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Lego birthday party - party favor?

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I am having ds1s 8th birthday party at a lego play place.  All the kids will get to build and bring home a minifigure as part of the party.  I've looked into some other lego type party favors and they are too expensive to be giving to 10-12 kids.  Would it be terrible not to have a party favor and just have them all go home with their minifigure?  Or any ideas on an inexpensive lego themed party favor?  I really don't like having my kids bring home lots of little junky things from birthday parties, but I'm not sure how other parents feel.  In the past, I've known all of the parents of the kids at his party, but this year I only know a few. 

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Oh, in this case, I would think that the minifigure *is* the favor.  I'd just leave it at that.  If you really, really, really wanted to have another favor (like if your child was begging nad insisting), then I might add little bags of lego candy.   http://www.amazon.com/Concord-Confections-Candy-Blocks-Lbs/dp/B0000DJT3C

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We did a Lego party at home (not in the store) and our favors was chocolate Lego's.  If you can swing the Lego "ice tray" you can make your chocolates, wrap them out and it is a fun inexpensive gift.


Another idea I had after the fact was to buy a small handful of loose Lego's (or steal from your stash) and personalize them with each childs name using a shanrpie,  wrap up the same way and handout.  You can buy personalized ones at Lego Land and my son has one.  It made me think it would be so easy to make your own.

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I agree, I think the minifig is the favor. You're fine.

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Thanks for the replies!  I really should just stick to the minifigure being the favor.  Now that I've seen the lego brick molds, I totally want one though.  Too bad they don't sell them anymore.  I'm debating on whether to get one on ebay with expedited shipping.   I think that would be adding too much last minute work to be making chocolates the day before his party...

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They don't sell them anymore??  I am surprised, I saw them at our local Lego store in early December.  What a bummer, wish I had bought more than one! 

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Google "lego candy" and you'll see tons of places that sell it. A little baggie of Lego candy would be a cute addition, and you don't have to make it!

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You could have them build their name or initials out of Legos and then take that home.

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Is this an official Lego store place, or some kind of independent play-place unofficially doing Lego parties?  The Lego store parties around here come with favors.  You can also get a party kit (so you can through a Lego party at home) at the Lego store that includes favors.

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I was going to suggest the Lego candy (I think I've seen it at Michael's).  Also, I'm not sure how much you want to spend on a favor, but in the checkout line at Target, they have little Lego Atlantis kits for $3.99. 


These crayons are CUTE!!!  Adn you get 50 for that price - would that be enough to give each child a few?


Here are some more on Etsy.   The bricks are cute, too


In that Etsy link, there are some lego keychains, too.  They'd be easy and cheap to make if you have a tiny drill. 

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I agree, the minifigure would be sufficient as a party favor.  :)  I always thought of party favors as a bonus, but not a requirement.  I've never done them for DD's b-day parties. 

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I just got a bunch of Lego tiny sets (the little $4 boxes) at the Lego store here for $2 for my son's party in 2 weeks - for a 50% off sale. Lots of nifty stuff.


Also, right now on the Lego site (I think I looked yesterday?) the Lego party favor kits (8 sets of legos all tootsed up for being favors) were $10, again at 50% off. Not bad!


Have fun!

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I've also seen Lego "fruit" snacks.  Those would be cute.

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We are doing a Lego take-home party on Sunday. We did the official thing, with the take home favors in the box, plus a set to build at our house and take home. They don't have the ice tray bricks anymore. They replaced them with minifigures. I have both and I made little candy minifigures to go around the cake. It would be a cute take home, too, but very time consuming for you! I definitely think the minifigure the kids build counts as the take-home in your case.

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We don't have an official Lego place near us, so we went with what we have. I ended up get some Lego candy for a favor. The kids had a great time and loved their minifigures and the Lego candy. Definitely a successful party!
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