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I loved my Sleepy Wrap when DD was little. It doesn't matter what size you are with using them. Everyone who watched DD used the exact same wrap ranging from my mom (who is 5'5 and 200+ lbs), my husband (5'11 and 180 lbs) and me (5'5 and 160 lbs).

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Once again, thanks so much for your input! I am beginning to feel like it may be tactless to spend the money on a wrap like a Baby K'Tan that will only be useful the first few months. I'm also a little apprehensive about the heat of it, since I live in the southeast and summers are hot and come soon here, and about the possibility of it accentuating my already very attractive muffin top.


Phew….finding a carrier without any hands on experimentation takes some time and some exploration.


Has anyone used a Wrapsody Bali Stretch? There have been a few websites and discussions that have noted them for their durability and safety beyond other stretch wraps. I'm lurking their website now, but I'm also considering a Mei Tai, which it seems everyone gives great reviews. (The assurances that they're great for big breasted lady's and back support has me wishing I could rave about them, too). I may find this answer soon after I ask it, but I wonder how accommodating Mei Tai's are for newborns/young infants?

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I'm a shade over 5', and incredibly large cup size (bigger than any pp who said) and did find that after a short while the bust plus baby combination stuck out too far for me to reach anything when wearing baby on my front. Once I was able to wear baby on my back I was able to get more done, and it is easier on my back, too. When baby won't nap and is exhausted and fussy, I go for a back carry in my YAMO (ssc) and walk around till baby falls asleep. My arms are free, and I can reach whatever I need to. For quick times, I use a ring sling, taking care to spread out the fabric across my back, while wearing baby on my hip.


I just saw your post. I don't know why I didn't think of this. I can hardly wash dishes or clothes without my chest getting in the way. I will def have to look into a carrier that can be used in the back. Thank you.

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I have to agree with Beco and Ergo, they will be your BEST choice in carriers! Even though, I would pick the Beco over the ergo because,

Since you 5’1, I would have to suggest the Beco over the Ergo because the Ergo is very bulky. Both carriers are comfy and are both ergonomic meaning it will distribute your baby’s weight between your shoulders and hips to be the most comfortable of any carriers unlike the Bjorn that hurts you back.


I had both and ended up selling the ergo, the Beco looks better and not as bulky. The ergo seemed really puffy on me and doesn’t have the internal harness like the Beco. I am able to pass my son to mom without having to take him out of the carrier, priceless luxury when my son is fast asleep!

If you have a newborn ,Ergo doesn’t come complete, you still have to buy the infant insert and sleeping hood separately which raises the price an extra $35-$48 depending  on if its organic or not. The price of an organic carrier also goes up, so you looking around $200 (hidden cost). Beco includes the hood and infant insert for $60 less and to top it off, Beco is Organic without paying a premium.


As far as wraps, if you are worried about extra fabric, a wrap might not be for you, that what a wrap is and your baby will soon out grow it (Moby is great!).


For the most part, if you narrow your search to Beco and Ergo, you pretty much can’t go wrong, they are both great carriers, but you will look better in a Beco!


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