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Little update

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Just wanted to let you all know my case was moved to where I live today. Yay for a new and reasonable judge(kinda funny we got a new judge and we are moving the case but it does mean we don't have to go down there, huge relief!). I hope the judges here are reasonable and just. So now all hearings are here and he won't be able to file any ex partes unless he comes here. He actually doesn't know, yet, because he didn't bother showing for the hearing. There is a lot of things going on right now and I can't discuss them online but please pm me if you are interested in updates.

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Congratulations!  I'm wondering what this means for your legal representation?   

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I've been waiting for you to post again! YAY!!!! biggrinbounce.gif  love.gif


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I haven't posted on any of your threads yet but I am a frequent lurker and have kept you in my thoughts through all of this.  I'm so happy to hear this news.  I hope you continue to have things go your way! 

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OMG, I am SO happy to hear this news. Been wondering about you. You are so deserving of some developments in you and your kiddos direction. Thanks much for the update,

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Very excellent!  And I hope whatever else is going on is positive, at least!

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I'm a forum crasher, but I check in here frequently just to see your updates Avani :D  I'm so glad things seem to be going your way.  Crossing all my appendages that 2011 is a FABULOUS year for you!

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YAY!!!  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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good news! I've been reading your posts for years now and I'm so very happy that things seem to be turning around for you!

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Oh Avani!!! I am thrilled for you!!! 

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Woot! I'm a forum crasher too, but I've reading your story for a while and keeping you & your family in my thoughts & prayers.  I'm soooo glad to hear this good news!  Here's to 2011 being the year it turns all around for you & your kiddos!  I'm keeping all my fingers & toes crossed for you!!1!!

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Does that mean he is still going to have to answer for all the previous ex-parte hearings?

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Congratulations champagne.gif

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Forum crashing to say congratulations! It's about time the court system started working the way it's supposed to for you.

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Congratulations! That's wonderful news!!!

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Congrats Avani!!!!!!!!!

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wonderful news!

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He just filed an appeal which stalls the case getting moved. Unreal.

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I'm so sorry!

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Originally Posted by Avani View Post

He just filed an appeal which stalls the case getting moved. Unreal.

Eh.  Stalls, but doesn't prevent it.  You'll make it.

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