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So when is your due date/time?

Poll Results: When is your due date?

  • 20% (7)
    June 1- June 7
  • 17% (6)
    June 8 - June 14
  • 25% (9)
    June 15 - June 21
  • 11% (4)
    June 22 - June 28
  • 14% (5)
    June 28 - June 30
  • 2% (1)
    Early June
  • 2% (1)
    Mid June
  • 0% (0)
    Late June
  • 5% (2)
    I'm not due in June at all, I just think that's when I'll deliver!
35 Total Votes  
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And can we make a list? (i like lists : : )
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My "EDD" is June 15th...but I prefer to say mid-June...beacause well it is smack dab in the middle.

Honestly I feel like my babe could come any time in June so I guess I have a "due month."

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My EDD is June 21st. Dd was born at 37 weeks, so it isn't out of the realm of possiblity that this baby could come in early June. I suppose I could also go past due and he could come in July!
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My EDD is June 29th.
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Mine is June 30, but I feel like this baby will be a little early like Tain was so that is why I am in this group instead of July.
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My EDD is June 19th

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My guess date is June 21st but I have a feeling I'm going early although I hope not!
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My 'original' due date, based on LMP was June 29. The u/s due date is June 17, so I checked that option. However, my first 2 were 5 weeks early, so I could quite easily deliver the end of may. If I deliver early, I like the June 17 due date b/c then the baby won't be 'officially' premature, like the first 2 were. If I go over, I'll push to go by the June 29 date, since my periods are (were) very regular- so I could go to early July.

How's that for a range??????:LOL Late May to early July.
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According to my LMP, my due date is June 1st. According to my ovulation charting, my due date is June 5th. According to the first ultrasound done at 6 weeks, my due date is June 5th. According to the other ultrasounds I had done (17 weeks and 26 weeks), my due date is the last week of May.

I'm telling people that I'm due the first week of June, but women in my family tend to go early. So, honestly, I'm expecting/hoping for a baby the last two weeks of May!
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Im "officially" due June 3, and thats what I voted. I've been telling people mid-June, cause this baby is going to be born on the 13th or 14th I think. I'm thinking Im gonna have to have a few 100 degree days before this baby comes =)

My last two were a week late, but Im sure this one will be a full ten days late. With my first, I was induced a week after my due date, but I had my first few contractions without help from Pit. With my second, I knew his birthday when I was 3 months pregnant with him, he was born a few hours late according to my prediction, but on the day.

This one Im sure will be the 14th, but Ill be in labor on the 13th. I would bet on it =)
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This babe's date is June 24th, and it is very accurate. My first babe was born the day before her due date, and the second the day after, so I am guessing this one will be born that weekend after the 24th, and if Junie makes an early appearance, I will be thrilled!
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Technically my EDD is May 29 (please don't kick me off the June thread! ) but I keep telling myself June 1, because I'm hoping it will take a few more days.
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My EDD is June 16th, according to my LMP and June 13th, according to when I ovulated. So, we'll just say that I'm due in the middle of June.
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I have only been telling people "Sometime in June". I keep telling myself that I should have the baby before my bithday, which is June 24th.

All of mine have been between 2 days and 3 weeks late, except when I was induced 3 days early. It's anybody's guess! :LOL
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June 5th by ovulation (which is definate and confirmed)

But... I was induced with Ben on his incorrect due date; the Dr went by LMP and I have 35 - 40 day cycles and most likely O'd about 10 days later than that date allowed for. I was dilating and fully effaced, so it's possible he could have come early on his own, but I'll never know for sure so I have nothing to go on this time. I was a couple of days early but my sister was late (my mom was also induced, at her request, but feels she wasn't really ready) so it's a total crap shoot.
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According to ovulation, I am due June 21, according to u/s at 23 weeks, I'm due June 13. But, I don't think that the baby will come until after the 21st. I don't have a LMP date because I was nursing full time when my dd died and never had a cycle before I got pregnant. It's kind of nice, no period since March 2002!
So, I just say late June.
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I'm due June 8th by my calculations and midwife's We were TTc for a long time. I basically know what dat time hour we concieved I've been telling people just "june", being that this is first baby You never know how long it will want to ripen.

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Welcome Kim and Erin (great name BTW!) Come on over to our weekly discussion thread....we're a chatty group! :LOL

Kim I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Where is the discussion thread? Is it in June 2004 or a different folder? Thanks.
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weekly chat

We post a new thread each Sunday!
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