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Am I being selfish and ridiculous?

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I was unsuccessful at BFing DS and now 13 months later i've begun to mourn the missing relationship with him and with my own body.

Would it be silly for me to attempt to relactate just so I can say I can make milk? Of course I'd give anything I pump to DS in his sippy. If I'm super successful, I'd be interested in donating.
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I know a mom who is trying to relactate for her 12 month old. It can be really difficult and frustrating, but I think you should go for it if it's what you want! At this age, he can rely on more solids for nutrition, and bf'ing can be something you do for the bonding.


I'm no expert though, hoping someone will chime in . . . .


ETA: Just focused in on the title of this thread and you are absolutely NOT selfish OR ridiculous for wanting this!

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Go for it!  That is absolutely, 100% NOT RIDICULOUS!!!  But I guess I'd say dont get your hopes up too much because like the aphel said, it can be difficult. 


It is a very admirable thing you are thinking of doing, most moms are too selfish to even try BF in the first place.  Believe me, I live in a small town in a part of Montana that is VERY resistant to change and is WAY behind on the environmentally friendly and natural living.  MOST moms around here automatically do formula because it is easiest and they think there is no difference b/w thier milk and formula.  WOW

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I have a similar worry-- my son is 15 mos, and weaned early due to pregnancy. I'd like to get him back on the boob once the new baby is born-- I miss the connection and the good nights sleep. I don't know if it's the best thing for him, though. (Or if he even will). I will def try to pump for him though.

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I think it sounds like a lot of trouble, but do what feels right to you.

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Well, I talked to DH about my idea. He thinks it's a waste of time and effort because there is no garanteed outcome. Not to mention we don't exactly have the money to purchase a pump right now. Totally wish I hadn't sold mine.

Oh well, it was a nice thought.
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