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Anyone else using sparkpeople.com?

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I just signed up.  I like the way you can either use their meal plans or your own, as well as being able to customize the work-outs?  Any other MDC mamas using this site?

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Yes, I do!  I joined a few years ago but haven't been active for a while until a few months ago.   You can track your weight, nutrition and activity.  Just logging in every day can help keep you on track.   Perhaps best of all it's not gimmicky, there's no quick fix - just healthful weight loss and maintenance.


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i signed up about a month ago, because i wanted to get a clearer picture of how many calories i was consuming and burning.  i check in everyday, and i find it a useful tool to keep me on track!

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Me!  One week today :)  I would love to hear more about everyone - your goals, your experiences with SparkPeople, what features you are using etc.


I'm trying to lose 10-15lbs that I put on over the past few months working.  Working makes me gain weight!  I am sedentary and bored and I can go for takeout with friends without the kids...danger!  My goal weight is 120 lbs (I am short.)


I always thought I was a person who "couldn't lose weight" even while working out regularly.  I love to eat and didn't used to be good at balancing my diet or controlling portions.  Then I decided to give Weight Watchers a try about 2 years ago.  I did online-only and lost almost 20lbs, hit my goal, bought new jeans and loved it...then instantly got pregnant :)  I gained maybe 35-40lbs and lost most of it without tracking or effort while on mat leave, but like I said working makes me gain.


I just *liked* being at my goal...clothes fit so well!  I am not really doing this for health, just because losing weight will make me happy.  I don't work out right now but I would like to start.  I love exercise but scheduling is a challenge.  My old trainer offered to meet me once a week for 12 weeks to motivate me but GAH - $820 for the package.  I used to just have her design programs for me at $75 every couple months.


I didn't want to go back on WW again because of the cost (I know, small change next to the $820 that I'm actually considering) so giving SparkPeople a try.  So far I love it!  I'm finding it pretty easy so far, although haven't weighed in yet so maybe I'm doing it wrong.  I took their calorie assessment for me and manually added 300 calories to the range to compensate for breastfeeding a toddler (on the advice of kellymom.com) although I didn't tweak the fat/protein/carb goals and don't know if I should.  I'm not using the meal plans.  My first couple days I pre-tracked everything and ate what I planned, but over my days off things got really hectic so I just measured and then totaled it up when I got the chance.  I haven't had to adjust much for my diet - had to cut sugar out of my coffee and butter off toast, no XL second helpings, but nothing unexpected.  I am actually eating bigger breakfasts and understanding WHY I was hungry all morning...what I would typically eat was about 200 cal.  My hardest challenge is staying under the fat grams.  I have been over 3x in a week - BOOOOO!  I went over one day on carbs too, but have stuck to the calories.


What I am loving about SparkPeople is that I can actually figure out whether or not I should be eating something just from the nutrition label and I don't have to calculate the points or anything.  The site is also really fast.  What's not love is that I'm just not sure if my goals are in the right place.  I don't have a scale so I'm going to weigh in Tues at my mom's and see if I'm on track.

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i am using the nutrition tracker, and the fitness tracker ... but with my own meal plans and my own workouts.  if i get bored with my workouts though, i might try their suggestions.  i did just join the 28 day bootcamp group. 

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I'm using SparkPeople as well. I've got a few programs going, so hopefully I can consolidate it all there. It's taking me some time to get used to the site and its features.
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