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Is it possible to get sick this much?????

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My 12 month old has been sick with 15 viruses in the past year and I'm getting really frustrated. I have a 3 year old that has only been sick a handful of times in his whole life. Is this normal or could there be something else going on other than a poor immune system. I BF and stay at home with my boys. I have been attempting to boast his immune system, but could use a few other suggestions. Thanks for any imput.

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My son was sick about that much when he was little.  I've done a lot of problem-solving as to what's going on--for us, it wasn't at all normal or healthy but it wasn't serious or ominous--no specialists, no diagnosis, nothing like that.  But stuff was not right.  Here's a rundown of what I've done that's been involved--surely some things will be different for you, but to give you some ideas...



-food intolerances, for DS gluten and dairy were the biggies, but he had lesser reactions to soy, chocolate and cashews (not an IgE reaction, just intolerances) -- and I saw improvements by removing those for my older child as well, stuff I didn't expect


-vitamin D -- DS was surely WAY low, I started supplementing instead of testing first based on putting together some basic common sense stuff for us -- helped my older child too--she was/is much healthier, the things that were "off" with DS were "off" to a lesser extent with her and she compensated better, but a lot of this was good for both kids


-zinc -- DS was low, I've supplemented different amounts at different times, and I think it was one roadblock removed, but it didn't show immediate improvements


-gut health -- not a huge issue overall for DS, but at times when his digestion was particularly poor, he did get sick more often and getting probiotics into him regularly and seeing his gut health improve did slow down some of the illnesses--this esp helped for gastro illnesses


-methylation -- we use folate and B12 to make methyl groups, they're good for all sorts of stuff, and one of those is inactivating viruses... by the time I got to this point, I'd done a lot of problem-solving so I tweaked some pills for him and saw very nice improvements, but the other things above were also helpful beforehand


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