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Just wanted to share this for any mama who is trying to figure this out on her own. The Jack Newman videos are nice in terms of showing it BEING used, but he threads the tube into the baby's mouth himself. Not only does this do nothing to help moms figure out how to do it when they are alone (which is reality for most moms at most feedings), but it also is literaly IMPOSSIBLE to do with a Lact-Aid. You can do it with the SNS because the tubing is harder, which also makes some babies reject it, but the Lact-Aid has to be in place as you latch on.


Anyway, here's the post with the video embedded:


It's short but shows the essentials. Hope it helps! The Lact-Aid is so worth it, whenever supplementing is necessary. If this can help some moms get past the difficult first feedings and over the learning curve, it would be fantastic.

  It's short but shows the es