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Car dilemma

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So yesterday I was haulin down the highway.  I was behind a tractor trailer who kept slowing down/speeding up so I switched lanes to get out from behind him, and BAM!  I hit a tree stump/log that was laying on the highway.  Scared the poo out of me.  I couldn't see it due to truck until I was right on it, there was no avoiding it.  Fortunately it was a glancing hit, if it had been dead on I'm sure it wouldv'e ripped my exhaust system out.  It did however knock about a 2 ft chunk of my front fender off.  Headlight ok, tire ok, front end feels fine.


So the dilemma is do I fix this car or not?  As far as I can tell the damage is only cosmetic.  The car is a 2002 honda civic, paid off last year with 115k mileage.  It has other cosmetic issues (cracked windshield, one pellet gun bullet hole, paint job looks like poo, hail damage) and I plan to drive it until it croaks completely.  My deductible is 500 dollars and I'd imagine the work would cost 1-2k.  I'm leaning towards not bothering, but hubs thinks it should be fixed.



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Can you see if the local community college has a program where students are taking a class for auto body?  My brother did and when he wrecked the front end of his car, he repaired it all himself with the stuff at school.  Sometimes you can take your car to places like that and have the students repair it for a minimal cost.  Would be a good assignment for them!!


Also, if you choose not to fix the bumper, you need to take it in to see if the alignment is ok or needs to be realigned and the tires balanced. 

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Yes, I did think about the alignment.  I don't want to blow through tires too fast if it got knocked out.

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Also consider that without that chuck of fender there,how much more damage would another blow in the same area do?


I know sometimes people don't get bumpers fixed because it seems to be cosmetic damage. But, bumpers are designed to absorb the impact which is often the reason that the bumper is the only damage. Choosing not to repair a bumper essentially reduces the protection to the rest of the vehicle, should that area of the vehicle take a second hit. Don't know if the same applies to your fender, but I would think about that aspect of it.

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I would fix it. Not as bad as a bumper, but still that is the kind of thing cops love to ticket for. Not interested in that. How big is the crack in your windshield? I am surprised you havent been stopped for it if it is big.


Maybe it is just my town that cops love to ticket????

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Neither is against the law here.  A car will pass safety inspection if the crack does not obscure the driver's view (mine is passenger side), and there is no requirement for body damage/condition, other than that the doors close and hood latch is functional. Sounds like It would suck to be poor in your town.

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I think I'd look for the bumper in a pull-a-part type junkyard to save you some money, and have the work done. Without an intact bumper, another accident could have much worse results.

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