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Ergo carriers for heavier babies?

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I tried a double ring sling some months ago and my son didn't like it.  Now, at 9 months and around 27 pounds, I've discovered the Ergo.  Anybody out there with advice on whether this is a good carrier for a beautifully chunky sweetie?  Also, any suggestions on where I could get a used one?  They are expensive.  I would love to trade my barely-used double ring sling.  Maybe I should try craigslist.  Ebay was very pricey, even for used Ergos.  Thanks!

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We got an ergo when dd1 turned 1yo... she was a big babe!  DD2 was in the ergo as soon as she had head control and ds too has spent plenty of time in an ergo.  We love them!


That said... I'm moving this to the Baby Wearing forum so you'll get great btdt advice.  :)

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The recommended weight limit is 40 pounds, so you should be good to go with it.


I would be careful about where you buy it from as they are being counterfitted and sold cheaper but they are not the same product and you will not be under warranty.


We've had ours for over three years and two babies have gone through it. It was well worth every penny we paid for it.  I you are looking to save a few dollars though, Abbyslane.com has free shipping on all orders. For a used one you might try to Mothering Trading forum.


ETA: You could try here too http://hyenacart.com/Spots_corner/

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Great--thanks!  How do I get to that trading forum you mentioned?  Still learning my way around all this forum stuff.  Thanks so much!

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