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So, can I quit pumping now and not cause a problem?

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Hi Mammas!


My DS is almost 13 months old. He is still, happily, nursing about 5 times in 24 hours when I am home, and about 3 or 4 times in 24 hours on the days I have to work (3 days a week I am gone for about 8 hours per day). Even when he was a little guy and I was not back at work he only nursed about 6 times in 24 hours--and his weight gain has been great-- so I must have a lot of fat in my milk! lolol


He began refusing drinking EBM from a bottle the days I am at work around 11 months- although it was still offered he would only take around 1.5 ounces from each bottle (two bottles per day). Sometimes under an ounce.


He loves cows milk, which we introduced a few weeks ago at 12 months, and that has not changed how often he nurses. We give him the cows milk in a straw cup, not a bottle.


So- can I quit pumping now since my little guy doesn't like the expressed stuff anymore-- or will that tank my supply and cause him to wean early? I don't want to encourage premature weaning....


But I am sick of pumping..... wink1.gif

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I think you can stop pumping if you want! Do you still have a bunch of milk to use up?

Maybe offer the breastmilk in a sippy or straw cup?

And, you could mix cow milk & breastmilk, if you want to sneak it in.

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It's unlikely to cause an issue with your supply, I just stopped pumping at work since my DD is nearly 14 months and is taking plenty of solids and cow's milk or water in a cup just fine and I was so ready to be done. I have just been paying close attention to make sure she isn't having any problems/issues at the breast and so far everything is fine. If it seemed like my supply was tanking, I figured I could always start pumping again. So yeah, I would totally go for it, though I recommend slowly reducing over 1-2 weeks just for your comfort and to avoid issues and just watch to make sure your supply is doing fine.
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I had the same concerns and decided to stop pumping about two weeks ago. Dd was 13 months. I'm only away from her for about 6 hours and had cut down to pumping only once a day at work. I decided to stop cold turkey because I was trying to get my period back (I don't think it worked...) and had a huge freezer stash that was just getting bigger. It hasn't seemed to affect my supply at all. I say go for it. I was uncomfortable and dd was very surprised during her nursing session right after work for three days, then my supply adjusted.

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