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Our arrival

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Our little girl was born at 1:35am on 1-1-11, the first birth in the area for 2011. Here is a pic: http://media.knoxnews.com/media/img/photos/2011/01/01/010111babyfirst_t300.jpg


She was 8lbs 7oz and 21 inches. We are smitten and thankful for an uncomplicated arrival.


Help me out here, Moms. She is comforted best by sucking, so of course I have her at the breast quite frequently.


Did any of you use pacifiers this early? I want to avoid nipple confusion, but I have a few of the Natursutten pacifiers that are shaped like actual nippples. My husband's finger works, but I am wondering if I am going to mess up our wonderful latching if I give her the pacifier.


Thoughts much appreciated!!

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First congratulations!


For the pacifier I would say this early if she isn't bothering your nipples and she has a decent latch just to let her suckle. It could encourage a decent milk supply on your end.

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DDCC--that picture of your little family is so adorable!! love.gif  Enjoy your sweet little one!


I never used a pacifier for my son, but I'm open to possibly using one with this baby.  I personally would wait until after the first month or so because there are so many growth spurts, which makes getting the breastfeeding relationship established very important.  I'd be afraid that using a pacifier would make it easier to miss nursing cues...I don't know, though, that's just my perception.

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DDCC   Congrats!  I used pacis with both of mine (though one would take it well). Only after lots and lots of nursing and I just needed a litte break. I had one babe who just virtually wanted to nurse non-stop! It didn't cause any confusoin with my babes, and by about 4-5 mos I was done using them.

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congrats & happy new year!  what a sweet picture.


I have no idea about the pacifiers since I'm a FTM, but I have heard the same as what PPs have said - waiting a month or so to avoid the confusion & not mess with the breastfeeding.

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Congrats!! The pacifiers are a gamble, you could have a baby who does fine or a baby who does not. The problem is you don't know until you've already done it. I know some babies need to suck suck suck and could literally do it all day, this early on though you really want her to do that to get you guys well established. It's completely normal if that helps at all. Get yourself comfy and enjoy the ride :) 

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Beautiful family!  Congratulations!

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joy.gifCongrats...I don't know about the pacifier thing as this is going to be the first real go at breastfeeding for me, but with my other two children they use one while on their bottle during the first 12 months.


I know that babies have a psychological need to suck. This is a good question and I will be checking back privateeyes.gif for updates and doing some research myself today on it. 

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Thank you all for the congrats and advice about the paci question. Still figuring things out, as I expect to be for quite some time. :-) All the best to you with your January babies!

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Congratulations, and enjoy your babymoon!

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Congrats, she's beautiful!! I never used a paci. I tried one with the first, but she never really wanted it. It's early, so she's probably just getting your supply up.
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Congrats!!  I used a pacifier with my ds, and when he was about 3-4 months he was done with it.  He could spit it across the room, lol!  Now he sucks his thumb but only at night.

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