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Really old toys

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What to do with toys from my childhood that are sentimental, but just stuffed in a box and cluttering up the closets?  Cabbage Patch Kids were big when I was a child, and I have about 4 of them plus a Koosa (CPK pet) and various other stuffed animals/dolls.  It feels just wrong to toss them, but they are pretty old, and I am sure no thrift store type places would want them. I just can't figure out what to do with them.

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I donated all the toys from my childhood except maybe 1 or 2 I thought my girls would like. When they didn't like them I donated those as well. Another thought would be a shelter. Honestly someone would probably love those toys as much as you did when you were a kid so donating them wouldn't be a bad thing.

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I'd sell them on ebay - the old toys really go for quite a bit, even in lesser condition.


Our thrift shops sell them - I watch for vintage little people stuff for my DD as she loves my old ones.

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Thrift stores take everything around here.  You can either bag it and drop it at the door or they have these drop boxes in grocery store parking lots.  CPK arent 'really old' though.  I had one too and its not really at collector level or anything.  Now my grandma' toys those are REALLY old and collectables!


What I did when cleaning out was to keep one or 2 really special things, maybe a CPK doll, a Care Bear, Smurf figure etc and donate the rest (or see if its selling for $$ on ebay).  I also gave some stuff an inhome daycare.  Inhome daycare's are always needing toys it seems and the mom's really appreciate anything.

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Oh my goodness....definitely sell the Cabbage Patch Kids on ebay! They are very sought after....

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I donated all my old toys except 1 tub when ds was a baby. I decided to keep one bin just for sentimental reasons, and I do put some out to be played with, and ds has actually taken over a couple of the stuffed animals. I don't think it is wrong to keep some if they hold sentimental value, but just pick out your favorites and donate the rest.

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I think I will try to take them to Goodwill tomorrow. I just feel so badly about dumping them there.  I guess I am just sentimental about them. I did check out E-Bay and Koosa's are not being bid on that are prices as low as $5, so not worth it to me.  Not much going for CPK's either.  DS has two that he just loves, I guess I am going to just bite the bullet and let them go.  I also have a bunch of Vermont Teddy Bears that need to go too.  I NEED to let these things go.  *sigh*

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Do you have a friend who could take them in for you? Sometimes with sentimental objects its easier if someone else is the one to take them in and give them away.

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Ok, I made one trip to Goodwill this morning with a ton of stuff, including the toys.  Now to hoe out the rest and make another trip there!  It was hard to put it all into boxes, but once they were closed up, it wasn't too bad to drop them off and I feel so much lighter now!  Off to purge more!!!

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I have one box (about 1ft square, maybe a tad bigger) with sentimental stuff. Do you have something like that? I like being able to have just a few things (a couple toys & books -- actually I need to pull the books out for DS soon!) and some 'memories' (awards, a few pieces from the collections I had as a kid like stamps, coins, & fans, photo buttons from 5th grade)... all those things that you don't want hanging around your house but are fun to look through once or twice a year & show to your spouse & kids... I don't feel having just one box weighs me down in any way & it certainly isn't taking up much space in our crawlspace. :) Decluttering feels great but a few 'souvenirs' of your past can be very meaningful as well. 

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Well done, old toys are the hardest!

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