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We've just discovered the maria fold, designed specifically for super soaker boys by a mom who got desperate. almost all the absorbency is in the front. It's been working great for our little supersoaker who has been sleeping on his side lately. The fold is for flat diapers. You can use flannel receiving blankets, cotton terry towels, or an old sweatshirt cut into a 30" square - these would be the most absorbent materials. We usually double or triple his flats (ikea burp cloths are my favorite), snappi them, then use a wool soaker I made from upcycled felted wool sweaters bought for four bucks at the thrift store, (so easy) and we haven't leaked at night since doing this. My other thought is that it could be a repellancy issue since you said his diaper isn't full yet, but it's still leaking. You also said the smell was alarming. that leads me to believe your diapers had buildup. A good stripping on hot with dawn should help that. The smell and repellancy issue would be gone. If you wanted to try cloth for night again, it would be easy to cut an old towel or sweatshirt into a flat just to try. Then just cover with your favorite wrap, making sure no fabric is sticking out. Maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but it's worth a shot.

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maybe a disposable booster would cut out the occasional leaks.  I've seen them in babies r us.  Have you tried putting a PUL cover over the disposable?

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So I have had exactly the same problem with my ds who will be one on Monday. My best solution has been to fold a prefold in 3 longways and wrap it across the front of the diaper just below the waist so that any pee that makes it out of the diaper (we use cloth- hemp, but it will be the same for a disposable) gets caught and soaked up by the prefold. It works wonderfully and you can easily pick up cheap prefolds on craigslist. Or you could just use a receiving blanket. We use a wool cover which is made and sold in Canada by aristocrats http://www.aristocratsbabyproducts.com/diaper_cover.html

these are phenomenal and they will ship to you or they are widely available in online stores. Someone earlier mentioned upcycling wool covers from sweaters which is a fantastic idea however I'm not sure I have the skills ; (

Hope that helps. For us the prefold has made the biggest difference out of everything we tried (and we tried a lot of things)

good luck!

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We use prefolds during the day, and I even tried using pieces of fleece wrapped around the top of the diaper like mamabev suggested.  

I've already done a rigorous regimen of stripping my diapers of residue (it involved baking soda and vinegar, and various cycles, as suggested by my local cloth diapering store). 

And yes, I've even resorted to using a PUL cover (MotherEase, and even Kushies) over my disposable diaper.  I had a Seventh Generation disposable on him, covered by a prefold, and all wrapped up in a PUL.  Ridiculous.  


I think I've sort of figured it out, a bit.  The problem seems to be the foreskin.  Even when I made sure to point his penis downwards, I noticed that the foreskin seemed to sort of point to the side, and sometimes even up (bizarre how this is even possible, but it is!).  Lately I make sure that the opening is truly pointing down, and not just the penis itself, and lately we haven't had any leaks (this past week).  UGH, all that, for such a simple thing!  But in my defense, I knew nothing about foreskins before DS was born (just that I was adamantly against their amputation)!


Either way, we're sticking to what works (one Pampers + foreskin AND penis pointing down).  winky.gif

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Oh, and the Aristocrats have been on my "list of things that I love and want to have" for ages, but unless I can find a used one (I look on kijiji periodically), I can't get one.  I've heard fantastic things about them, though.  Hopefully, DS won't be in diapers for much longer, and since he's our last baby, I just can't justify adding to my stash.

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Gosh, when my daughter is wearing cloth, she rarely pees at night.

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whew I'm glad you're getting through the night dry mama!

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at peace,

glad things seem to be going better for you. Keep checking for the aristocrats, I managed to pick up two unused from someone who had decided that cloth wasn't for her family. Also, I have found that fleece, although less bulky, isn't as effective as a prefold round the top of the diaper. Regardless, I am glad you are having less laundry to do ; )

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I always put a dappi diaper cover over the top of whatever I use (either doubled up prefolds and wrap or doubled up pocket diaper).

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atpeace, it looks like you've found your solution but just in case there are others with the same issues - I wanted to mention that S-T-R-E-T-C-H Bamboozles with a Thirsties or Blueberry cover is what finally got DS through the night dry. We were dealing with leaks once or twice a night and pretty much every night. DS often sleeps on his side and his waist over the diaper waist band was ALWAYS wet, including the bed sheets. It was beyond annoying. We now lay the fitted diaper with the snap in booster folded at the front, lay another booster from the other fitteds that we have, and then lay a strip of fleece from some cheap blankets I bought a the dollar store and cut in to strips. This system works every time, never leaks, and lasts through the night. It's pretty trim and comfy looking. If I could, I'd trade all of my pockets for these fitteds. HTH someone.

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Yup, this is what we did - over a nighttime disposable dipe.  That was the only thing that worked.  Until my MIL washed and dried the wool cover...

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I've had this issue too!  The cause of my son's leaks was the way we were putting on his diaper (we just bought OS bumGenius 4.0s).  Besides making sure his penis his pointing down, the key for us was to make sure that the pads were laying perfectly flat and the upper band was laying perfectly flat against our babe's lower back.  We use the long insert that comes with the diaper and a hemp insert that came with the smallest size of kissas organic fitted diapers.  (DS grew out of the kissas before 4 months - he's our first and we hope for more kids which is why we went with the OS when we "upsized" his diapers.  Wasn't about to buy a whole new set of overnight or hemp inserts! :) )


Before we figured out how to get the diapers to fit properly, we too put a wool soaker around the bG dipe for potential leaks.  And when we freshly clean the sheets, the first night or two I'll put a towel down (we sleep together so I don't fear the towel bunching up and causing my babe problems).


Finally, I don't know the brand and have to run, but I do know that there's a company that manufactures pj pants that are made out of wool (or have some sort of wool component) that wicks away the moisture before it causes wet spots on the sheets or discomfort to the babe.  I'd look into those if I got desperate for sure.  (And I have definitely felt desperate!  We have pampers for the random baaaaad night that inevitably happens every now and then...)  :)

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My DD is a side sleeper and super soaker. The only thing that works is a GIANT fitted diaper stuffed to the hilt and either a wool or fleece cover. I was using a cover over a pocket but sometimes she'd still leak out the side. I think it's because there's no absorbency on the sides of the diaper, and if it's a big pee it doesn't soak in quickly enough even for the cover to keep it all in.

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I will second the giant fitted diaper & wool over it!

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Oh & i'll also add that I like the Bububebes for a night dipe, esp. the minky ones. Put a some Sbish wool over it or a decent interlock wool & it works so great at least for us it did. We had issues before we found the right diaper as well. DS is a super soaker & has a strong sprayer to boot so finding something that's thick enough & absorbs quick enough was difficult. The diaper will be totally wet after 12hrs but the wool keeps his sheets & everything dry :)

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