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OB/GYN IN Eastern CT

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Hi, i'am looking for a trust-worthy ob/gyn in eastern ct... Needs to be able to help with infertility and etc. I was seeing Dr. Kesselman and a few weeks ago i ended up in the ER, it turns out i have endometriosis and she wouldn't come see me even though it was an emergency. Have since switched to a midwife, Anne Amberg, but was wondering if anyone else had suggestions?



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I used to go to Ob/GYN of Manchester.  They are really good- although I ultimately went with homebirth for my VBAC.  My favorite I think is Russ the midwife but I also like Dr. Michaels-Bogdan.  They practice out of Manchester Hospital.

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I went to Dr. Beverly Byrd in Middletown.  I was very straight forward with her about my desire for a natural birth and she was incredibly supportive and helpful.  Have you considered Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat your endometriosis?  It can be very effective.  Best of luck.

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I go to this group ctobgynservices.com and see the midwives for my preg.  I was seeing them 8 years ago when we started out infertility journey and transferred to Dr. Wheeler at Women's and Infants in Providence for the actual procedures. However we didn't get preg. and gave up and now we have a surprise cooking in my belly *LOL*

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Well when I started off with dr kesselman she said give it a year and we will do a workup. In the mean time I was in more pain every month. I called the emergency office line and she didn't really care how I felt or what was up with my body. When I had to get a followup visit with someone I went to the midwife. She said they would have started workups @ 6 months and that she wanted to start right away. Don't really know much about endometriosis......
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I met several doctors but end up with Dr Benadiva in UConn...I try to ger pregnant for two years and just wasted my time with regular OB/GYN.

Still the most realistic was dr. E. Girard in Thames side OB/GYN, Groton. When I will get pregnant I will go back to her...and I know she rushes to the hospital when is a need because I had to re schedule my app couple times.

Anyways, don't waste your time with regular docs, the wont help you.

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