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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post

I'm in IL and places that pump your gas are *really* rare.

Alcohol is kind of weird, too. It tends to be regional, though. I know the rules where I live are not the same in Rockford or Champaign, for example. We have drive through parts on some liquor stores but you can NOT buy on sunday and most grocery stores I have been to do not sell alcohol at all. The ones that do only have wine/beer.

I'm in Illinois as well and I agree alcohol laws really depend on your town/county. I'm in the far North suburbs (near the Wisconsin border) and wine/beer/hard liquor is sold almost anywhere. Gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, and big box stores carry just about anything you'd possibly want. You can even buy on Sundays after 11:00am.

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Originally Posted by Owen'nZoe View Post

I did once bring my underage (by a few years) younger brother with me into a liquor store. I was picking up beer and wine coolers for my parents for a party they were throwing, but I guess it looked suspicious, because the first thing the cashier said to me was, "You should be ashamed of yourself!" I was totally in shock and it took me a second to realize that they assumed I was buying for my brother. The cashier did end up checking us out, though.


I had a friend who was a lot older than me when I was in my early 20s. He once went into a liquor store, and my ex and a friend decided to wait out in the mall for him (to have a cigarette, actually - this was a while back). When our friend went through the register, the cashier read him the riot act and tried to refuse to sell to him, because she "knew" he was buying booze for the two "teenagers" he'd been talking to in the mall. My ex was 20 (legal drinking age here is 19) and our other friend had just turned 22!

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The idea of a drive-thru liqour store blows my mind!  I don't know why, there is a drive-thru beer distributor a couple towns over but for some reason, it seems racey or illicit to get the hard stuff at a drive-thru.


We vacation in the Virgin Islands and until recently, there was a bar with a drive-up window where you could get a drink or beer and continue on your way.  (No open container laws down there)

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Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa View Post

Yeah here in OR we buy beer, wine, wine coolery drinks and etc in the grocery but the hard stuff is only at the liquor store. Which is closed on Sunday. All alcohol sales end at 2:30 am. (As in, crap, I forgot what time it was when my friend and I just walked to the corner store for some beer and the cooler was locked LOL)

Actually they're open on Sundays now where we are.

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I'm in Colorado, until last summer (I think it was last summer anyway) no liquor stores were open on Sundays. You can only buy alcohol at a liquor store here, the gas stations and grocery stores carry 3.2 but that doesn't really count as beer. winky.gif Although I have heard that a couple grocery stores in Denver area carry wine, but it appears to be a special thing because my part of the state certainly has no such thing. Now liquor stores are open, some have limited hours or choose not to open in my town. You can't buy a car on Sunday either, that law was going to be repealed but the dealerships actually pitched a fit or so was the story and said they wanted to be closed on Sundays. We tend to go to the next state over and buy cars just cause the weekends are the only time we have off and Saturdays are a mad house locally. Open containers are illegal in the car regardless of who is drinking it. In my town because it is a big white water town, open containers are also illegal on the river. Issues with rafters and lots of beer apparently. We've never taken a child into a liquor store, I've never seen anyone do it so I think it isn't allowed. I remember being told to get out as a child when I went in with my dad once after we moved here from Florida where apparently it was allowed. DH makes special child free trips into town to get beer when he needs some. 



We pump our own gas. 

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I think whether kids are allowed in liquor stores or not varies by area. although here, they cant go in the liquor store, but Walmart sells everything you could want and there's no restrictions on who goes down that aisle (however they aren't allowed to buy, and I've heard of kids getting cited for minor in possession just for holding a bag containing liquor while their parent opened the trunk) I know when I was younger, I worked in the next state over. I was underage and had many overage friends, I'd often go to the bar with them as the DD. Everyone knew I was underage and I got free soda all night. I was surprised when I came back to my own state and got carded and kicked out for entering a bar and ordering WATER when my legal age friends went out for a drink.
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Originally Posted by KempsMama View Post

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe in MN minors are not allowed in liquor or tobacco stores.  So yes, you either have to have a babysitter or leave them in the car or what not.  Around here, most people just leave them in the car.  That's a typical sight in my town, especially outside the tobacco shop.

Hhhmmmm... I live in MN and take my kids into liquor stores all the time.  I live in a small town and all of the liquor stores keep candy underneath the counter to give kids who come in with their parents.  I've seen others bring kids into the store also. 

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Was thinking of this thread tonight. My son and I (he is 19) went to the liquor store. He wanted something, I grabbed something, etc. Too funny - no one carded either of us. Bummer! I am pretty sure one guy thought my Ds and I were a couple LOL. ;)

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Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa View Post

I am pretty sure one guy thought my Ds and I were a couple LOL. ;)

OT: I have now had ds1 mistaken for dd2's father on three separate occasions.

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I think my locality is probably tops for bizarre alcohol laws:

Grocery stores can only sell beer no wine.
There are *seperate* liquor stores for selling beer and selling hard alcohol/wine. So the liquor store has 2 entrances and you cannot easily get from one store to the other.
You can buy beer at the gas station but not wine.
There might be a drive through at the hard alcohol/wine store but they cannot sell you beer.
Car passengers can have open containers and drink but the driver cannot (college football lobby!!!).
No alochol sales on Sunday except in restaurants and after 12pm.
Further there are regions within my county which do not give liquor permits and thus there are no liquor stores. So not a "dry county" but dry areas within the county.

