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How does someone go about doing that? I have a good friend who has been with her husband for about 3 years. She told me that she feels they are not right together, and she's known for a long time, but just now has the courage to leave. She wants to, as she says, 'do her best by everyone involved' meaning her stbx, her two kids, and their two roommates.


She's considering asking her stbx to move out in a couple weeks, but has no idea how/when to tell him. I am at a loss of advice to give her, never having been in that spot. She and I both don't think he'll argue with her about it, he's very non-confrontational (which has always been one of their issues). But I think she's worried about what their families will say, and where her stbx will go when she asks him to move out.


So how do I help my friend?