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pretty sure I've got the flu

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coughing started Sunday (today's Tuesday - just over 48 hrs ago) and I thought it was a cold.  Then Monday I felt yucky/edgy and last night felt chills and achy all over and woke around 1am with 102.1 fever.  I'm kind of new to the "don't treat a fever" mentality but it makes sense to me.


But what can I do to feel better besides taking ibuprofen/acetaminophen?  I'm really close to taking some just to feel a bit better.  I've got a few herbs on hand in dry form: catnip, lemon balm, oatstraw, dandelion, red clover, alfalfa, plus I just got in the mail some astragalus extract by Herb Pharm and some Gaia Herbs Kids Echinacea Goldenseal Herbal Drops.  I have sodium ascorbate.  Does that help with the flu?  I actually started taking oscillo - the box marketed for kids, but it's the same ingredient, sprinkling and dissolving a few pillules(?) in a bottle of spring water and sipping that every few hours when I think of it but haven't noticed any relief :(  I didnt' start it until around 9am, though, and had already been feverish for about 12 hrs at that point, so maybe I was too slow to start... or I didn't do the water bottle thing the right way (wanted to save them as much as possible in case my kids or DH get sick).


So - any herbs or ideas?  I don't have chicken broth right now.  Also, how long can the fever last with the flu?  I'm hoping it'll break soon.  Of course I'm not certain I have the flu, but I don't think it's a cold nor do I have a sore throat.

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I'm trying to load up on D3, too.  Also read that fenugreek can help lungs, so took some of that last night before I realized it wasn't "just" a cough.  Honesltly, the cough is present but seems better.  Maybe it was from something else?  Oh, and I took some bioplasma (nuage brand) last night - but only have about 8-10 tablets left so was just doing one at a time...  didn't notice relief from those, either :(


also have North American Herb & Spice's Super Strength oil of oregano - might that help?  on my feet?  drops under my tongue?

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just wanted to update: I'm feeling much better!  still a bit of a headache and fatigue but nothing like how I felt Monday night into Tuesday.  and most of the day on Tuesday, really.  It was just last night that I felt up to eating more than a banana and a couple pancakes (all I ate during the day).  I had about half a normal dinner and just meat sounded good to me.  Weird, but I think that's just b/c the sides were cold and the meat was warm!  Anyway, thermometer-wise and feeling wise I'm doing better.  This am my temp was 100.8 and throughout the day it's gone lower and lower.  SO glad to be on the upswing from this bug.  And almost equally proud of myself that I made it w/o using any pharmaceuticals.  Not sure if the oscillo helped anything or not (it didn't feel like it brought relief but I kept w/ sipping it).  I also kept drinking infusions/teas of lemon balm, catnip, red clover, dandelion.  Off to drink some more - hard since it's so bitter as I made it so strong.


You can make it through the flu! :)


Oh, and a huge part of my healing was probably DH taking off work (SO thankful he could) and taking the kids all day so I could stay in bed.

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I am glad to read that you are feeling better. How nice that you were able to rest in bed all day :) Hope you are 100% soon.

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