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Hey Lega, I'm sorry about you not ovulating. I hope the higher dose helps. What day are you at? I just got AF today so I guess I will start clomid in 2 days!


Interestingly, my doctor started me on 100mg immediately (2 pills x 50mg). I guess she assumed that I would need the extra kick. Last time, three follicles developed by the time she gave me the hcg. Let's see how it goes this month! I'm concerned, however, about my work schedule. I may not be able to get the IUI this month because it's so busy. But my hubby and I decided we'll just take it one day at a time. :o) Jenger, please let us know how the estradiol works! I find it interesting that they give you estradiol. I thought the point of the clomid was to stop the production of the estrogen so that the body increases the FSH hormones to help the follicles grow. Do you take the estradiol a few days after the clomid or do you take them both at the same time? Is anyone else worried about all these hormones we're infusing or stimulating in our body? Estradiol, hcg, progesterone, clomid activity...geez, no wonder my body feels out of whack! i guess it'll be worth it if we get pregnant though!


I forgot to ask my RE how my mucus looked that last time I did an IUI (I assume they can tell, since they are looking there!). I wanted to ask to see if the mucinex did anything. I will ask next time!


Thanks for the support, everyone!

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Can you call out from work? Thats what I planned to do...


I was thinking today that if my body doesn't react to 100mg I would like to try IUI without meds,,,Because I am ovulating without the meds,,,,

I hate what clomid does to me,,,I am so sensitive and unstable and with the job I have it doesn't help at all.


About the mucus...You can feel it how much it comes out...Two days before O I am so wet, thats how I know I am about to ovulate.

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Hey Lega, I wish. For some reason, this month and into next month will be a crazy time. So I won't be able to call out from work. :o( And then I found out that the day that I probably should go in for a trigger shot (day 13, like last time), the office is closed. I feel like everything is working against me this time around!


I think that we will try the clomid alone this cycle and see how that works out. I wasn't able to assess my CM last time because of the trigger shot so this time, I'll see whether I do get mucus on clomid.


When do you take the clomid? I didn't have any side effects and I am wondering if it's because I take it at night. Unlike progesterone! That med made me crazy!!

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It's interesting that office doesn't work when you need them...it makes no sense! We can't control our bodies,,,Well lets hope all craziness will pass by and next month you will be relaxed and ready for BFP!


I think it made me crazy sensitive, maybe it is because I took 50mg and now taking 100mg in the same cycle,,,I just feel I could cry any time. I didn't feel it last time, when I was on clomid (last year).

I think it affects your body in general, like birth pills. And you don't feel those side effects...


I hope progesterone wont make me crazy,,,it would be to much.

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A friend of mine recommended pre-seed "fertility friendly" lubricant, if you're looking to get more mucus in the area.


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That's weird. My doc didn't even mention IUI. Just put me on clomid  and said have fun with that. I did get pregnant, once I finally got on a high enough dose to ovulate. Twice actually. Once I miscarried though.


If you used to not ovulate, and clomid makes you ovulate, you DO have an increased chance of conception. Your doc seems a little rediculous to me.

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My dr. also told me that as well. I went yesterday and he recommended doing the Clomid and IUI together. I had a MC this month and had to have a D&C. I lost the baby and when I found out I was pregnant I had low progestrone and he said that by the time we caught it was three days before my period was due that it was still to late even though he prescribed prometrium. I lost the baby and found out the day before my birthday...heartache and devestation. So we were given two choices Clomid and IUI and the HCG shots daily. We've pretty much decided on the first option as it is the cheapest of the two. I too am wondering why I wasn't just given the clomid. Is it due to my levels being so low that there is a risk of having a mc when trying naturally?

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I've tried preseed and I ditto the recommendation. No stickiness and does the job.

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I'm wondering if anybody has a success storie using Clomid and IUI?
My husband works out of the country and is gone most of the time, we really want get pregnant so we decided to take Clomid, 50 mg from day 3-7 and to do IUI to increase are chances. My husband and I have no problem in the fertility department, we just want to find a way to get pregnant as soon as possible!

Thanks smile.gif
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