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I swear I can feel the baby...

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Yesterday and today, I have had these little tiny pokes in my uterus for a quick second and then they stop. I am about 10 weeks now. Like I have butterflies inside my uterus.


I felt my daughter at 15 weeks with a much more obvious kick. I know what gas feels like, and this is too subtle for gas.


Anyone else or am I crazy?


I'm one of those women who feels ovulating. I feel lots going on inside me, if that makes me sound less crazy.  : )

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I felt my second starting at 11 weeks.  I thought I was crazy, but my m/w felt her that week too when checking me!  My uterus was tilted way forward, and she was (and still is) a super active little one.  I should have been scared lol, she crawled at 5mo, walked at 8mo!

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I believe you!!

I'm only 8 weeks and could *swear* I felt something the other day.  DH was like, "No way, the baby is the size of a blueberry, there's NO WAY you could feel anything."  Well, he may be right, but whatever, I felt what I felt.  

And I'm SURE you felt what you felt too! 

BTW, that's awesome!

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I am fairly certain that I have started feeling some movement.  I first noticed sometime last week, so probably right around the 10w mark.  I started feeling my DD at about 12 weeks and she was my first heartbeat.gif

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There have been times I swear I feel the baby too.  With my DD I didn't feel movement until 20 weeks or at least didn't recognize it.  This time there have been moments where I am certain it has to be baby movement. 

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I felt something again last night - it's just like the tiniest, subtle, little tickle.  It's different this time around b/c having had a baby move inside me before, I totally know what it feels like!!  DH still doesn't believe me, but I told him, whatever, I know what I'm feeling!

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I think I've felt it too, it's like a quick little poke then nothing! :) I was totally shocked because I didn't think I could feel it so early!

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I think I've felt something too.  Just like little pokes every once in a while.  It has to be the baby, I can't think of anything else it could be!  I'm glad other people are having movement already too!  It is the most awesome feeling!

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I described it the exact same way. I am 8wks, and feel "little pokes" here and there.  I'm sure it's not actual movement yet, but I'm guessing its the already expanding uterus [ummm... ] expanding. LOL  I had my first u/s today and saw the heart beat! Most amazing experience!!!   So happy to be part of this thread and meeting other moms who are due in August as well!

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Wow, I can't imagine that.  I've had an anterior placenta both times so I couldn't feel anything until about 19 weeks.  On the up side, I was never kept awake by kicking or anything like that that lots of people complain about.  But I would be cool to feel movement earlier!

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