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Thought on gDiapers?

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Do folks have thoughts on gdiapers? They seem like a happy medium between washing all yourself and disposables. I'm pregnant with my first baby, so I have no experience here! I've been trying to sort through all of the many, many overwhelming options so any thoughts would be very welcome/appreciated.

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here's my experience with gDiapers. the disposable inserts rubbed my little girl raw on her privates so I got a couple of drops of blood when I wiped her after using them for half a day. The covers have velcro that wears out within a few months, the snap in liners need to be replaced every few months. and their cloth inserts aren't absorbent enough for my toddler. they also don't fit DD well anymore, they're too tight in the waist and too loose in the legs. It's a great idea, but the specifics need some tweaking. 

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We tried them briefly when my son was first born and found that the inserts didn't stay put but bunched up either in the back or front, creating quite a mess and causing us to have to wash the cover every time we changed him. And this was on a fairly stationary newborn. I can't imagine how the inserts would fair on an active baby or toddler. 


My thought is that if you're going to wash covers, you might as well wash inserts, and you can always keep disposables on hand if you're too busy or worn out to wash.

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I haven't used them but my thoughts when they first came out was that they were the worst of both worlds. Not only do I have to pay a ton of money for the disposable inserts and do the little tear open and flush deal with it, but I still have to wash the covers? No thanks.

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My favorite hybrid sort of diaper is the FLIP system. it is one size (won't work on smaller newborns, but probably fits most from 10 lbs +) snaps, can use cloth or 'sposie inserts. I use the gDiaper sposie inserts with the FLIPs, they are larger and easier to find. and the price I think is rather reasonable. 2 covers + 6 inserts for about $50, or 10 dollars more for organic. Wish they had patterns and not just solids. I did not see anything to like about gDiapers to consider actually buying any.

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Thank you so much everyone! This is great feedback to have. I had never considered some of the things you all mentioned, but it totally makes sense. I think I'm going to go with Fuzzibuns and disposables as back-up/for sleeping.


Thanks again!

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