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My hospital only allows clear fluids (apple juice, water, chicken broth) or hard candy.  Any food we bring will be for DH or after the birth.  I am not really sure what the reason is.

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Most US hospitals won't let you eat anything (except ice chips - how nourishing!) during labor because they're afraid you'll go into surgery and aspirate.  Since the cesarean rate is on average 30% here, there are a lot of surgeries.  The weird thing is, most c-sections aren't done with general anesthesia.  How could you aspirate if you're awake during the surgery?


So, many people end up trying to labor at home as long as possible and/or sneaking food into the hospital to keep their energy up.  Sometimes you can find a healthcare provider or hospital that is more progressive.  I'm delivering at a hospital with midwives, so they let us break a lot of the rules regarding eating, fetal monitoring, movement during labor, etc.

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Originally Posted by pixiekisses View Post

Wait, what do you mean "allowed to eat in labour"?

Aren't you allowed to eat in labour at US hospitals?! Seriously? You've got to be kidding? Why not?



  Not allowed in most US hospitals... I wasn't "allowed" to eat in labor, even though by the time my daughter was born it had been over 24 hours since I had consumed anything, and then once the c-section was done I wasn't allowed to eat anything until they had the doctors okay. I'm so looking forward to being at home and being able to decide for myself if I want to eat or not.


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Oh my gosh!

That's just plain stupid. (Yeah, even with the incredibly high c-section rate, most of them are without general, and even with a general, they can deal.)

I'm just sorry about all the ridiculous crap you guys have to deal with at hospitals over there.

You need your strength in birth!

You're offered food at the hospitals here, and can bring whatever you want as well.

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My nurse friend admitted to me that another reason for no food is that they don't want to deal with the throw-up. shake.gif

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I don't want to deal with the throw up either so that is fine by me lol.  Does this cut down on pooping too?  Did I just ruin a food thread?

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nintendork, it depends on your labour.  And to be honest, you won't be dealing with the pooping thing, a nurse or midwife will.  You'll be pushing.  It's kind of an all consuming thing.


And I puked even though I hadn't eaten, so I don't think it helps there either.


And yes, according to the horrified nurse at my last birth the risk is going into surgery under general anesthesia.  But people who get in car accidents don't fast first, yk?  And GA is super rare, since so many women have an epidural anyway.

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ddc i really enjoyed miso soup during my last labor (early stage). it's clear so a hosp. may allow. i was in the hospital for ds for 37 hours and they gave me clear trays of broth, jello, & juices 3x a day. i brought flavored honey sticks, but wasn't in the mood to eat them. 

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Miso soup!  Great idea!!!  I might get some of those magic chia seeds...unless they turn me into a silly ceramic gag gift!  JKJKJK!  I have heard nothing but good things about them. 


As for pooping, it happens.  I wish it didn't but it does.  Yuck.  That has to be a terrible part of the job.  And what about water birth and poop?  I have been always wanting to know that one.   

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