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Help for a gardening idiot!

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I admit I let my yard go to heck last summer b/c of our new baby and now we're paying the price. My front garden is covered w/grass b/c it rained the day after I seeded the hill above. But, I know to shovel out the sod.

But, I am at a loss for our backyard. Half of it still has about 1/2 foot of gravel laid over chicken wire. We were just planning to remove the gravel and wire, dump dirt, and then plant grass seed. But, now, the chickweed has overtaken it. It was simply hideous last summer. I don't want to poison it and I honestly don't know if we'll be motivated quickly enough to move gravel. I am so tempted to just dump a couple truckloads of dirt on top.
What would happen if I did? Would the chickweed come blasting through? If I laid black tarp over the present layer first, would that work? I'm wondering if that would cause drainage problems, though, for snow melt.

ARGHHHH...any ideas? Any at all?
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busy Mommy--

Please don't call yourself an idiot-- you'r just "busy" with other stuff.

I would be careful about changing the grade of your yard in such a way that it slopes towards your house and causes moisture problems. If it looks like you can dump more dirt on the gravel without changing the slope, or raising it too much, go for it.

In my climate, (PNW) I have not found chickweed to have aggressive roots. The seeds just seem to pop up easy, but I think they need light to germinate (sorry about my spelling). If you can pile the dirt deep enough, and get the grass seed going it should overtake the chickweed just enough to be servicable (only astroturf is perfect). Is there a landscaper or someone you can call to check this out, and see if they think this would work?

That is what I would try, but I admit that I tend to garden and learn about gardening by making mistakes and trying again

Please be gentle with yourself, your baby has been a HUGE project I'm sure, your not an idiot, your BUSYMOMMY!
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