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Doc says Clomid only successful with IUI?

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Hi All,


I've posted a few things on here before.  Myself and DH have officially been trying for a year now, so far all tests are normal, and I have yet to do the HSG (I'm paranoid about the radiation and wanted to talk it over with the doc first, but will probably do that test in a few months as well).  I have a ton of spotting before my period, and only a 9ish day LP.  


Anyway, I went to the Dr today and she jumped straight to suggesting IUI with Clomid and when I asked about taking Clomid and trying the old fashioned way she said I could try but that the statistics don't show any improvement when used without an IUI.  She gave me two cycles worth anyway, and seemed fine with that if I wanted to try it, but clearly said that the stats show no increased conception rate.


I am a little confused because I feel like I read about people on this board all the time taking Clomid without doing the IUI.  Am I crazy?  Anyone else hear this?


Thanks and happy new year!!  Go 2011 baby making! 

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There is another version of the HSG that is done with saline water and an ultrasound, you should ask for that. It can be a little uncomfortable if there is a blockage since they put some pressure with the saline to unblock it but it is, in my opinion, much safer and generally better than the other kind.


Clomid only works for certain people and the IUI, even without clomid, can really improve odds of conception. An important part of the IUI process are the follicular ultrasounds that show how many and how big are your follicles. That can help diagnose what is going on if the IUIs don`t work. It might be worth going ahead with just clomid but it is true that it might not end up being very useful. There also are studies that show that if Clomid is going to work for you, it will happen in the 1st 3 months of using it so you might want to consider if it is worth «wasting» those cycles. You should also ask about Femara instead of or after Clomid.

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I don't know that I would jump straight to IUI, if for no other reason than the cost.  Clomid is a cheap and easy option, and I've heard a lot of success stories of women with only Clomid.  Plus, you would want to do some other testing before IUI, I would think (i.e. the HSG, and SA, at the least). 


My doctor wanted me to try with just Clomid 3-6 months before we try something more aggressive.  I'm on cycle 2. 


Good luck to you! 

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Thanks for the replies!  


Soso - I asked about the saline test and she said that it could be used to diagnose uterine abnormalities, but that the ultrasound could not read something as fine as liquid going through the tubes, so you need the HSG with x-ray for that.  Hm.  I hadn't heard of Femera, but I will look into it - Thanks!  Val - I forgot to mention that DH had already done the SA as well and it was fine.  Good luck with cycle 2!  



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My dd (17 next week) was conceived on month 4 of clomid without any other interventions after 2 years of really trying on our own. My ds1 was month 3.  My ds2 was - holy carp, how did that happen ;)

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It most certainly can see liquid going through the tube and can even help unblock them. Perhaps it is an issue of ultrasound equipment or expertise.

Originally Posted by Skyler View Post

Thanks for the replies!  


Soso - I asked about the saline test and she said that it could be used to diagnose uterine abnormalities, but that the ultrasound could not read something as fine as liquid going through the tubes, so you need the HSG with x-ray for that.  Hm.  I hadn't heard of Femera, but I will look into it - Thanks!  Val - I forgot to mention that DH had already done the SA as well and it was fine.  Good luck with cycle 2!  



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My RE has no problem with clomid/femera without IUI. (My insurance only covers infertility diagnosis, not treatment...so IUI is an out of pocket expense)

Also, I am getting an HSG next Monday, so I have been researching it - and the news that there is a small increase in fertility after one is only true of the contrast dye and x-ray method, not of the saline. Small price to pay for the radiation... I am justifying the radiation, as I live in a non-urban area, where I am not exposed to a lot of other radiation (Automatic doors, etc.)
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My OB prescribed Clomid without IUI, but only after I had all the bloodwork, an HSG and DH had a SA.  We used it three months before going on to IUI.  This past week was our second IUI (first with 50mg of Clomid, this one with 100 mg of Clomid).  His reasoning was that Clomid is the cheapest option and, since we're paying for everything out of pocket, it keeps the costs down, relatively.  My RE suggested the IUI after three rounds with the Clomid.  The IUI is $1K per turn and he'll do three before we move on to laproscopy - again, because the laproscopy costs more than IUI and because it's more invasive. For me personally, if insurance was paying, we'd have done the IUI right away and not waited the three months of just Clomid.  Only because I'm impatient and we're on month 19.

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We used Clomid without IUI for 3 months.  I unfortunately am one of those people that it dries up all of your cervical mucus.  So it can be and is used without IUI.  Good luck!!

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We conceived our angel with Clomid. Our DS though, like a pp put was a "Holy carp, how did that happen?"


The thing about Clomid (and Femara - any of the fertility drugs, really) though is that so many docs will prescribe it and send you on your way. You really need to be monitored. You have no way of knowing if it's working if you're not monitored while you're on it. Without any type of monitoring, I'd agree with the doc that you might as well have an IUI - because at least then you know if/when ovulation occurs. Monitoring also tells you if you're hyper-stimulating your ovaries, which can be very dangerous, and is a possible side-effect of these drugs. 


