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how old is your toddler & are they FF or RF in their car seat? - Page 2

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My twins are almost 2 and still rf!!  They will be rf till the weight limit on their seats.  I am glad our britax MA expires in May so I can get a new seat and continue to rf.  Our MA goes to 33lbs.  I wish I knew about extended rf when my 5yr old was little as he would have been rf as long as I could.

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oops, double post

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Unless your kid is screaming his head off in the carseat, what exactly does your dh think turning him will accomplish? Does he have some sort of evidence that it would be safer for your ds to turn FF?

No, He just knows DS would be able to see the 'trucks & busses' better if front facing & thinks he would have more fun eyesroll.gif

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DD is 31 months and RF, twin DS's are 7 weeks and RF.  DD is 32lbs, RF in a TrueFit.  We plan to get a Complete Air soon and hand the TF down to one of the boys so DD can RF longer. 


DD sits in the 3rd row of our minivan and has a spectacular view of cars, trucks, christmas lights, etc.  It's like her own personal picture window.  If she were FF she would have a view of mostly the seat in front of her. 

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DS is about to turn 4 weighs 35 pounds and still RF, DD just turned 2 and weighs 22 lbs.  They both will stay RF until they outgrew their seats and no new seats are available to continue to be RF.

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DD is 31 months and 27lbs. She continues to RF and I think she will until she maxes out her seat at 35lbs. One evening last summer we turned her FF for go to the drive-in because we thought she'd like to sit in her seat for some of the movie. Well, she complained the ENTIRE trip that she was uncomfortable. (And we turned her back RF for the trip home.) She likes to have her feet up against the back seat and she certainly doesn't miss anything out the window when we're driving. None of my friends still have their toddlers RF, but no one really comments on DD being so. A couple of mom friends and family members have asked since DD turned two about our extended RF and I simply tell them it's safer and DD's preference anyway. DH let me make the call since I did all of the research.

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My DD2 is RF in a True Fit and she is 29 months. She has no issues with being RF and she'll be RF until she's 35lbs which probably won't be for at least another year.  My DH has questioned it but once I showed him the actual facts, he backed right off. He knows this is one issue that he has no say in. I turned my DD1 FF at like 18 months because I got advice from someone who had 2 kids and "must be educated about stuff like this". I totally regret turning her so soon and am very grateful nothing bad happened.

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Dd is 25 months, 25lbs and rear facing.  I'm really hoping that she stops growing as fast as she is right now (so far gaining a lb a month since 18 months) because her seat only goes to 30lbs (its a marathon but we're in Canada and we bought it during that stupid time when all rf car seats had to have to same limit, so they had to go with the lowest).  Dh does not want to buy her another seat, as if we turn her ff she can stay in her seat and thus save 300ish$.  so I am REALLY hoping we can keep her in this carseat for at least another year....

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my 18mo RF and we don't have any plans to turn him any time soon. We bought his carseat with extended rearfacing in mind

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DS is 14 months and is rear facing. We chose our carseat so he could rf as long as hmanly possible. The joke in our family is that he will go on his first date rfing and his college graduation ffing!
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DD is 21 months and still RF, but technically she is not extended rear-facing yet because she isn't 20 pounds yet.  That being said I don't plan to turn her before she turns 4.  DS is 3 1/2 and has been forward facing since 2 1/2 due to outgrowing his convertible, if I had it to do over he would probably still be rear-facing, but I am not worried about it at this point since he is 35 pounds now and he would flip at 4 anyways because I can't do 3 rear-facing in my car.

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23 months and counting. She'll stay that way until she outgrows the seat or it becomes more trouble than its worth. wink1.gif
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Brennan - Im also in Canada, and have the Complete Air for my 16 month dd. I recently saw it on sale for $175 at "clement" (not sure if that store is only in Qc). Anyways, just wanted to let you know a new seat wouldnt have to be $300.


Can I also say how much I love this community. It makes me feel normal. I was so excited to read about all these erf toddlers! Dd is only 18.5 lbs, so we won't be turning her for a very long time. Love the rf limit of the CA, might actually get to 4 yrs, which is my goal!

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DS is almost 2.5 and still RFing. We actually bought another seat when he hit the 30lb limit of his first seat (also a Canadian Britax Marathon) and hope to keep him RFing to the limits of his new Radian. That said, we do occasionally use the Marathon FF in DH's truck. TBH, he does seem to slightly prefer the view FFing but doesn't complain at all when RFing, so RFing he will remain! winky.gif

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We turned DD FF just after her second birthday. TBH the only time we drive is for long car trips out of town and 5 hours RFing is hard for all of us. She will be 3 in March.

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DD just turned 3 and is still RF. She will remain that way until she reaches the limit on her seats. She actually prefers to be RF because her legs don't dangle and she is more reclined. 

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We turned ds ff in my Mom's vehicle at about 18mos 'cause he had reached the limit on that seat & for the very infrequent trips he makes in that vehicle we couldn't justify the cost of another seat.


We turned him ff in our car at his 2nd birthday - which was really just a coincidence. We were going on a long trip with a friend & her baby & there was no way we could rf both in my car (I'm too tall to move my seat far enough forward to accomodate it in my small car). Once the transition was made we stayed with it, especially as it had to be done anyway shortly as he was at the limit for the seat rfing.


I must admit it is sooooo much easier with him ffing. I don't think he cares one bit but I do like that I can see him now easier, can pass him things when needed & that I no longer have to passenger with my knees jammed into the dashboard. Honestly, in a head on - my legs would have be broken without a doubt.


One day when we have another child & a larger vehicle we might make a different decision.

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DD is 19 mo and probably over 30 lb?  (she hasn't been weighed in a while, last time I think she was 25 lb at 1 year).


The seat she travels in most frequently (my car) is still RF.  She has FF on trips to visit relatives bc the car seats they had did not have RF options.  Also DH had to remove the seat from his car recently, and when he reinstalled it he did it FF.  (He has done that several times by accident - I think it just makes more sense to him FF? I always made him turn it around before but this time I haven't made an issue out of it.)  I think she's ridden in it once like that.


I think FF is much easier for a lone driver because you can see the baby and communicate with her.  She doesn't seem to care which way she faces though.  I hadn't really thought too hard about when we were going to turn her honestly - I guess when she outgrows the seat (I should check the weight limit on the seat and also weigh the baby, I think it might be a 35 lb limit).  Reading this thread is making me want to bug DH to turn his seat around too.

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My twins are 30 months and RF in True Fit's.  My dh doesn't say too much but I know he's looking forward to them going forward-facing.  To be honest, it would be a lot more convenient as it would make our vehicle much more comfortable.  We have 3 carseats and a booster in our "smaller" minivan so switching them ff will give the driver and passenger much more leg room and allow us to move the seats around.  But safety outweighs convenience.  For now they are rf and will be until they reach the limits of the seat.  Although ds is closer to the 35lb limit so I'm not sure how it will go over if we switch ds and not dd.  I guess we'll find out.  Hopefully not until the spring at least when they turn 3.

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do kids not outgrow seats by height much now?  with my dd1 it was always her height that got her moved from one type of seat to the next.  though from thr post here it seems all about the weight

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