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Possibly moving to Cincy... help?!

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Hi All,


I'm new to mothering.com, though I've been a fan of "mothering" since I was pregnant (our son is now 1). A huge factor that prompted me to join is to find other mamas in the area: We may be moving to Cincy (or N.Ky) but to be honest we're worried about finding like-minded people there. I've heard (and experienced) that the area tends to lean to the conservative side, which we aren't so much...


Some things that are important to us as a family include: natural parenting (AP and alternative schedules for vaccines), good schools, local/organic food (farmers market, ideally, and/or co-op), green living, etc. 


I have no idea where to start in terms of looking at specific neighborhoods. ANY input of areas to consider (or avoid) would be very much appreciated. For what it's worth, my husband would be working at Cincy Children's hospital.


Thanks in advance!

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I can say that I have had wonderful experience with the Dev. Ped's office at Cinci Children's.  DS#2 had an eval scheduled for like 5/19 and I gave birth on 5/14.  I showed up with 4 kids in tow and my husband, with one being a needy newborn.


The staff was wonderful with helping me find places to sit down and nurse, or making sure I had a chair to sit and nurse the baby while DS2 was being tested in the room.  None of the staff minded or had an issue.


I would avoid living in Cinci proper, schools are horrible.


Cinci has a natural parenting/birth yahoogroups.

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We're here and there are quite a few of us!  There's a local AP group that meets monthly, AP playgroup, homebirth circle, LLL meetings, lots of things.  You just have to plug in!  What type of area are you looking for?  More rural, suburban, urban?  There's a wide variety.  Also, will you be doing public school, private or homeschooling?  That also makes a difference.  Give me a little more info and I'll be happy to give you some input - been living here over 30 years.

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Thanks for the replies...


Womenswisdom, we'd love to have a little bit of land for some good gardening space (an acre or two would be great) but even a large-ish yard would suffice. We're open to public schools if the school system is a good one, otherwise would likely look for private (but not necessarily parochial). We've been advised to check out the Anderson, Mount Washington and Oakley areas... if you have any more to share that would be much appreciated. We won't know for some time whether we will end up there but I certainly wanted to start learning more about the area to see if we'd be able to find many like-minded families there.


Thanks again!

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Anderson is a nice area with a good school system.  That's where I live, though we homeschool for other reasons.  Mt. Washington - well, I probably wouldn't choose there, but it's okay.  Oakley is a nice area.  Mt. Washington and Oakley are Cincinnati Public school district though, which is not so good, though they do have some great magnet schools if you can get in.  Mariemont is a nice area w/ a good school system, Indian Hill also (though very pricey).  Blue Ash, Montgomery and Symmes Township are Sycamore Schools, which are good, but the area can also be pricey (there are less-expensive parts).  All of the areas I've mentioned are more suburban, so you're not likely to find somewhere with an acre or two, especially not at a reasonable price.  For that, you'd need to go maybe to Northern KY though I'm not really aware of how the schools are there.  You could post in that tribal area though.  North of the city is West Chester, Loveland, Maineville, but that's getting pretty far away from Children's so I don't know how do-able that would be.  You'd be more likely to find a couple acres out there though.

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As far as the medical community is concerned, yes Cincinnati is conservative. As far as I know, there are no birthing centers that allow midwives to practice without an ob, but I may be wrong. I hear that Dr. Bowen is a good choice (OB) for someone wanting a more natural experience, but I wonder how loaded his practice is since he is sort of one of a kind. I am still looking for a natural family doc, no luck.


I am a Cincy native, so for neighborhoods, I am very familiar with the whole area (in and outside the city limits). I would steer clear of the City of Cincinnati. The schools are terrible, and even the magnet schools, although reported to be great on paper, are not always the experience that you might want for your kids. I went to Walnut Hills for all 6 years - it is a cross between a northeastern prep school and an urban public school. My friend's kids went to SCPA (now Erich Kunzel School for the Arts) and were attacked on more than one occasion waiting for the bus. Cincinnati especially the area near the hospital is very dangerous. My cousin worked CCH until his close friend got attacked in the parking lot. Just be careful - I could list many more very close encounters.


