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My dad passed away this evening.

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I just can't make my brain comprehend this. I posted on my blog about what happened. It was totally unexpected and it caught us all by surprise. My blog is here, if I can't post this here I'll take it out. I've been in tears all day. I just don't know what to do or how to begin coping and healing.

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So sorry. hug.gif

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I'm so sorry.grouphug.gif

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(((HUG))) I am so sorry. What a terrible shock for you and your family.
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I'm very sorry for your loss.


My mom also died this week and I know it is still really hard for me to process that she is gone.


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My sympathies.  My dad will be gone soon.  It is so hard to process. 

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hug.gif So sorry for your loss

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So sorry to hear about your loss.  My dad passed away six months ago. Two days before my son (his first and only grandson) was turning one.  I wish I had thoughts or words to say, but it basically just sucks.  I feel robbed even though I hav a gorgeous healthy boy.  He just needs a grandpa.  Just embrace your children, for me that is all that is getting me through.

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I am so sorry for your loss.  I saw your dad's birthday on your blog post.  That spoke to me because my Dad was born in 1952 also, and I still think of him as being young.  Much love to you and your family grouphug.gif

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I am really sorry about your dad's passing.  My dad died last June of a heart attack, very suddenly.  You need to make sure that you have people around you to support you- child care, cooking, etc. for at least a few days, if you can...  For me, I was in shock for a good 4-5  months.  By November a deep depression set in and I'm still there.  I started therapy and it is very helpful.  I also realized that I was drinking to cover up my sadness so I stopped that.  Now the sad feelings are coming out in full force but at least there are there and I am dealing with them.  It's probably going to take a long while to get over.  I expect that for me it could take up to another year to feel somewhat normal again, as painful as it is.  It's so hard, too, to deal with a sudden death like that.  It's such a shock.  Just go easy on yourself.  Pamper yourself, if you can... massages, dates with your partner if you can, visit with friends, fun stuff.  When I was at my mom's house after the death and we were cleaning out the house and dealing with my dad's stuff, it was pretty intense.  We all took a day and went to a water park just for an escape.  It was like medicine.  It really took our minds off of all the drama and unpleasantness and it was wonderful to have a day of fun and relaxation.  


My prayers are with you.

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So sorry! I lost my own dad years back, very suddenly, so I can understand how disoriented it can leave you feeling. I have no magic cure. It's just time that takes the edge off it. I don't think you ever really stop missing them though.

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Udonandbroth, I have been drinking a lot more than usual and realize it doesn't help make the pain go away. I'm also seriously considering talking to my doctor so that I can get a prescription for antidepressants, it's not what I want to do, but I am realizing that I don't cope well with even minor disappointments now. The slightest kink in my day can send me from a great mood into a snotty mess in no time. I've tried pretending to okay, and I seem to have fooled most of those around me, but it's not working for me.

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How are you holding up? Big hugs to you! My father in law unexpectedly passed two weeks ago tomorrow. We are having a rough time, to say the least. They were married for 37 years, 3 kids, 9 grandkids. I feel so sad for my mil who now has to face a huge house on 35 acres alone everyday. And I hate that my babies don't get to see their Papa anymore. There are so many mixed emotions every single day. I hope you are still making it through each day.

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I'm still kinda having a rough time. Dad's birthday is in less than a week, and my grandma who passed away almost two years ago would have had a birthday on the 24th. I still haven't talked to my doctor about antidepressants, I really don't want to go that route if I can avoid it. I finally broke down (after I drank quite a bit) and told hubby that I wasn't coping well. I'm making an effort to not turn to alcohol when I've had a bad day, but that's also a struggle. Sometimes I feel like I don't have a grasp on things like I should and small things that shouldn't bother me still have to ability to send my day into a tail spin.

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