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I started no-poo this past July and it has been great.  My dandruff problem is much much better (almost completely gone) and the itchiness problem I had is so much better too.  But all of a sudden in early Nov.  I started battling breakouts on my forehead.  I don't know that it is related to no-poo or not but I haven't changed anything else that I use on my face.  I did turn 30 (hormonal?  I didn't think hormonal breakouts were targeted on the forehead though)  My workouts at the gym have become for high impact, more sweating.  I get a lot of the breakouts in my hairline and those hurt and then small ones sort of all over my forehead but there is always some between my eyes/eyebrows.  It is driving me nuts.  I also feel like my hair is oilier than it has been.  I normally no-poo on day 1, nothing on day 2 and I used to do water only wash on day 3 which I haven't done lately (I feel to greasy)  I am tempted to go to the store and buy some regular shampoo.  But then I think about my old battle with dandruff and itching and all the junk in those shampoos (I tried natural shampoos before going no-poo and had no luck so not really interested in those anymore)  So anyone have any ideas on what I should do.  I have also noticed since going no-poo that my skin is oilier (used to be normal sometimes even a tad dry,  now it is more combination/t-zone oily).  I wash my face with either just water, honey or a brown sugar scrub (once a week or when I remember).  The other day I tried an exfoliant using plain yogurt with honey so I wouldnt scrub the current breakouts and make anything worse.  I moisturize with either coconut oil or olive oil.   Any advice?