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Staining on first use?!

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Okay, I have some unbleached Osocozy prefolds.  My LO pooped (orange breastfed poop) and I put the diapers in the wash the same day using Allen's Naturally detergent.  One cold wash, one hot wash.  I didn't really look at the diapers before I put them in the dryer but when I took them out they still had orange spots on them?!  You can tell exactly where the poop was.  What the heck!?

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Poop stains.  There are a few things you can do to minimize this.  Spray them off with a diaper sprayer before tossing them in the diaper pail, or use a reusable liner to protect the diaper.  Sun bleaching and occasional oxycleaning can also get rid of your stains. For more on getting rid of stains see this article.




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I sun bleach them. Even in the winter I just hang them in front of a sunny window for a day or two. I haven't had many problems with staining though, it's not something that happens often but occasionally it does for unknown reasons. Sometimes it seems the diaper just didn't come completely clean for some reason and so I'll wash it again and that takes care of it.
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