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If you get your eyebrows "done" (or do them yourself...)

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What manner of hair removal do you use?  If you get them done somewhere, how much do you pay?  How often do you get them done?


I'm just curious, lol.  I know hair removal is something that is frowned upon by many members here, but there's gotta be someone out there who does their eyebrows :)


I get them done once in awhile now.  I used to have them done all the time (every few weeks).  The first time I had them waxed (this was the day before prom, actually).  I got bumps.. yuck.  I held off for awhile, but about about 6 months later started getting them threaded instead.  The end result is way neater and I'm left with no bumps :)  It hurts a TON more than waxing though, because the process takes longer (especially if I wait months in between like I normally do- lol!).


I pay $5 to get them threaded (waxing is $5 too though so it's not a change in price for me).  There's a salon where I get them done (two actually) but I occasionally go to someone's house (she actually works at the salon I mentioned above) to get them done.  She charges $7 but is able to do a better job without the gossiping with her co-workers and w/o being rushed, etc.  My MIL and SIL also go to the lady's house but they get the whole body wax thing.  So not for me, haha!  I'm content with shaped eyebrows every few months (and just as content with fuzzy eyebrows a month later, lol).


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I'm going to move this over to Natural Body Care, but here's my answer:

I used to have them waxed. I think I usually paid between $5 and $8 (plus $1-2 tip) and went every other week or so. I had them done when I had my nail fill-ins. I don't wear fake nails anymore and I do my mani-pedis at home now so I do my own brows. I went several years without touching my brows at all but now I pluck. I will thread (you can find some great how-to's on at-home threading on youtube) every once in a blue moon but I find plucking with tweezers is just as quick and effective for me, and a bit easier to be more precise.
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I get mine waxed, though I haven't in a while now. Luckily, I have light hair so it's not noticeable to anyone but me. I pay $12 + tip, I think.

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I get mine waxed too.  I pay about $13 + tip, so usually $15 total.

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I get mine threaded. Waxing is more painful (to me) and I'm not crazy about the results. My sister also had her eyelids burned badly once-- I haven't tried it since then.


I'd love to figure out a way to do it at home though.

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I never had my brows professionally threaded, but doing it at home is really not that hard. It is less painful than waxing, that's for sure. This is a good intro video:



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Thank you for the video DawningMama!  I have actually tried this on numerous occasions, but I can't seem to do it as well as the ladies at the salon can!  Practice makes perfect, I suppose!

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I had mine waxed for years and I loved it. I paid $8 + tip and would have it done every two weeks. I actually really liked having it done - something about the personal attention was fun for me. Now I pluck, which I despise and tend to put off as long as possible. I have thick, black eyebrows which I feel look totally out of place on me, so I like the manicured look. When I move back home I'll be having them waxed, again, for sure!
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I have mine waxed 2 or 3 times a year and just try to keep up with it in between with the tweezers.  It's usually $10 + tip depending on where I go.  I'm pretty sure I've never paid more than $15.



I've really wanted to go get them threaded but I have crazy bushy man-brows and I'm afraid it will take forever and end up getting them waxed instead.  I tried to the threading at home once after watching a few videos (including the one posted above) but I just couldn't do it right.

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I had an indian lady do the threading.She did a great job.Used to be $8 per brow,but I bet she raised it.I might pay 10-12,and do my best to upkeep. I only did it maybe 2 times a year.

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I have mine waxed every few months.  My salon charges $5 with a hair cut, and $7 for waxing alone.  I haven't quite gotten the timing down.  If I get my eyebrows waxed with every haircut, my eyebrows are too bare.  If I wait for every other haircut, they are too bushy.  Still experimenting.

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I wax every once in a while and tweeze inbetween.  I have pretty thick eyebrows (or used to!) and I'm paranoid about them getting too thinned so I try not to mess around too much with the shape- just a clean up really.


i watched that video on threading, and i can't see why that is easier or better than tweezing/waxing? what is the benefit?

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I get mine waxed a couple of times per year to shape them, and tweeze the rest of the time. I'm embarrassed to say that I pay $40 for waxing (and that's just the eyebrows). redface.gif Only because I usually get a gift certificate to the fancy day spa for Christmas and my birthday, so I plan a day there to get a waxing and massage -- I actually have plans to do that this weekend! 

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woah! $40 just for eyebrows! are they using liquid gold instead of wax? biglaugh.gif


We have a beauty college nearby. I went in an got 4 waxes done before I went on vacation (eyebrow, upper lip, underarm, half leg) and the total bill was $32 before the tip!

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I get mine waxed about once a month and maintain at home with tweezers between appointments. Thank goodness for waxingjoy.gif

I pay $19 before tipping. Totally worth it IMO.

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I wax my own at home -  I have since my teen years. Sometimes I tweeze a few strays... you can buy the wax anywhere (Target, Amazon, etc) for $5 or so, and you just heat it up in the microwave.

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Tweezers, once or twice a week.  thumb.gif  I'm cheap (aka- too poor to pay someone to pull my hairs out. orngtongue.gif)  

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 I pluck my own once every few weeks I guess. I don't trust anyone else to touch my eyebrows.

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why is hair removal 'frowned upon' here? thats not something I ever encountered or even understand why, lol


i used to over tweeze. then i let them grow out and got them waxed mainly so i could get a precise arch done by a professional...i paid around 20, and laid on a table with my newborn 3 week old on my breast while she did them...



now i just maintain with tweezers-my baby is now 3 and half-so i obviously dont spend a lot of money on hair removal (Though i do often daydream about having the money for laser removal)

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I have gotten them done before but it wasn't really noticeable and no one could tell.  Can't remember how much it cost.  I don't have to worry about it at all for the most part.  Even my leg hairs are light and I tend to not be that hairy. 

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