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My daughter is 3 weeks old.  We use the Beco Butterfly to carry her outside but she is usually bundled up for the cold weather which she seems to find cozy.  She loves to be held when we are at home, but I could use the free hands to get things know like eating!  :)  I've tried putting her in the Beco, even with a swaddle but she can't settle into it when we are indoors.  Plus, I get a little overheated wearing the Beco indoors.  She likes tummy to tummy with her legs scrunched up (like in a swaddle).  I was looking online at some of the Mei Tai options because they seem softer and more breathable for indoors.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?


Am considering this one:  Mei Tai


Would love any suggestions for indoor baby wearing!  


Thanks in advance.