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Lookin at the RAW diet, dose it have to be vegan? Help a newbie!

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I am wanting to check out the raw diet to help reverse my diabetes and other symtoms. I watched an amazing video call RAW in 30 days that documented the reversal of diabetes by eating RAW. I wonder though is it set in stone that the raw diet should be completely vegan or could one have honey or even raw eggs? I would also love suggestions on getting started because it seems a lot of the recipes i am finding are deserts and crackers, but what about a meal, Breakfast, dinner, what do you eat? Help a newbie please!

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I would like to suggest reading Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman.  It does suggest eating almost entirely vegan but it includes raw and cooked foods.  The reason I am suggesting it is because going raw is pretty challenging.  I am all for it if you can make it work, but to address health concerns it perhaps better to tackle something with a lesser chance of failure.


I went raw for a short while to improve my health.  It took a major part of my day to plan my food intake.  I liked it but it was not sustainable for me.  Eat to Live addresses reversing diabetes and includes recipes.


Just my suggestion.

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We loved Simply Raw! Our goal is to eat 50% raw. 


I think combining raw and good quality protein would make an excellent 'cure'. Most people would not be able to go 100% raw unless they went to a residential place like they did in the film. I think that you could eat 50% or more and make sure that the cooked food you ate was good, ie. organic free range eggs, raw dairy products from humanely treated dairy cows, etc.


My mother and my cousin have both cured their diabetes through diet alone. I know you can do it, too!

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Thank you for your help! I actually haven"t been having too much trouble so far with being raw. I am about 75% right now and I think that is only because I am lacking the money to do so grocery shopping to overhaul the kitchen cupboards right now. I have found that I feel so much better and when I don"t eat raw I go back to feeling sick again. I am determined to make it work. I just have a hard time getting over the vegan thing. I take fish oils, I think eggs are ok to eat and occasional fermented dairy like kiefir and yogurt.


I  want to make sure I am doing this right and don"t fudge it up. I agree going 100% raw can be scary, I doubt I would be able to do it for my family of 8 but I have been incorperating what I eat into their meals. So for instance breakfast was a green smoothie for me and they had scrambled eggs and wholewheat toast.

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I don't think you can fudge anything up improving you food intake with vegetables in its natural raw state. You are not doing much harm by taking fish oil, eating eggs and the occasional dairy. Good for you for tackling it through diet and improving your family's health along the way. You can do it! Don't forget to check out the library for raw cookbooks.
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Thanks for the support! Day 8 of Raw and I feel great! I had a little healing crisis yesterday, but so far so good. Kids had a green smoothie today, before DH fed them fruity pebbles, grrrrr. But at least its helping!

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I've been putting raw organic eggs in our smoothies.. I could go raw vegan but I'm concerned about DD getting enough of everything.. she also eats some goat milk cheese and she is allowed to eat meat when it's served somewhere, I just don't cook it at home. She is only two and if she wants to go vegan later then it's perfectly okay. I eat 75-100% raw and DD 50-75% raw, neither is vegan  at the moment.

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I always see a raw diet also being a vegan diet and have wondered the same thing...why does it have to be vegan? I mean, you can get raw dairy and some raw seafood is safe (like if you wanted to make raw sushi, since most fish in sushi is raw anyway)...I guess it just depends on how you feel about incorporating animal products into your diet (whether you're opposed to it from a health or ethical standpoint) and safely doing so in their raw state.

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I have been raw vegan before and raw vegetarian as well. I think raw vegetarian was actually easier as I could get protein from milk and cheese that was raw and use egg in smooties and in 'dehydrated' burgers etc...

Right now I'm just vegan and eat about 50% raw which is low for me. Breakfast is always raw oatmeal with flax and wheat germ, spices and diced fruit. I will steam it warm on cold mornings. Lunch is usually a salad if I have time to make one otherwise it is tofurkey and almond cheese sadnwich. However for dinner I've really gotten into baking grains like making pizza or rolls or whatever. Now that it's getting to be warmer hopefully I can get out of that habit and up myself to 75% raw.

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