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How do you school your children?

Poll Results: How do you school your kid/s?

  • 16% (8)
  • 14% (7)
    Structured homeschooling
  • 62% (30)
    Relaxed homeschooling
  • 6% (3)
48 Total Votes  
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Just curious and couldn't find a poll (please excuse me if it already excists) :)

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That's a hard question to answer!  We unschool some topics, but we follow a textbook for daily lessons for others.  I picked relaxed because we don't neatly fit into anything.

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We're structured. We don't use a boxed curriculum but we have books for every subject and plan trips based on units. I need the structure and the kids do as well. We tried having little structure for a bit and nothing got done, it also took months to get the kids used to doing work again. 

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Were somewhere between structured and relaxed. We use a Virtual school so its not 100% HS but having coem FROM a brick and motar PS I can also say its totally NOT PS at home..

 Anyways by nature of the program its structured its organized laid out and systmatic which I love but were quite relaxed within the program. Which after all was the biggest reason we started it.

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We're classical based so we're structured but we definitely have periods of relaxation. :)

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I put relaxed because that's definitely where we're at this year. I do have a structure and lesson plan, but I've chucked a good half of what I had planned for this year because it was boring the heck out of DD and she wasn't getting anything out of it. So we're structured for phonics, math, grammar, handwriting, and geography, and I have a reading requirement for her every day, but she picks the books. We spend about an hour to an hour and a half on lessons, and the rest is pretty much child-led/free learning. She's also in an enrichment program one day a week, which technically makes her a part-time PS'er.

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I voted "relaxed". We're just doing kindy this year, though, and will follow more of a structured, classical model (a la WTM) beginning with first grade next year. For now we're just doing phonics and math formally, and veeery relaxed history and science with some handwriting thrown in.

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Unschooled for everything but DS is enrolled with CTY so there is one class he is always enrolled with with them.  I let him take the lead with that class and he has always finished in under 12 weeks (the recommended time per syllabus).  DS is 10 and does lots and lots of free reading, a few requested workbooks for things like spelling and history.  This has been working for us and I dont see a change anytime soon.

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i voted relaxed, although we follow a routine and have structure. so maybe we're structured? lol. i put us as relaxed because i'm fairly flexible and easy going about things. tonight we didn't do school because i was late with getting everyone a bath, if there's something dd is especially interested in i'm all for letting her explore it, yadda yadda... i just need structured activities and a general routine because our days are really busy with both dh and i working full time!

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Relaxed classical.  And yes, the two can go together.  ;)

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I voted 'structured homeschooling' because we are currently doing k12, though I'm not sure we will stick with it. At heart, I am more of an unschooly type person.

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I voted relaxed, but it seems pretty structured this year.  My dd is doing some online classes and I'm working more, so our time is fairly structured.  However, the class choices are hers, and she still explores some subjects as the whim hits. LOL  I don't know what we are - we are whatever works homeschoolers!

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