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Fuzzy Bunz rash?

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Our DD has had a rash for several months on her belly and upper thighs. The Dr thought is was from external causes. We use only natural scent-free etc soap (laundry and bath, no lotions or any other thing) so I find it hard to figure. BUT I just realized that the rash may have coinsidered with DD wearing Fuzzibunz at night. Anyone heard of the diaper giving a rash (rather that "diaper rash).



P.s They also leak. We EC so it is usually fine but if we don't wake for potty the bed gets wet! Anyone have that problem?

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 I don't know about the rash but my fbs have leaked since day one. I've tried different settings and followed the laundering directions...greensad.gif I'm stuck with them. We don't use them at night anymore.

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Any pocket will leak at night for quick-pee-stream kids, b/c the pee will run up the sides of the diaper before it soaks through.  This is the nature of the microfleece inside.  3 of my kids could wear pockets all night, and 1 had to wear fitteds and fleece covers.


Rash on belly is often yeast.  Is it red, bumpy, peely?


What detergent do you use?  How much?  How many diapers are you washing?  What laundry products do you use on your other clothes (detergent, softener, dryer sheets)?

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Rash could also be caused by the leaking, creating wetness and maybe supporting yeast.

I use FB overnight with a hemp doubler without leaks. Is the diaper full with urine, or does it just leak though the sides or so?



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Hi, mama! We've been using FBs for about 10 months now, and have dealt with leaks, stink, rashes - you name it. All of those issues were caused by my wash routine. I had to fiddle with it for MONTHS before I finally figured out what worked for us: A cold pre-WASH (full cycle) with no detergent, followed by a HOT wash with Tide powder filled 1/2 way to line 1 (or less) followed by a two cold rinses (and occasionally I'll do another hot/cold full wash cycle with no detergent to make sure everything is out). When I figured this out, I no longer had leaks, or stinkies, and she DD didn't have genital rashes. She HAS, however, developed the same type of rash I think you're describing. She gets red on her upper thighs, and belly, right around where the diaper sits, but she's also developed it on her arms and calves. I felt it once after she dried off from her shower and it was rough and scaly, so I think it's just eczema. We've been making sure to bathe her in lukewarm/warm water instead of hot, and lotioning her after every shower. It gets better after that, but the minute her skin gets too dry it comes right back. I think it's just the dry winter weather.

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For us also, up till now, powder Tide has worked the best. I have not stripped since using powder Tide. I wish it came in an unscented version. We have hard water, but RnG for hard water does not work well (I have a HE LG FL) for us. I use about 1/4 of the 1-line of the cup of powder Tide. Part (1/4) goes in the prewash side and other part (3/4) in the main wash side of the detergent input. I also rinse twice after a hot wash (prewash is cold).



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It also took us months to figure out a wash routine that would eliminate the ammonia smell and leaks in our diapers. We have a regular top loading washer and I wash about 12 to 14 diapers at a time. I do a cold wash extra large with 1 scoop of Rocking Green, then a hot wash on medium size with extra rinse with two scoops of Rocking Green, and then every other wash or so an extra full hot wash on extra large with no detergent. A rash could be caused by ammonia in the diaper. If you are looking for trouble shooting on the best laundry rountine, the Rocking Green website has a lot a tips, even if you aren't using their soap.



If you think it might be eczema it might be helpful to not bath your baby as often, which can over dry their skin in the winter. We had eczema issues with our DS last winter, and the pediatrician recommended only bathing about once a week.

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