Confused? headscratch.gif Me too! Such a strange conflagration of morality based lawmaking and lobbying!

Of course we also have beer/fried chicken/taco/tobacco drive throughs... orngbiggrin.gif

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I live in AZ happily pump my own gas and buy alcohol when ever/where ever I dang will please...blowkiss.gif

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I'm in Massachusetts. Until a few years ago, you could not buy alcohol in stores on a Sunday. straightforward? No. You could order in a restaurant, but bars were closed (I think), and there was an exception if you lived within 10 miles of the New Hampshire border. Now you can buy on a Sunday, after noon.

Close to the NH border, you can get beer and wine and limited liquor in supermarkets (I was pleased to find brandy for brandy butter there before Christmas!). So, up the road in one direction is a supermarket that only has so-so food but has alcohol sales....the other way is a fantastic supermarket with great selections that has no wine because it's just outside the 10-mile rule. Crazy! And frustrating to plan a dinner party with three kids in tow.

You also cannot buy before 8AM or something, which I know because DH kindly kept the kids one morning while I made a quick supermarket run to get makings for stew for our homeschool potluck. What kind of stupid law forbids busy mothers to make boeuf bourguignon before 8AM?! I also remember some crazy early last-call time, but it's been years since I personally encountered that (seven years, to be precise, since we started ttc #1), so it may have changed.

There is also a law that only allows three shops in any chain to sell alcohol. So we have Trader Joe's (finally, yay!), but only three locations have the two-buck-Chuck or anything else, which is frustrating. My brother once worked for a guy who owned liquor stores. He had to set up a whole different business every time he exceeded three stores.

We have dry towns, too. Some allow you to bring your own wine to dinner at a restaurant, but charge a corking fee. Some are completely dry. Some allow sales in restaurants but not stores.

There are certain holidays that you cannot buy alcohol (god forbid you honour the dead on Memorial Day by raising a glass in their memory?).

Thank-you, Puritan fathers eyesroll.gif.

We fortunately live close to NH, so we can bypass this silliness in a pinch (like when I forgot to buy wine for Christmas dinner, oops). We can get fireworks there, too. In fact, I think you can get fireworks, alcohol, cigarettes, gas and guns in one stop in NH, and bring along the kids, too. They take their state mottoes seriously up there.

We have both self-serve and attendant-pumped gas stations. I prefer the attendant ones, even though it's a bit more expensive. They are usually the small, locally owned ones, rather than the big chains.
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Other Canadians have posted, so I will jump in too.  I'm in Alberta


We pump our own gas.  There are some full-serve places around, but I have never been to one.  Most places use pay at the pump which makes it pretty quick and convenient.  I only ever go in to pay if I want to purchase something from the store at the same time. 


Beer, wine and hard liquor is only sold in separate liquor stores, but they are privately owned.  Most of the grocery store chains sell alcohol, but the liquor part of the store is completely separate and has a separate entrance.  Hours are pretty good - open on Sundays and most minor holidays.  The grocery store ones usually close when the main store does, so at 9 or 10?  Independent liquor stores tend to be open even later - to midnight or so.  I haven't had a need to try to purchase alcohol after that!  (Unfortunately I didn't live here when I was in school.....) 




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Where my mom lives if you have a case of beer in your car, with some of the cans missing.  They consider that open liquor and can ticket you.  also, a half drunk bottle of wine, same thing.  So if you have a mini van or some sort of vehicle without a separate trunk, you can't transport half gone alcohol home from a party or wherever.  My mom doesn't really drink and always wants to send beer home with us, but we can't take it.

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That's not all you can buy in Arizona when ever/where ever you please. :(

Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

I live in AZ happily pump my own gas and buy alcohol when ever/where ever I dang will please...blowkiss.gif

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I grew up in Louisiana...drive through liquor stores did and do exist. In my old hometown, the drive-thru liquor store sells beer, wine, hard liquor and frozen drinks. When I was in high school, the legal age for purchasing alcohol was 18. You weren't technically allowed to drink it until you were 21. That law was rarely enforced, but now you do have to be 21 to buy it.


 Anyhoo...as a senior in high school, I was legally able to drive up in my car, roll down the window, order a frozen margarita, 6 pack of Bud, bottle of wine, strawberry daiquiri, whatever, pay for it and have it brought to my window then drive away. They got around the open container law by putting a lid on your frozen drink and handing you a straw. They served you a closed container...if you choose to insert the straw, thereby making it an open container, then that's not their problem. 


Imagine my surprise when I moved to CA and asked where the nearest frozen drink stand was. ;) I was met with some odd looks. No one believed me when I told them we have drive-thru liquor stores. I had to take a picture on one of my visits to bring back as proof. 


I've also lived in Oregon. It took some time to get used to not being allowed to pump my own gas, but I ended up loving it and it is one of the things I really miss since being back in Cali. 

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