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I charge $20 for eyebrows. My guests recline on a heated hydaulic bed while I wax them using a hard wax which is a bit $$ than tradional strip wax, however it does stick to the skin like strip wax does and I've never had a client with skin lifting like strip wax can cause. I apply a tea tree soothing creme with icy cold stones to calm the area followed by a mineral makeup touch up.

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I get them waxed every month or two & it costs $8 ($10 with tip).  But I'm incredibly poor & can't always afford that. Plus, I'm sort of lazy. *LOL*  I pluck strays when I bother to notice them, and if it's been too long since I've gotten them waxed & I've lost my "shape", I have DH do it for me.  I sell him the line that it's because he's the artist of the family & it's an artistic endeavor (which is all true), but it's also because I get really tired holding my arms up & peering into the mirror that I can barely see (I need glasses) when they get that "out of control"!!  ;)


I would like to have them threaded, just for the change of pace, but by the time I get to the "threading cart" at the mall I'm usually too grumpy from BEING in the mall to sit down & do it. I never remember about getting them threaded when I go to the mall; otherwise I'd make certain to hit their cart FIRST!


I'm not terribly concerned about them, even though I'm extremely pale with black eyebrows!  I've gone years in between waxing gigs before.  Whenever I get them done, though, it "opens up" my face so much & makes such a difference - like I'm wearing some natural-looking makeup, but I'm not!  When I do get it done, I vow to keep up with it because I like the results so much...then I forget as they slowly grow back in. *blush*

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Tweezers, once or twice a week.  thumb.gif  I'm cheap (aka- too poor to pay someone to pull my hairs out. orngtongue.gif)  

I do the same.  Even if I was rich I wouldn't pay someone to do it... why would I want to get everyone dressed, load everyone up in the car, drive somewhere, drive back, just to do something I can do in a couple minutes at home? lol. I don't think I'm lazy, it's just that going anywhere out of the house with 2 small kids is sooooo much work.

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I tweeze on my own at home, too.  I bought good quality tweezers and I'm sure I've gotten my monies worth by now.  I have to tweeze every week, though.  My hair grows super fast and it is dark.

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$12-15.i go about every 3-4 months to a salon to get my eyebrows thread. Love it, it makes me feel lavish but in reality it's a pretty cheap thrill. 

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I do my own at home with tweezers, although I do have my brows tinted because for some reason they are wayyyy lighter that my haircolor! lol. The tinting cost $15 every 3 months.

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I tweeze mine every week or so and every few weeks I brush the hair up and trim it to keep it short and tidy looking



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It would probably sound uber creeper of me to comment on how gorgeous you are, so instead I will say "nice eyebrows".

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I tweeze mine every week or so and every few weeks I brush the hair up and trim it to keep it short and tidy looking




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I pluck them at home about once a month, using twizzers.  I found a pair of good regular twizzers with grooved tips much easier to use than eyebrow twizzers.  I do have very steady, precise hands that can always pluck the exact hair I wanted.  It only takes me a couple minutes as I don't need to pluck too many.   My eyebrows are naturally slim and arched.  My mom and best friend get theirs waxed.  They have bushy eyebrows that would take a long time to pluck.

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wow, after finding this thread, my eyebrows feel neglected. all i do is pluck out any 'unibrow' i have when it gets noticeable. i just don't have the time or motivation to get them 'done'

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I have reevaluated all hair removal over the past year and eyebrows were the first thing I decided I'm all for! (Literally everything else I'm still on the fence/ not touching for now) I might only get to the salon every couple months, tho. I switch between waxing and threading (sometimes threading is cheaper, but if they're the same I might choose wax to have it over more quickly and just to switch it up), and try to pluck strays every so often between visits. It really brightens up my face and makes me smile when I look in the mirror :)

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I think the shape of the eyebrow is incredibly important, and not just getting stray hairs get cleaned up.  Many people would look so much better with well-shaped brows (some are naturally blessed with a good shape), but IME it's hard to find someone who is great at it.


To me, this is where people who do threading often have a big advantage.  They do it so often that they have a better sense of the right brow shape.   Also, threading to me gets much cleaner, more defined results than any wax job.  I stick to people who do it routinely (if you have salons run by people from India, try them first).  I found a local salon (run by someone from India-- busy with threading customers) that charges $6 total. 


For those with $ and money issues, if you don't love the shape of your brows, let them grow out, and then get them threaded for a few months (depends on rate of growth).  Make sure to tweeze in between.  Eventually you can stick to just the tweezing and get the threading done less frequently.


I don't have any problem with discomfort from wax, threading, or tweezing, so I don't know how to address that issue.


Yes, I have thought a lot about this! :)

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I have only gotten my eyebrows tweezed into shape at a salon one time.  The owner of the salon did the tweezing, and I felt like my brows were very thin, like upside down smiley faces.  I now tweeze only stray hairs at home.  If you can tweeze in natural light, it helps.  I don't have thick eyebrows, so I avoid getting them professionally done now, because for me- most of the hairs are gone forever. I use an eyebrow pencil to enhance now.

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I paid $18 at the Aveda place to get my brows done the first time. It had a huge impact on me - I have thick brows (think Brooke Shields in the 80s) and having them professionally done made them look so much better.

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I pay $12 ($15 with the tip) to get mine threaded by an Indian neighbor. They are perfect when she does it. In betweens I use a brow shaper thingie that I got at Walgreens. Eyebrows are the most important feature on one's face IMHO...I love eyebrows. I love *MY* eyebrows ;-)

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