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First gender dream

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Last night I had a dream that we had a baby girl.  She was about 2 months old and wearing a pink/hot pink striped fleece PJ outfit that zipped up and had feet.  She had dark hair and it stuck out a lot. :)  I was cleaning/wiping her nose with a warm facecloth because she was stuffed up.  In the same dream, my husband cleaned out the garage...since that will never happen, I have little faith in the dream.  LOL


It was fun being a mom last night. :)



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happytears.gif  Aww! That made me tear up!  How sweet.  I can't wait to have a dream about this LO!  And haha about the garage! I hear you, woman, I hear you!!

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very cool dream......i hope you get a lil girl in hot pink PJ's AND a clean garage!!

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We shall see.  Right now I'm having strong girl vibes, but I had strong boy vibes a couple weeks ago.  My gender radar hasn't really gone on yet like it has when some close friends and family have been expecting.  I have been right every single time, but for myself, the radar hasn't gone off yet. :)


One thing that's weird though is that I went on Amazon today, and it recommended a nasal suction thing for baby even though I haven't bought or searched for any baby items.  In my dream, the baby girl was all stuffed up.  Weird, huh? :)



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