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How much do you spend on your kids' extracurricular activities? - Page 3

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DD does horseback riding weekly for $150/month and piano weekly for $90/month. It's so worth it. 2 activities is plenty for us.
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I have four children.


My daughter does swim team, which is the most expensive $400/season, and runs from September to Feb.


Swim lessons $100/8 weeks for 2 children


Music lessons for DS $80/month


So, we prob spend about $130 monthly for the swim lessons and music lessons, and a one time $400 for DD's swim team. Some of this may change, as my two younger DD's get older and start to want to do extra things. We are taking the next session of swim lessons off from the Y to kinda "reboot" fiscally and time wise from the insanity of holidays and weather.


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Ds is 3 and isn't doing anything yet.


Dd is 6 and does swimming lessons (I think it's $65 for 10 weeks), and violin lessons ($75 a month). 

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It varies from season to season, but overall last year it was something like this:

DD(7) - hockey $450 for season

              plus some new equipment ($?), tournament fees $50

              figure skating - free (totally subsidized)

              softball - $25

Now she wants to learn to play the piano. Hopefully we can get some free lessons from her cousin.


DD(3) - swimming 3 sessions - $60 (one for 5 wks the others for 10 wks) = $180

              figure skating - free

              Dance - 1 session was about $70

My DH, said "you actually paid for her to jump and run around in a room". She was the wild child in the class, and probably always will be.


Our DD(1) doesn't do anything yet, but will probably do a mom & tot swim with me this spring or summer.





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We are just now starting to get in to extracurricular activities.  Dd is 6, ds1 is almost 4 and ds2 is almost 1.




Ballet & Modern Dance- $60 for 5 classes or $14 a class (you can choose not to go some days or not, very relaxed.)

Girl Scouts- $17 a year, $2 a month of dues (which she does chores for.)




I've been trying to set up private lessons at the university, but they haven't been getting back to me.  I think the cost for this will be $60 for 6 lessons (at one a week.)  




Nothing, he just gets dragged around to all of this, poor kid.


We also pay for private school for dd and eventually the other two as well, and have a membership at the zoo for the family.

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My girls are 8 and 9, and are super high energy: both physical and mental. They would do a lot more activities if I let them, even though I feel like they are almost too busy at different points of the year. I never did anything as a kid so sometimes it seems a little crazy, but they enjoy it all so much and I feel they get a lot out of it.


Both of them do:


Soccer Academy (no tournaments or anything so it's just one day a week after school for a couple hours): $80 per kid, 3 times a year.

Flamenco classes: $10 a week per kid.

Science Saturday school: $152 for each of them, twice a year.

Various summer camps: usually chess, some type of science, and something athletic: total of around $850, maybe a bit more for a couple of weeks, full day.

Last year DD1 did Lego Robotics League which had dues of like $110 or something, plus we had to buy tickets to Legoland for a tournament which totaled about $100. This year both will participate, but the dues should be a bit lower as we can reuse the robot kits, don't know the price yet.

Girl Scouts: Something like $36 per kid per year.


DD1 does does whatever after school activity she wants on their half days, usually costs around $120, three times a year.

DD2 does chess class on their half days, $125, three times a year.


They also skateboard which I just spent $160 on for their protective gear, which I will probably have to replace about half of it later in the year.

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Our expenses (and income) have varied over the years. When my kids were little, we did a lot of free stuff like library story times, playing at the park, and swimming in our apartment community pool. We also took an occasional cheap Parks and Rec class.

For the last couple of years, my income has gone up and our activities have gotten accordingly more expensive. Let's see, now we have...

$700/summer - both kids - semi private swim lessons
$150/spring season - dd - softball, including registration and equipment
$300/fall semester - both kids - chess club


$150/year zoo membership
$84/year family pass for public swimming pools
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Right now we are not involved in any classes outside of school (except for my oldest who plays in the school band).  At school my kids have music lessons and Espanol.  We've taken December through February off from any classes.


But we will probably do swimming for my 3 big kids, baseball for my boys, and ballet for my daughter (newly 4).  We tend to do less formal classes during the school year since their school can be pretty intense.  Also we are big on exploring activities on our own, through the Boys and Girls club (very affordable) and the library. 


We will also do piano lesson in the summer...


But really outside of school my kids are content to build things, ride bikes, climb trees. 


My kids are 9, 6, 4 and 15 months. 

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I posted in a thread similar to this a year ago and it's interesting to see how things have changed in only a year. So, for my 11-year-old 5th grader:


Golf league 1: $85/yr

golf league 2: $125/yr

private lessons: $85/yr


flag football 1: $25/yr

flag football 2: $80/yr


dance, 2 classes: $45/month for 5 months = $225/yr


orchestra 1: $0

orchestra 2: $160/yr

summer clinic: $25




jazz shoes $45

leotards $40


trail shoes (use for football, golf, summer camp) $80

polo shirts $35

golf clubs $150/yr


cello repairs/strings/music/rosin/incidentals: $200/yr


total: $1360 $113.33/month


Extras: summer camp ($250-$1400), University classes $200/yr 


Summer camp is usually no more than $250, the $1400 is a once-in-a-lifetime camp and we are trying to get a scholarship and/or financial assistance.

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Dd will be 4 a few weeks:

Ballet (sept-may) free as she dances in my class
Gymnastics (sept-June) 450 for the year
Swim ( I regular session, 2 private 400 total
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DD does dance classes that add up to about $80 mo. total (since there is a discount for multiple classes).  My boys don't really have one thing that they are super connected to (like DD and her dance) but they do pick and choose some kind of physical activity/non-competative sport at the YMCA for most of the year, which tends to run in the $30ish/mo range (hard to break down, since it's a lump sum for a season).  If there is an after school activity at their school that piques their interest, I will let them do it if they want, with some individual limits based on their stamina.  DD has a high need for physical activity to keep her happy and healthy--so even though she already does dance 2 times a week, I said yes to her also doing the elementary track team (another two days, after school) as well as her swimming lessons.  Neither of the boys can handle that much activity, they need more downtime at home.  So I max them out at 1 physical activity of their choice (plus non-negotiable swimming lessons).


This spring, my sons asked me if they could do two after school activities because neither was interested in indoor soccer or t-ball at this moment, but the school was offering chess and lego clubs.  They  made a convincing case even though I'd restricted them to 1 activity (pointing out that sports often have 1 practice and 1 game a week, so really it's like the two activities they were proposing!).  So I said yes.  We'll see how it works out.  :)


So I guess I tend to spend about $150 (for 3 kids), though sometimes it is a little more, most of the time a lot less (since DD's dance is the only constant class--the others tend to be 6-10 week bursts, or less, so it moves around a bit in price and kids' interest).  We are pretty fortunate in that our school district and school offers a lot of extracurriculars even at the elementary level at very very reasonable costs.  And none of my kids are on any kind of elite sports/dance/whatever teams, which I know get real expensive real fast.  All three have been asking about martial arts though, I know that can get expensive as well.  I give them a list of activities that they can try (and the number that they can pick) at the beginning fo the school year/session, so at least they feel some ownership over it.  The only one I pick for them is swimming, until they reach a competant swimming level.

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