I know that most of the time I was on Clomid, I'd grow follicles, but I wouldn't actually ovulate without a trigger shot. If I hadn't been monitored, we wouldn't have known that I wasn't releasing the follicles, and that can actually be dangerous.

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I tried clomid only and I wasted my time,,,wouldn't recommend,,,

During HSG you get like 2s of radiation. Plus it very small amount,,,Don't be afraid of radiation, be afraid of cramps - those were terrible!

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Thanks everyone!  I just had the HSG and everything was fine (no blocked tubes or abnormalities), although you are right, it was quite painful and crampy.  But over quickly.  The nurse who performed the test said that it can't see fibroids or polyps, though, unless there were a really big one, so that kind of bummed me out because I thought it was supposed to check for that too.  Radiation from automatic doors??  Oh, jeez, I didn't even think about stuff like that, but I guess it is everywhere.  My husband works for an airline so we fly a lot so I should probably worry more about the radiation from flying than from a necessary medical test :)  I just don't like to get any x-ray that I feel may not be totally necessary.  I haven't had an x-ray at the dentist in about 4 years.  Bu in the end I decided that this one was necessary.  


We are doing some blood work and trying some things with a naturopath for the next few months and going to see how that goes.  We're still deciding if we would do Clomid alone or with IUI.  I really appreciate y'alls input and experience - It is really helpful.  

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Our fertility specialist said that Chlomid thickens your cervical mucus so much that IUI is needed for best results.  We just did a cycle, sadly without getting pregnant.  I got the negative blood pregnancy results today. 


Going in for an endometrial biopsy tomorrow, and hopefully some more information and a plan for what is next.  All of our fertility treatments are out of pocket, so this is getting expensive fast.

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I got a BFP on Clomid without IUI.  So it can be successful without IUI. 

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I used Clomid and we had intended to do an IUI, but on the first try my doctor ended up being unavailable when the follicle was ready, so he said "We'll call this cycle a write-off and try again next month." So DH and I went home and did what comes naturally that weekend -- we never did get that IUI, because I got pregnant!


So, chalk up one ancdote for one month of low-dose Clomid and no IUI. The result is now nine and a half and just got her ears pierced ...

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My brother and I are both Clomid babies:)  My mother was told (in the 1970s) that chances of her getting pregnant were slim; she was put on Clomid to regulate her cycles and when she thought she had the flu, went to to the doctor and it was me making her sick!  I have had two monitored Clomid cycles, one IUI, and am now on my third cycle of un-monitored Clomid (obvs these treatments were not all in a row, there was a break after the failed IUI), so it hasn't worked fo rme yet, but I am living proof that it can:)

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Here's my anecdotal evidence...We have done 10 cycles (I'm partnered with a woman, so each try was with some sort of intervention). The first 7 were unmedicated IUIs. 1st one worked but was a chemical pregnancy. The last 3 were Clomid with fresh sperm (we switched from frozen sperm to using a known donor), basically Clomid without IUI, and got pregnant on the 2nd and 3rd tries (both also ended in losses). So in our case, we had better luck with Clomid and no IUI than we did with IUI and no Clomid. Next cycle we are trying both and hoping for a baby that sticks around.


I don't believe her assertion that Clomid is only effective with IUI at all! Neither does our RE (who is at the top of his field). I *do* agree with the idea of monitoring on Clomid and I am so surprised to hear how many women just get a pill and then off you go! And yes, if you are already paying for monitoring it might make sense to do the IUI as well, especially if you are getting impatient (like me) :)

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Rachelette, I'm in the exact same boat as you. I just got my negative blood work today. I'm so frustrated! I was supposed to get a endometrial biopsy tomorrow but I can't because of work obligations so if AF doesn't come on Wednesday, I'll be getting it then. I still don't understand why they didn't do a biopsy before we spent more than a thousand dollars on the IUI but I guess it's too late to wonder anyway. I may not be able to get in to do an IUI this month either (again, because of work obligations) so I am hoping that clomid alone will work, in case I need to do that. Do those who have tried clomid without IUI use OPK strips to predict ovulation? Also, has anyone ever tried mucinex to increase cervical mucus? Thanks!!


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Renavoo, sorry for NPT...I was taking clomid this month and getting ready for IUI, to bad today ultrasound showed am not ovulating and it doesn't look I will at all. My dr put me on 100mg now...


When I took clomid only my dr told me use clear blue easy tests, those with the smile...Now RE told me use the same tests too, I guess docs trust this one,,,I didn't tried any meds for my mucus because I didn't see any mucus decrease, but I heart cough meds helps...Anyways, you should do homework every second day and you wont miss!


Good Luck!

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I am taking clomid this cycle as a part of a clomid challenge test.  I took it last November, and I felt like it dried up my CM... I mentioned that to my RE who give me a prescription for estrodial to take with the clomid.  If you are interested, I can tell you if it worked in a week and a half or so...

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