A 2 acre lot is going to take some looking, especially if you want to stay close to the hospital. By the way, are you working at the main campus or Liberty? If it's Liberty, you will have more options to choose from if you want a larger place. West Chester and Liberty Twp are Lakota schools which are pretty good especially in the earlier grades. Mason is also very good schools. If you want a nice family community with very good schools closer to the city, check out Wyoming (I lived there for 10 years and sent my twins to school there from 3rd to 12th grades - there is nothing I can say negative about Wyoming) It is pretty central to everywhere, close to 75 - took me about 12 minutes to get to work downtown in heavy traffic. You might not find 2 acres, but some lots are larger. My tiny yard was big enough to garden in. Montgomery is a nice area too, with many properties being resold as "tear-downs" where small houses on large lots are torn down and a bigger nicer house is built. Montgomery is Sycamore schools - highly rated. For prop taxes, I think you will find Montgomery, Mariemont, and Wyoming fairly similar and close to what you pay in the City of Cincinnati.


That's all I can think of for now! Let me know if I can help you in any way and good luck with your move...

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Good info; thanks for taking the time to reply!


If my husband gets the job there he'd be at the main campus. We can really make it work with a reasonable yard. Really, more of a priority for us are school systems and neighborhood "feel" (safe, friendly, and proximity to local/organic food shopping and/or farmer's markets). Where we live now it's a 20 minute drive one way for groceries and that gets old. Our son is only 1 now but we do want to have more kiddos in the near-ish future. I'll be staying home, as far as we know at this point, so finding community is important, of course.


I didn't know that safety would be such a concern up near the hospital; Thanks for sharing that eye-opening piece of info.



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Hello there!
I live in the Northern Kentucky area, and I'm going to be a little different in my opinions than the others. My experience has been that it is harder to find like-minded natural parents out here in the suburbs. We are actually planning to move to the city limits of Cincinnati just so we can be around others we have met with similar views! I find that, generally speaking, many of the folks outside the city are much more conservative than those in Cincinnati proper. In terms of schools, we hope to get into one of the magnet schools that were mentioned by one earlier poster. I'm sure that some of them have their issues, but we have friends whose kids have gone through some of them, in specific, the Montessori schools, who have been very pleased. I don't think that there are any schools without issues, and I have to say that between hearing from my friends in the northern suburbs and having experience with some of the ones here in Northern Kentucky (I have older stepkids along with my 4-year-old daughter), my assessment is that there aren't any perfect school districts in the entire metropolitan area. Especially for non-mainstream parents.
In terms of safety, I think that there are pockets by the hospital that are safer than others. Clifton is a great area. Corryville can be a little sketchy. Both of these areas are right next to Children's Hospital, but are each very different. So it really just depends on where you look. Also, city living is much friendlier to farmers' market lovers, as there are great farmers' markets and green living stores right downtown (Findlay Market, Park+Vine) and in other city areas (Hyde Park Farmer's Market).
So honestly, my vote would be for living inside the city limits. Oakley is great, so is Pleasant Ridge. If you live in the suburbs, you will have the same 20-minute-drive-to-anywhere-decent problem  that you mention having right now. The downtown area is also awesome and there are many more kid-friendly activities in the city as compared to the NKY suburbs that I have lived in now for 12 years.
I'd be happy to answer more questions, feel free to message me if you would like!
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Where can I find info on the local monthly groups?

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My friend, is a lactation Consultant at Childrens & she lives in Mainevillle, so I'm sure that is doable commute. There is a great private alternative school called The New School in North Avondale. Or at least it used to be when my oldest son went there, yrs ago. Also The Childrens Meeting House In Loveland is pretty good  at the NE corner of Cinci. Sorry I can't tell you more, its been a while since I lived in the city, but I'm just 2 hrs east of Cinci now, so  I stillget calls to come midwife there once in a while.

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