 2 weeks!!! Now I dont know and she doesnt know if she definilty caught this infection from her daughters friend but thats what worried her. My son had just been over there that past thursday!!!!! Anyways..i then rememberd the spots he had on his butt and started freaking out! She went to the doctor that day who prescribed her Bactrim, but did no culture of the abcess to tell wether or not it was infact MRSA. That same night i took my son to the ER because I became soo worried over the bumps he had. they said they were way to small and they wouldnt be able to test if they were MRSA, but did do a nasal swab for mrsa which came back negative. anway for the bumps they prescribed Bactrim and said that if they got worse to give it to him. A few days later i took him to is Ped. for a follow up, and she looked at them and said they didnt look bad, but since he had an ear infection to give the bactrim i had and it would take care of the ear infection and the bumps if they were MRSA. Sooo he was on the bactrim for 7 days and the two bumps did go away, except for a tiny mark which is still there, and so did the ear infection. On the last day of the bactrim he started developing "folliculitis" all over his legs and arms, i took him to his ped. that day before i noticed all the bumps and showed her only a few and she said it was nothign to worry about just a little folliculitis and they would go away. They were very very very tiny red bumps with an even tinier white head..his ped. was right, all of those cleared on there own. That was about a week ago. Now a few days ago he developed 4 red bumps on his thigh and another where his thigh meets his butt. the four on his leg started to fade within a day but the one on his butt didnt, i took him to the afterhour pediatric clinic last night and the doctor there looked at them and again said they were too small to get a culture of and AGAIN prescribed him bactrim for 10 days and said to follow up with his ped. (who basically just dismissed this a week ago as nothing) I am soooo confused at this point and i dont know what to do. I am also 32 weeks pregnant and i am extremely scared of this not going away and the baby getting it after he is born. so i guess my question is, how serious is mrsa? has anyone dealt with MRSA before and gotten rid of it? does it usually present its self so mildly?? (the bumps dont even bother him and havent oozed or anything), also does anyone know what the chances are of it recurring if he is NOT a carrier ???? i am going to get checked and so will my husband to see if we are carriers..i am soo worked up over all of this and just really dont know what to do. we have been to the er, the ped two times and the afterhours clinic! everynight i am literally crying over all of this because i feel like it could have been prevented if i never brought him to my mother in laws! i have been readin so many scary things on the internet and really hope we dont have to live with this for the rest of our lives!!!!

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Has he had any skin peeling on his fingers or toes? My son had a strange rash that turned out to be strep. I had no idea it could be on the outside of the body. But, my ped figured it out right away. He skin peeling happened with in the week of the rash disappearing.

Otherwise the rash sounds like heat rash. It is pretty easy for young kids to get. It isn't from being overheated really, it is from not being able to release sweat from such tiny pores.

I think MRSA is fine if it isn't oozing. I am sorry that you are dealing with this. It is very scary. I think it i s good to get checked to see if anyone is a carrier. I hope your MIL gets checked up.
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My 3yoDD had MRSA a few months ago.  It was on her scalp in two spots (quarter-sized sores).  She was given a couple of different things for it, I know she got Bactrim (didn't work) and a topical cream (worked) AND clendymyacin(sp?) didn't work because she wouldn't take it.  She had it for about a month before they found something that worked.  None of us caught it, despite the not-so-great handwashing regimen at first.  I'm actually shocked that we didn't catch it, but glad nonetheless.

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