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A good indoor cotton/breathable alternative to the Beco?

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I use the Beco for outings with my 3 week old.  The weather is cold so she is usually bundled up when we use the Beco.  She likes the tummy to tummy position with her legs scrunched up (like she is in a swaddle).  At home when we are inside, I find the Beco to be a bit too much.  I'd love the free hands to wash dishes, eat etc.  I was looking at the Mei Tai as a possible indoor option, but can't tell if it is soft (100% cotton).  Ideally, I could find something that is 100% cotton and breathable for wearing indoors.


Would love any suggestions or recommendations you might have.


Thanks in advance!

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Check out www.wrapnwear.com the fabric is really light and perfect for indoors or warm weather!  I have 2 of them, one of which is still going strong after 2 kids.  HTH!

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Big thanks!  Will be great for the summer too.

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Thanks for the wrap and wear suggestion, I am giving birth in August and I'm sure I'll benefit from a breathable summer wrap. This is my first, but I'm definitely already compiling a list of the must-have wraps.  I've heard a lot of great things about Moby too.

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Moby is great!  Really cute patterns too ith the tattoo design but really thick fabric.  So I wear a moby type one in the colder months and the wrap n wear in the summer.

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All the mei tais I've seen are 100% cotton.  They're soft, but not as soft as a wrap.  I like my mei tai a lot for hot weather, and also for wearing DD on my back over our coats in the winter.  There are also plenty of woven wraps that are lightweight and breathable--Vatanai is a great brand to check out.  I found stretchy wraps like the Moby to be unbearable in hot weather!

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I just checked out the wrapnwear link, and wanted to add that a woven wrap or a mei tai will be usable for a lot longer than the Moby or a crinkle cotton wrap like the wrapnwear.  Stretchy cotton wraps (like the Moby) and crinkle cotton wraps won't be comfortable once your baby is more than a few months old.  Mei tais and woven wraps, however, are supportive enough to use comfortably with 2 year olds.

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