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X-post expecting #2 will they have same allergies as #1

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DS had/ has dairy, soy and gluten intolerance, he can now tolerate some soy but no gluten or dairy. He can tolerate dairy in my diet now... When he was a new baby he had reflux and some projectile vomiting which was fixed to happy spit up after the diet change.


So I've been back on dairy I am already gluten free. I limit soy.


I'm expecting DC2 sometime in Feb.

Should I get off dairy now just incase? (before baby is born)

Or should I wait and see?

Anyone have experience with this?

Did all of your children have the same allergies?



I posted this in breastfeeding but didn't get much of a response. Figured I post here too.



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DD1 had no intolerances. DS was milk through my milk, soy when he started solids. DD2 didn't show the intolerances until she was on solids. DS and DD2 both are dairy, gluten, corn, soy intolerant. But DS also can't have eggs, white potatoes, oranges, and for a couple years couldn't have turkey, green beans, rice, apples, cane sugar, peas, and more. DD2 can't have beef, and for a couple years couldn't have beet sugar or honey, apples, bananas, and more. So they shared some but not all of their food intolerances.

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Not in my experience but they do have a few allergies in common. It's my third and first born's.

Both are allergic to pork and dairy. She has many more allergies than he does though (as of right now).




I would cut the dairy out, myself. Make sure you take your vitamins though so you don't start lacking in the vitamin department.

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DS has many allergies and DD doesn't have any that we know of (although she did have egg - she has now seemingly outgrown that). When I was pregnant with DD I eliminated all of DS' allergens from my diet (which happen to be the more common ones - peanut, dairy, gluten, egg,...) the last couple of months of pregnancy. I knew DD was already exposed to these things (since they were in my diet for some of my pregnancy) but I wanted as few of the major allergens from my milk as possible. It worked well for us...I was able to see my DDs true personality and temperament and then when she was a couple months old I intro'd a couple things back in my diet. When excema sprung up I figured out it was egg, etc.


If it were me, I would cut dairy out of your diet since it is such a common trigger for little ones but I would also consider gluten.  Like I said though, this is just something that happened to work for me - perhaps I was just lucky!  Your little one could have completely different allergies from your son...or he/she could have none - lets HOPE!!  Good Luck!

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